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  1. They've been pals for a few years - around the time Hughie fought Parker. Some think that's a factor in why Tyson doesn't work with Peter anymore. Parker has trained in Morecombe with Andy Lee for Chisora 1 and looks to be doing so again for the rematch.
  2. I'd say it's fairly likely Pearson knew early on whether he'd want to work with the existing coaching staff. Realistically I'd say it's fairly unlikely if a manager would want to keep on the old coaching team if he could so help it. I know it's unfair as we don't see their day to day work, but I've never been quite sold on Downing or Simpson. Came across as a bit dour to me and didn't seem like Pearson's sort of people. I get the impression people likes to work with disciplinarian type coaches. Fleming seems more the sort of coach I can imagine Pearson wanting to work with.
  3. You're right - won't bite anymore
  4. Well the three you're referring to are some of the most likely to have some. You know that as well, just being obtuse for the sake of it. Strange pursuit in my opinion.
  5. Some people on this forum have, as you know. All 3 are pretty likely posters to have some sort of insider info.
  6. Speaking of searching Bristol City - has anyone else blocked/muted that guy who tweets "Played For Both" about our upcoming opponents? I appreciate the dedication to niche factoids, but I personally do not care about some random midfielder who played for us and Luton Town during the 70s!
  7. I've noticed on Twitter lots more "tweets you might be interested in" on my home timeline. Mostly it is exactly the sort of page I would follow so generally been pretty good - I think past month or so as you say it's changed, perhaps they're trying a more to replicate a more intuitive TikTok style "FYP" for your home timeline. The drawback will be more issues like this one with us and Birmingham City.
  8. The reason will be because Birmingham also use the BCFC hashtag. It's in their Twitter bio. The way twitter works means it will group common keywords and hashtags that are often searched together. In this case - lots of people are likely searching for any combination of the following; "BCFC", "#BCFC", "Bristol City", "#BristolCity", "Birmingham City" or "#BirminghamCity". Twitter's algorithm tries to be intelligent and show people related content they think they'll want to see - given that combinations of these searches are commonly searched together, it thinks people searching "#BristolCity" are interested in content concerning "#BCFC" which could relate to either us or Birmingham. It's a bit annoying, and a drawback of AI making these decisions, but that's the reason why this happens.
  9. Easier said than done I think. If you're a single man that is an even bigger challenge. Obviously it would be great to win an enormous sum like that, but I think that would be a real issue lots of people would find tricky.
  10. Good point, I think you're right. Yes in those circumstances including the players makes complete sense.
  11. Agreed - I can completely understand the rationale. Just think the planning has been massively detrimental to the atmosphere and allows the potential for the away side to have a marginal advantage.
  12. No, and having that much money creates new ones that lots of people can't deal with. Must be quite difficult working out whether people like you for you or for your money.
  13. Vs Whyte, a fit and motivated Fury should be able to do a similar job to the one he did on Chisora in their second fight. Whyte is probably a bit more dangerous but he's limited and a couple of levels below the top of the division IMO.
  14. Thanks for the write up - doesn't sound like anything of any real substance was discussed. Personally I don't see a great deal of value in having players there, I was under the impression it was more an event for the management/Gould.
  15. I think there are some parallels to the situation Leicester found themselves in under Pearson. He got them to the Prem, but they felt they needed a change of manager to push on and make progress (I doubt a Prem title was expected but you get the point). I know logically speaking it's unfair to doubt Southgate given his track record relative to other England managers - but I do have nagging doubts about him. I think he should probably get the 2022 WC and then evaluate after that.
  16. Yep It doesn't particularly - but any large group of vocal fans can make a noise regardless No there probably isn't now - but they should've thought about it when redesigning the ground.
  17. Exactly - completely agree.
  18. I think I'd do something similar to you with regard to friends/family and properties. Unless you're really stupid, it's the sort of money where you should never have to worry about anything again - so I'd spend the majority of my time travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible. Like you'd I'd want to do something charitable - I think I'd lean towards supporting a mental health charity aimed (mainly) at men. I don't mean that to sound divisive, just is something that I feel strongly about.
  19. Well no, there hasn't been a proper write up yet so it may well have been discussed. The club should've factored this in when designing the ground - as it stands the vocal fans are physically as far from the away fans as possible. The interaction between those two groups is needed for atmosphere. The club should've designed the ground so home fans get the Atyeo and away fans were in the adjacent corner of the Lansdown or Dolman. Logistics and accessibility could've been thought out properly whilst maximising atmosphere.
  20. Really enjoyed the fight at the weekend. Was a great spectacle and Fury rightfully getting loads of plaudits now. Will be interesting to see where he goes now - looks like it could end up being Whyte whilst he waits for the winner of Usyk vs Joshua. You'd have to fancy Fury against Whyte - I just hope it's in the UK. Would be ridiculous if a big British fight like that happens in the states. All that being said, I don't think it's a given that Whyte gets past Wallin. I think out of all the current crop, Usyk could be very difficult for Fury. His boxing brain and ring IQ matches and possibly exceeds Fury's imo, just lacks the natural physical advantages Fury has. Could be an interesting 12 months in boxing providing there's not too much interference from the politics of the sport.
  21. Was anything asked about how we can maximise the atmosphere at the ground? I saw someone on Twitter suggest asking a question about the placement of vocal fans relative to away fans and whether that can be rethought. Was that discussed?
  22. I'd like to think that it'll be one of those fights where on Sunday morning we all think "yes of course Fury was going to win, what was I worried about" - but I do have that nagging doubt about this one.. then again I felt exactly the same for both of the previous fights vs Wilder.
  23. Whenever I've seen people suggest AJ should just "walk Usyk down" or "bully him" I remember this clip - Usyk showing exactly why that is far easier said than done. https://twitter.com/Raderecht02/status/1444299774367354883?s=20 Obviously when you have the power and physical advantages that Joshua has it's possible, I just think mentally he's scarred from those defeats and Usyk is just on a different level. If the fight is in Ukraine, which looks unlikely but strictly speaking it should be, Joshua has no chance. He's spent his entire career fighting as a home fighter with a stacked deck - would be great to see him up against it for once.
  24. Could easily happen. Fury is obviously far better all round but Wilder is so dangerous.
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