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  1. When will the media team learn they don’t need to post content for the sake of posting. Quite often they’ll lift a quote out of an interview which actually *says* next to nothing.. and make it into a graphic.
  2. The George Tapps (formerly the Litten Tree) used to show our games whenever on Sky. Worth checking though as this was a few years ago.
  3. I think it’s right that it gets pointed out actually. Everyone knows what he’s up to, but it’s not just some tongue in cheek attempt at a wind up.. quite often there’s a slightly nastier edge to his comments. In this instance - trying to undermine a group of people who try and improve the atmosphere at games.
  4. I know you obsessively devote a great deal of time to trying to get a rise out of people.. but is there really any need for a comment like that? For what it's worth, I think the banners, flags and displays are great and because of your petty comment I have decided to donate.
  5. Think it’ll depend on the context. I remember comments from JL and RG that implied they thought we should be doing better relative to wage budget. I think, like Cotterill, Pearson probably isn’t the easiest for the likes of JL to work with. I could imagine difficult conversations happen fairly regularly. I think if we do similarly to last season or there appears to be no improvement.. it wouldn’t surprise me if they get rid. I think we’ve recruited well and (so far) have kept our exciting young players.. so I’m cautiously optimistic about this season.
  6. True. My issue isn’t the allocation really, it’s the placement of away fans relative to ours. I’ve always felt, since redevelopment, away fans should’ve been in A+B of the Dolman with our vocal fans occupying the Atyeo. The atmosphere really suffers with our vocal support as far away as possible from away fans. I like that these days the club seem to be more receptive to atmosphere creation, but it could still be a lot better and fan placement can help. I don’t think giving away fans the whole end behind a goal helps us with the marginal advantages you get from playing at home.. and every little thing we can do to gain those extra % advantages should be done.
  7. Thanks for that insight. Not just me saying it, both Cotterill and Johnson mentioned it during their spells as manager.
  8. Good for club finances and big match feel.. but allowing them that many tickets and an entire end of the ground needlessly hands them a marginal advantage.
  9. No I did mean Cundy, assumed he was an academy player!
  10. I’ll only accept pedantry from @BS4 on Tour...
  11. I think if Pearson had the money Johnson had then it’s unlikely the slightly lesser academy products ie the likes of Bell, Cundy etc would be playing.. but probable Alex Scott would be for example. All conjecture though really - I suspect Pearson might actually be enjoying using the academy players. He’s already proven himself as a manager, so perhaps the opportunity to bring on some young talent and develop them himself appeals to him from a legacy point of view.
  12. Yes definitely includes Tinnion, he seems to have misread the comment too. It would’ve been interesting to see how Johnson would’ve got on if he was having to use academy products at a young age as Pearson has been. Johnson can clearly spot a good player, so it might’ve suited him. It wouldn’t surprise me if we’d ended up doing a bit better - Johnson seems to be at his worst when he has millions to throw at problems.
  13. It’s just unfortunate he used the term the club uses ‘pathway’.
  14. Think people are reading into the comment a bit too much and finding the meaning they want to find. He’s specifically talking about McAllister - best pathway ‘for him’ which could well be down to the family links.
  15. Difficult to prove but I think initiatives like this foster goodwill towards the club which in turn may make supporters encourage mates to come along, buy an extra pint/pie at a game.. little things like that. I appreciate what you’re saying about signings to compete, but the positive PR and opportunity to give back to supporters may outweigh it.
  16. Personally, and I speak for EVERYONE on the forum , I'd like to see @bristolcitysweden bought back if possible
  17. To an extent that’s true yes. My gut feeling about him has always been negative. Similar to when we appointed Holden in many ways. His tournament record is obviously very good - I just feel he won’t win us a tournament and risks wasting this talented group of players. I’m not too bothered about his politics of personal views - I’m purely talking about him as a manager.
  18. I’ve never been convinced by Southgate despite the tournament results. I’d love him to prove me wrong but he just doesn’t strike me as a winner. I’d be quite happy for him to go - the only viable option I can think of is Graham Potter who I think would likely be an upgrade.
  19. Downsy will have been in his current role for 6 years come august. Doesn’t feel like it’s anywhere near as long as that somehow.
  20. It’ll probably depend on the opposition and who’s fit. I don’t think Pearson is recruiting for a system (ala Cotterill 2014) as such. I think he’s bringing in versatile players who can be used in a variety of systems. Last season I think we used a back 5 mainly down to who was fit. Clearly using Scott and Benarous as wingbacks was a sticking plaster solution as wingbacks need to be specialists really. Cotterill became particularly interested in a 532 system after attending a coaching seminar on it. He recruited specifically for that system with great success in 2014. I predict we will be pretty versatile and have a variety of systems as the season goes on.
  21. He’d be my choice. I’ve never quite had faith in Southgate - I appreciate that’s incredibly unfair given the results.
  22. Also looks like he’s deleted his Twitter account which is interesting
  23. What would be seen as success for Hibs? I’d imagine coming 3rd (whilst pushing the Old Firm clubs) and a domestic trophy final would be seen as good going.
  24. He just finds it very difficult to take the L. Especially when it concerns detail. You’d think one would be able to hold their hands up and say ‘Oh yes, apologies, forgot the JPT’ (their personal views on the prestige of the trophy neither here not there) but seemingly not.
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