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  1. I think Blackpool will travel well as it’s their first game post-promotion. Northern clubs often do in early august anyway. 16-18k sounds a sensible guess.
  2. I think Pearson will have higher expectations than that. The man is used to success. I wouldn't expect a promotion push this season but I bet privately Pearson has much higher expectations for the team than merely surviving.
  3. Yeah I'm also cautiously optimistic, but then again (barring last season) I usually am. I think the spine of our squad is a lot stronger. We could probably do with another forward, but perhaps this'll be the season we see the best of Wells. I think we'll be much harder to beat and that's a great place to start. Provided Baker stays fit (and Kalas + Bentley stay) we have a strong defence. My concern, like many people on this thread, is a lack of goal threat. However it's far more important to get the defence and midfield right first, and I think we might have done that.
  4. Even his shoes are awful. Those smart/casual crossover trainers that a 2021 David Brent would absolutely wear. Completely inappropriate choice for a "CEO" of a football club. He reminds me of a politician trying very hard to rebrand himself. A little bit like what Andy Burnham has done very successfully over the past few years. The difference is that there's a reason for a politician to do this, but once again absolutely no need for a "CEO" of a football club to try that hard.
  5. Agreed. Downsy shouldn't be doing interviews with players full stop in my opinion. I've also been a little disappointed in Dave Barton - I expected him to be a far more competent interviewer. The videos are generally fairly well filmed, but the social media in general is still rather irritating. It's a big shame the club let go of Adam Baker as I feel he got the balance right as a genuine fan of the club. He understood our support and that's very important. I don't think anyone in the media department is an actual supporter of the club and it shows.
  6. Yeah I wouldn't complain about Palmer playing there. He's obviously very gifted and on top form would be really effective. Think Massengo has the potential to make the position his own though if it's part of the plan to try him there.
  7. Definitely. Wilbraham there also so another good influence. Think it would be really astute actually. Perfect place for the likes of Pearson, Britton, Bell, Janneh etc who may not quite be ready for this level. Think Alex Scott is definitely worth keeping around though, he has something about him.
  8. If fit, I'd like to see James - Williams Weimann - Massengo - Semenyo Definitely a case to play that CAM role, but Massengo there intrigues me.
  9. What I like about Gregor is I think he genuinely wants to do the best for the fans. Although (generally speaking) I agree with the principle he was raising the other day, I'm not convinced he's on the money here - fans aren't that bothered about pre-season and making an enemy of Pearson won't help him in the long run. Probably better to bite his tongue on that occasion.
  10. 6 of the 8 questions Gregor asked were closed questions - so he could cut that out and it might help. I think Pearson was probably annoyed about the other day's outburst so didn't fancy giving Gregor much. On the other hand there will be some fans that get their news from the Post over the official club channels (perhaps older fans) so with them in mind I think Pearson could be a bit more forthcoming. It is only pre-season though and I wouldn't have even bothered reading the interview if it wasn't for Gregor's comments midweek.
  11. I did acknowledge the questions were poor
  12. I appreciate it's just pre-season and he's usually much better in longform club content - but an interview like this isn't particularly helpful. The questions aren't exactly riveting, but responses like that make Gregor's job pretty difficult. Probably in response to Gregor's comments the other day.
  13. What are your main takeaways from that? There were so many positives for your team today. A lot more players got 90 minutes so that's good. It was good to see them all in the squad over the two games and we'll do the same next week [against Exeter City and Plymouth Argyle]. The young players were so impressive today. That will be exactly what you want from them, putting themselves into real contention to play... Yeah, they did okay. The players did okay. You're splitting the squad currently and you have the U23s playing at Weston-super-Mare as well, such as Louis Britton today I believe... You've got to remember that the players there are not in the first team squad at the moment. Players will drift in and out of the first-team squad. What's your biggest positive from today, given that the youngsters were so impressive, your side was clinical and it's another good workout with the season now two weeks away? That they're [the players] doing exactly what we want. They're working hard towards the start of the season and yeah they've done okay. Dan Bentley was captain today, but Chris Martin was the other day. Is that a permanent fixture or will you look to rotate it aroud other senior players? You'll have to wait and see on that. What about Marlee Francois in midweek. We believe he's playing for the U23s today. Was it your decision to lend him to Portsmouth and what did you make of his star turn? There's nothing to do with anybody else apart from we agreed, or we suggested that he could play for them because they ran out of players. The club released pictures of Nahki Wells and Tomas Kalas doing running tests earlier in the week, and Ryley Towler and Han-Noah Massengo were in those too. Are those guys coming back from injury? They're fine. All the players will be involved over the next week or so and yeah, we're trying to make sure that everybody gets pitch time. Are there likely to be any ins or outs before the Blackpool game or will you have this squad for the first Championship game? I stand by what I said last time I spoke on it.
  14. I know you have your own views on Pearson, but I think (quite rightly) people are keeping their powder dry until we're a few games into the new season. Most acknowledged last season was a dead rubber. Ideally you'd probably want to see a bit more instant impact perhaps but it's only fair to see how he gets on after bringing in a few players. You're right though - if we start badly, this is the sort of behaviour which will annoy fans.
  15. The journalist doesn't matter that much, it's about making a clip go viral. Gregor will probably have a target of 'clicks' on his articles. One big viral moment with Pearson could potentially hit his yearly target and then some. I think he genuinely does believe Pearson should engage with local press as a principle, but knows there's the potential secondary benefit of a 'flashpoint' viral moment.
  16. Clicks are king for outlets like the Post. People know Pearson can be prickly and people love that sort of confrontation. A quick YouTube search reveals that some of the most viewed videos concerning Nigel Pearson have these titles Pat Murphy Rips Into Nigel Pearson In Amazing Grilling! Saying He Could Be A Bully (216k views) Nigel Pearson - Pundits On 'Bizarre' Clash With James McArthur & "Sacking" (110k views) Nigel Pearson tells fans to **** off and die (350k views) Nigel Pearson calls journalist an "Ostrich" (160k views) Leicester boss Nigel Pearson swears at journalist after Hull draw (197k views) Just to give some comparison - the following titles have a much smaller amount of views Nigel Pearson's first interview as Bristol City manager! (16k views) Nigel Pearson's first training session! | Failand Uncut 012 (8.5k views) UNMISSABLE BEHIND THE SCENES DRESSING ROOM ACCESS | NIGEL PEARSON'S FIRST DAY - Watford FC (12k views) The theme here is controversy generates views (clicks). Gregor will know that if he provokes Pearson enough, he could have his own "controversy" moment that'll give himself and the post plenty of attention and clicks - thus filling part of his remit. I also genuinely believe he feels Pearson should give his time to the local press - but there's a double benefit to having a sort of "rift" with Pearson as far as Gregor's concerned.
  17. Of course he knows. He also probably realises that having a rift with Pearson (with any potential flashpoints) is good for boosting his profile and also getting the Post those all important clicks and viral content. GmG is being pretty clever here I think.
  18. Well exactly, but it might be the sort of micromanagey' insecurity less experienced coaches worry about.
  19. Yeah I agree. I know Ryan Morgan is basically responsible for the social media and video is clearly his forte. He can edit nicely and the more educational stuff (interviews and even 'day in a life' videos) are really good content. They still get the "funny" tweets wrong far too consistently for my liking but it's generally better than it was 2 years ago.
  20. I wonder whether Pearson has encouraged it. It's pretty clear from how he's given interviews like that one a few weeks ago that he believes fans need to be kept in the loop on things. I'm just speculating here but perhaps less experienced managers like Holden and Johnson were overly cautious about tactical information "leaking". Fans obviously enjoy this content so I hope they are able to keep it up throughout the season.
  21. Interestingly that was exactly what Cotterill did. Same for Gary Johnson at some point stage also. Both of them managed two of our most successful sides in recent history. Obviously a bit different at Western League level but I do wonder if at a professional standard whether it can help be a small marginal factor that gets players into ‘game mode’.
  22. The long form more educational stuff is really good. Lots of us on the forum have been pushing for this for a while. IMO, and I appreciate it’s subjective, it’s the naff jokey stuff they still get slightly wrong. The current media team always have.
  23. A good stopper but not at the same level as Dunk/Webster/White. I think White will probably do really well for Arsenal and should force himself into an England starting spot within a couple of years.
  24. It looks to be around 140kg on a trap bar which is pretty good considering lots of them won't weigh very much. What's being measured is their fast twitch muscle response, how explosive they are basically, probably for a single rep. You can see that by how the analysts are assessing it via the iPads.
  25. At the time perhaps but those players of yesteryear would look terrible with that stamina and conditioning in 2021.
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