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  1. Indeed. It was Tuesday's result that was disappointing, not today's or last Saturday's. I am a bit concerned at how lethargic we seemed in the first half. How off the pace. Maybe Nige needs to have more faith in younger, pacier players? The veterans aren't doing it ATM.
  2. Do you think there's a third brother called Tommy?
  3. Barnsley will be very interesting. And we have a decent chance of putting in the performance of the season seeing as I won't be there to see it.
  4. What's concerning isn't the result, but the performance.
  5. Unless Tanner was feeling a bit under-the-weather but still fit to play. The backpass could've suggested he wasn't up to it. Hypothetical, of course, but that might explain it. We'll find out after f/t.
  6. He left Hull to rejoin Leicester when Hull were just outside the play-offs. He had a pretty good record there, including a 13-match unbeaten run.
  7. Hmm. But parachute side or no parachute side, we've played better than today. Even at home!!! We KNOW these players can and have done better. That's where the question about self-confidence comes in.
  8. Yep, I did consider whether they have reacted badly because of that. Long-term, the best decision though.
  9. Bonkers to want Pearson out at this stage. Unless the unthinkable happens, I'm for keeping him and seeing how the club evolves under him. That doesn't mean we can't question his judgement of course. Today is not the first time it's seemed very faulty.
  10. Looks like Eritrean barbers are shrewd readers of the game...
  11. What I'm disappointed at, is you'd think Nigel Pearson would be better at lifting morale after a crushing blow like Tuesday's loss. A vetran manager, you'd think he had the man management skills to lift players back up so they do, indeed, go again. Play to their best ability. But here we are, in a sort of last season death spiral again. Against decent oppo admittedly, but the belief just seems to have gone from the side.
  12. Well, exactly. That's the crux of the problem. To put it simply, we need a new Korey Smith.
  13. You've got to lose the sax solo!
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