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  1. I love that he actually managed to outjump one of Cardiff's big lads! Jay put in a very decent shift. As always, he carries the ball forward very well. It was the performance of a man who was telling his manager: "I want to be involved every game".
  2. Red-Robbo


    That's a shame, it's a nice ground. Looks like it's destroyed their main hospitality area and smoke damaged some parts of one of the stands. Shouldn't put Molineux out of action, but will cost the club (and their insurers) a pretty penny.
  3. This is it. After the omnishambles of last season, we can see progress. People not interested have either left or are being sidelined. Players are gaining confidence. Skills are being sharpened. There seems a better understanding between the team. Passing is becoming more instinctive. It really is a team in transition. Pearson has been able to halt the calamitous decline - and he's done it largely without being able to spend, utilising young talent.
  4. Ralls was a bit handy with his elbows too. Off the ball usually. The couple of cards the ref showed calmed that down and allowed us to play football. After a few nightmares at AG recently, I feel I should praise yesterday's officials. Let the game flow, got very little wrong, were unobtrusive but professional.
  5. You need two decent keepers in competition with each other to keep themselves sharp and give the club options. I'm not slating MOL, but I'm not in favour of selling Bentley (unless he wants to go) for that reason. I'd rather Wells and/or Palmer were offloaded. Criticising a player for a mistake doesn't mean you think they are shit. Massengo was great for us in that game, but his clanger in the first half led to their goal.
  6. I reckon growing that hair has sapped his strength.
  7. Was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet. Some of his play was sublime. F- me! This lad has come on so fast from the raw and not quite ready for the Championship youngster we saw in the past two seasons. It genuinely excites me to think what he might achieve.
  8. Agreed. He seemed rooted to the spot and a piss-weak header just bounced under his arm.
  9. I'm inclined to agree with this Cardiff fan on their forum: "The 80's called - they want their idiots back."
  10. I've been critical of Antoine in the past and thought he might be playing in the wrong position, but your penultimate line hits a very good point. Certain players just "click" with certain managers and certain types of coaching. Antoine will be still on the curve where experience and maturity is improving him as a player every year. But the Pearson effect on his recent performances shouldn't be underestimated. Conversely of course, there may be some players who do not like Nige and haven't bought into what he is trying to do. We probably saw most of those depart in the summer, but there may be a few still here. Football is a game where personalities can clash and affect performance.
  11. He looks like one of the goblin bank tellers in Harry Potter:
  12. It makes it seem amazing that they only drew when they came to Ashton Gate. More proof, that the best time to play these "big" clubs is generally earlier in the season when they may have lots of new faces and haven't hit their stride.
  13. Would you say that more promising youngsters are now being signed up by the multitude of well-financed academies? Compared to the days of my youth, when kids who were good at the game signed "schoolboy papers" with clubs, but in practice didn't spend that much time training with the professionals.
  14. Reckon? The loudest I heard them was when they booed taking the knee. Louder than QPR I'll grant you, but that isn't tough. Generally speaking, it's when northern types come to AG that you hear the most songs. I guess they are just registering their delight at having encountered indoor plumbing for the first time.
  15. Secret Scout rated him... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9041455/THE-SECRET-SCOUT-Southamptons-rising-star-Ramello-Mitchell-necessary-assets.html
  16. He might have before he made his move. As soon as the ref blew the whistle though he knew he might as well head to the showers.
  17. Someone with more time than me could probably make up a killer list of players who are on the books of big teams as kids, were released, but went on to prove themselves.
  18. Haha! If you can pull that deal off, see if you can move on to swap Danny Simpson for Thiago Silva.
  19. Very good call on Goodman. They are a small chain I'd love to see open a West Country outlet.
  20. If Carling did errors of judgement....
  21. Cameroon is also in the grip of two violent insurgencies: one of English-speaking Cameroonians in the far-west and one a spillover from the Jihadist groups to the country's north. Security is very heavy and quite oppressive around the stadiums. That will put a bit of a downer on attending for many fans.
  22. Ha! Listened to a bit of the first half on Radio Bristol and then, when it was 2-2, took the dog for a long walk somewhere where there is no phone signal. Thought to myself, 'the way Fulham are pressing it could be 5-2 at h/t'. If there'd been a betting shop on top of the Mendips, I could've made a few bob. Was too scared to read the f/t score when I returned until about 8pm. You know, as we sometimes say if the U23s get a pasting, matches like this can teach the players and manager more than if we'd lost 3-2 but Fulham had still dominated. A brutal lesson, yes, but still part of the learning curve: especially for young players. And ultimately, in the fullness of things, I'd rather lose 6-2 than 4-0. Semenyo's goals and some of our forward breaks can give us hope against easier sides. Getting a brace yesterday and in such a fashion might open up the scoring floodgates for AS in the way I was hoping for in a recent post. Of all the steps up in ability we've seen this season, his has been the one that's most surprised and delighted me.
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