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  1. Do you think Otib's Harry is auditioning for a job there?
  2. Yeah, red mist in that case as well.
  3. Sykes had been fouled just before by being checked and held between two of their players and was just a bit overkeen to win the ball back. I don't think there was any violent intent, he just mistimed an attempt to take the ball back from Freman and caught him. A red? As Pearson said, not in the 20th Century, but in today's football, both feet made contact with Freeman, so I'm not surprised. As for Freeman: how can that NOT be violent intent? If you shoulder charged someone who wasn't expecting it in a pub and sent them flying, police might be called. On the pitch, doing it just because you're angry, it can be nothing more than a straight red. It goes far beyond pushing an opponent, which is a yellow. Luke, despite looking like a cross between Jay from The Inbetweeners and a girl's netball captain, has always liked to give out the vibe that he's a bit of a cockney geezer type. His speed was what I loved about him, when he played for us. At 30, that seems to have dimmed significantly. So, he got annoyed at his side being made to look mugs.
  4. And just like that... the "six place gap" becomes a 24 place gap. Oh, and an entire division gap as well. Ever looking upwards at a level of football that is a distant memory for most Gasheads.
  5. Sort of agree, H. Although we were a man short, I thought we still looked most likely to score until the double substitution. That said, it was going to have to be made at some time. Why we made Luton look mugs was we were so high-tempo. 32-year-old Nakhi Wells wouldn't have been able to keep that going - and been required to cover more ground - for much longer. Weimann was clearly tired before he was taken off as well. Personally, I might have been tempted to continue to push for that third until, say, the 85th minute, then shut up shop. That's hardly an indictment of what happened though, as it's only 9 minutes longer of Conway/Wells than we got, and Nigel's policy worked perfectly decently. Luton were pretty abject, but what really undid them was the speed of our forward line, the tight-control dribbling from Massengo, and some superb passes-to-distance from Scott. We wouldn't be able to maintain that speed for 95 minutes and I guess NP had always planned to take a more cautious route as our older players tired.
  6. I think you're right. Unlike some people in the game, he has lots of other interests - more than the traditional 'playing golf', but he does that as well - and will want to enjoy a well-earned retirement. Plus, he's the sort of guy who will want to go out on a high, not a low. Reputation and respect matter as much as money in this stage of his career. He makes very sensible points about the officiating. The decision-making is supposed to be scrutinised post-game by an independent assessor, who can bring in other members of the oversight panel if he thinks the ref has dropped a bollock. So, given that they are professional officials at Championship level, why are so many, so bad? I'd love to hear last night ref's explanation of his yellow to Freeman. If someone charges into your back when you aren't expecting it and sends you flying that is violent conduct, whether it's off a football pitch or on it. Violent conduct is a straight red, three match ban.
  7. Maybe when we're down to the "hard-core" it's easier to get an atmosphere going than at big matches with several thousand occasional or first-time attenders, who may not know the songs?
  8. Before the sending off they had about two minutes when it looked like they were in the driving seat: 46-48" Our ability to absorb that initial burst of energy and then flatten it as we played the ball around Luton seemingly effortlessly was a joy to watch.
  9. The city is Red, mate.
  10. As others have said, you could put a decent case for everyone being MOTM and a strong case for at least 6 players. As an ex-member of the defenders' union, I'm going to go for Atkinson. Dogged in defence and won so much ground when he took the ball forward.
  11. The only way they could stop them was foul them. Sometimes the myopic ref let them get away with that, sometimes he didn't.
  12. Yep. Can't see how you can shoulder charge someone off-the-ball - and after the ref had already blown for a foul - and stay on. Violent conduct, surely?
  13. Was going to say this. Obviously, an early goal and excellent performance buoyed us, but I think the fans were excellent - noisy even in "quiet" sections of the ground - and still singing and urging us on nearer the end when we were under the cosh. It was lovely to hear.
  14. Wells, Weimann, Conway gave us a speed that Luton's gigantic but ponderous defence just couldn't cope with. When Martin's up front, he slows things down and even flat-footed defenders often have time to get back. Chris did a good job when he came on, but loved the speed with which we got into dangerous positions tonight.
  15. A midfield so lightweight that a gentle breeze will deposit it in Winterstoke Road.
  16. I saw one dweeb in his clown outfit shirt tonight in Wells. Cheering on Liverpool, because as he admitted to me, he'd not watched the Gas live for 15 years. He had however gone to Anfield three times since. Sums 'em up.
  17. I actually think tactically he isn't a bad manager, just a vile human being. And of course, that temper of his is always threatening to boil over and knacker everything up.
  18. Precisely, and getting out of the L1 mire isn't guaranteed. Unless you have a vast fanbase a la Sunderland and Wednesday, you end up with vastly declining income as you watch the likes of Morecambe, Fleetwood and Shrewsbury. Not to mention having to host the fleabags from across the river.
  19. Have to agree. It's true that in the Championship, the quality gap between the top and bottom sides is far smaller than in the PL. Anyone can more or less beat anyone - it makes for games decided on "fine lines". BUT, our deficiencies shouldn't be disguised by these "should've/could've" arguments. The fact is, we had to wait until the last home game of the season to watch a totally dominant City performance and the three league games this season have, like the vast majority of games last season, been ones where we've been on the back-foot for the majority of minutes. Moments of pure class, longer ones of pure panic.
  20. The trite answer in my view is "a midfield". Scott is clearly a very good player, and Massengo, while not quite in his league IMO also gives us something, while Williams has, in the past, looked solid. But this is not the combination we need and King looks past-it and James hasn't got 90 minutes in him and is injury prone. The way the ball comes back so often on our defence to my mind is a reflection of how easily our MF is bypassed and how we don't retain possession in the middle half of the pitch much. It makes the defence look the problem, but if you bombard anyone's backline with continuous probing attacks, you'll eventually strike lucky. To my mind, we are just a Marlon Pack type player away from having a solid base that will shield the back line and bring the ball forward to the more flair players like Scott and Massengo who can feed our forwards. I'm not sure a wing-back system works either, and Sykes and Dasilva don't look the men to provide the forward oomph to get the ball somewhere Weimann and Martin can work with. I think a flat back four, a - potentially loan - robust, defensive midfielder and we await the return of the injured men and hope Joe Williams plays his way back to full-fitness and confidence to become the player we saw last season. If I were "City's GP" that would be my prescription.
  21. Industry term, innit, but I take your point. Going back to the OP, what you so rarely read on here, but always restores your faith in human intelligence when you do, is when someone starts the thread arguing one point of view, but then has his or her mind changed by what others have posted and acknowledges it. It seems to me, there's something about social media and making posts to strangers that stops many people being able to compromise and back down from set positions. Chatting with your mates in the pub, you are much more likely to change your mind or concede that the opposing view has something going for it.
  22. I think anyone with an ounce of grey matter will acknowledge that Pearson has had a difficult job. Trim the wage bill, not much wriggle room in bringing in players he wants. I am concerned about how very basic mistakes seem to be happening over-and-over and our shape isn't great and to a degree (with a notable Austrian exception) we don't even seem as fit over 90+ minutes as other sides. I confess I do worry about the coaching. I had gone with the received wisdom that Pearson could coach a decent player and make him special, but we seem to not really be developing but accepting that we are one of the weakest sides in the division. Maybe it'll all click into place with Semenyo and Kalas's return, but fans seem to be very accepting of mediocre results against not-that-special sides. If the end of last season gave me hope, the beginning of this one is filling me with a vague sense of foreboding. I don't even want to ponder where we'd be this season if Weimann gets injured.
  23. Certainly wasn't impressive against Sunderland. Looked a shadow of the player he'd been before his injury.
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