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  1. I was in Wembley for the famous 1-2 defeat to the Jocks in 1977. Surrounded by drunken Scots, but my disappointment with England was lessened by the good-humoured exuberance around me. It really was their World Cup final. A refreshed Glaswegian gent shook my hand: "Hard lines, son. Ye hud nae luck at all!"
  2. As would any City fan!! These clubs had no chance of proving whether they'd maintain or otherwise though. Two desperately poor clubs get to stay in Tier 5 while others are consigned to another season in the small-time. Unavoidable, but still irritating for them.
  3. 3,300 per club. With the various sponsors and freebies, attendance will be around 7,500 level. Sad for what would've been a big pay-day for Torquay and Hartlepool in a normal year, but the clubs I feel really sorry for were those leading the National League South & North. Games won in early season just expunged and another year in Tier 6 no matter how well they were doing.
  4. Careful. That sounded a bit Marxist. You'll be booed.
  5. Bedminster was in Somerset until 1832 when it became part of the city and county of Bristol. The Ashton area, which hadn't been built on in the 1830s, was still in Somerset until the 1890s and Bower Ashton was in Somerset until 1951.
  6. Could've easily finished 5-0 and the Italians didn't need to get out of second gear. The Turks were organised, but the reason they only got one shot off was that they couldn't get the ball past the Italian midfield.
  7. Fabulous player at 5th tier level, but not destined to play in the Championship. Correct call made, I feel.
  8. I think much of that might be down to how shit hot Italy look!
  9. Going to extra time. Unsurprising, Notts County are Torquay's bogey side.
  10. I imagine he'd deal with them the same way as he dealt with that wolf pack.
  11. This particular Robbo will be there if Torquay make it.
  12. Or at minimum, worry about European qualification.
  13. My money's on TBC in that 11pm fixture...
  14. You lucky bastard, I got Slovakia.
  15. It's like sending a parking fine to Jeff Bezos. A points deduction next season would have been the only way to hurt them.
  16. 200 hours of community service to be carried out on every Saturday afternoon during the season, would be funny.
  17. It's a far cry from small boys in the park; jumpers for goalposts. Isn't it? wasn't it? Rush goalie. Two at the back, three in the middle, four up front, one's gone home for his tea. Beans on toast? Possibly, don't quote me on that. Marvellous!
  18. His Elvis Costello karaoke is "I Don't Want To Go To Chokey".
  19. Jack's favourite tune of all-time:
  20. He might sign Mahlon Romeo from Millwall?
  21. Maybe Shakespeare will find working under Big Nige more As He Likes It? Or is speculating just a Midsummer Afternoon's Dream?
  22. Signing Matty Taylor = "akin to terrorism"
  23. I thought having to manage The Gash WAS community service?
  24. The thing is: I don't have any confidence that Southgate has any idea who the strongest players performing are. Even with an alleged second string we should have been winning that 3-0. Romania have not been much of a side since the early 2000s.
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