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  1. Pat Lam is rumored to be on £750k a year, so £1m surely cant be an issue. I would imagine the biggest concern for the club is Hughton maybe not being the Johnson type coach they would prefer.
  2. i have my code. only came 10 minutes ago.
  3. To be fair he certainly didn’t look like he had been drinking, seemed pretty sober when I was speaking to him! And that was probably around 7pm! And no he was mainly sat down the time he was there!
  4. well my mate got some pictures with the city lads (Kalas being one). They were there from 4pm to about 8:30pm, would of thought they went home after that but cant confirm that! Some of them were pretty drunk, some looked like it was a more sociable drink in the sun enjoying a good DJ set. Spoke to him myself and definitely said 1 month. if you really don't believe me then that's up to you but I am not going to plaster pictures on here when they were good enough to have them taken with people. So conclusion would be they were just out and not out out!
  5. I was out in town Sunday and happened to be in the same place as all the City team. Spoke to him myself and he said he was ok and it was going to be about 1 month. So hopefully with international break it could only be 2 or 3 games out.
  6. Well its certainly a Fair way of sorting the encroachment issue.
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