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  1. COD will definitely be in his plans! I’d be surprised if he isn’t!
  2. i believe 8 have been collected so there should only be 2 more payments to go. So last one being start of April.
  3. is backwards classed as next level? we haven't been there for quite sometime....
  4. yea you're probably right. well hopefully he will be regular and even though he may not answer how we would like its better than nothing. I'm sure he will be ready for the tougher questions next time.
  5. He got asked a question and answered it. how is that squirmy? if he goes back on his word then of course slate him but nothing squirmy about him agreeing to come on again.
  6. Pat Lam is rumored to be on £750k a year, so £1m surely cant be an issue. I would imagine the biggest concern for the club is Hughton maybe not being the Johnson type coach they would prefer.
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