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  1. Wells agreed is decent in a team that dominates midfield and creates lots of chances whichee don't have so he is almost redundant, we have few decent players but no real quality in most positions as you say, all about opinions.
  2. Quality in every⁹ position??? Um forwards um midfield are you sure.
  3. As long as weimann and Martin are our forward players we are going to have problems. Weimann Is a recurring issue he is not a problem to opposition he runs and has effort but Not a problem for defenders i just keep thinking the same thing year after year.he has the odd game yes but sorry just never done it for me.he just fills a hole .
  4. Dead right I now think it's a mental attitude, its got to the players. I believe nige has improved us just about everywhere with the poor squad we have apart from the mental side which is down to players on pitch not nige. The squad is short of quality which nige can change if backed like lj was.
  5. That makes perfect sense absolutely..but I can't think of any manager that was or is a winner like mourhino Ferguson pep klopp or cotts etc that sat in the stand,they head every ball kick every ball from the touchline and want to be on the pitch. Fans love that and it builds an atmosphere in the stadium. Nige is obviously older and wiser and done that which is a bit of a shame, still totally behind him though.
  6. Please get Wells in and that fraud weimann out. Enough. he is a nothing a shirt ,a player that gets in the way ,he has tons of energy yes but but its usually in the wrong place and I feel we can get a much. Better fit in our team than the undroppable weimann.never heard him mentioned on commentary today and many commterys before there are a lot of those days. Commitment yes energy yes but scores a couple.now and again but for me is a player that's finished. Doesn't fit anywhere in the side ,not a forward not a winger he offeres Nil apart from energy ..dissappears constantly, I feel we just accommodated him in team due to his running which on the eye looks good but achieve minimal for team.for me he is a great runner and battler but a non producer in the bigger picture..I would be looking to bring in someone to replace him ASAP. We carry him most games. In my opinion. Always felt this way. ⁸
  7. There is a very good player In there no doubt ..he has to sort his fitness issues first then I believe we have a top player, it hasn't quite happened yet and time is running out for him but if anyone can bring it out its pearson but its in his hands.
  8. Yep I think he could be the right hand man that nige needs,been around knows his stuff and respects his boss .Great addition.
  9. Well check his stats ,he is unlikely to get 10 or more goals although hes up front and gets more games than anyone else,he gets more bookings than assists his first touch is awful and he delivers nothing from the so called space he makes he runs blind.He scores a few goals In small blocks but doesn't get past 10 a season even playing most games. He is a head less chicken but super fit. Never doubted his commitments or shift .he had better chances to score than the ones he has scored and blazes regularly over bar or very wide .he is not a top notch player with all these attributes people see or he would not be here.
  10. Well I saw the big man and I believe football has lost all its grassroots appeal to local and amateur people like me who played the game with total enjoyment and honesty to a game that is over scrutinised and has been turned into a science not a sport. A simple game has been turned into a multi million business industry that is a million miles from the actual starting position.and lost to the working man that started it all. For me the game is about winning the ball getting it wide tackles going in and getting crosses in the box,getting your forwards on to it All exciting. Now every move is worked out on a computer and relayed to players pitch side on a tablet. Haha I find barcelona and man City boring as hell And do not get any enjoyment out of seeing players shot from the stands by a sniper and going down like they have been shot only to be up and running within seconds of getting what they cheated for to get a free kick.when I played I would not dream of letting the opposition player know I was hurt now players cry out like kids and they are not hurt it's unbelievable. So to finish my rant, I turn off big games half way through cos I'm bored with 40 passes in the area and 3 passes forward bored rigid its lost itself as a spectacle. P.s. only team I listen to every game and have watched when possible is my city boys i am now a one team person due to the new way modern football is played. Ok I'm old but but new football is not as good as old football.
  11. Fair enough if your happy with his running fine but for me he very rarely has an end product and his running covers his deficiencies. We can have different opinions.
  12. How often does he do that, things fall for him in the odd game,as you said a couple of years ago .
  13. Weiman is just a willing runner, he is not a natural at anything except running ,puts a shift in no doubt but lacks quality in lots of areas .he will score a few but not consistently. Martin similar, we have one natural goal scorer Wells, unfortunately he has to have a dominant midfield behind or hes a luxury. Balance not there but sure nige knows that early days in transition.
  14. red colin


    Exactly, Bents is a great line keeper anywhere off his line he is a liability and as we have let so many goals in in our 6 yard Box shows, he doesn't command the 6 yard box let alone his area.i believe our defence get caught wondering if he's coming out or staying every time a cross looks like coming in and he unsettles them. Give me maenapa every time.
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