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  1. Ohh... Jesus. I watched now so that 8 comes from a thousand and the tree zeros are making it a six zeros number. It is perfectly logical but above "Fee" it sais Contract and I misunderstood. This makes a lot of sense. He has a top league as he is indeed a top league CB. I belive then we have that Wells at around 20k per week but he doesn't even worth 5k per week. He is even worse than Semenyo. I am sorry for my mistake, I was totally shocked to think that our top earner have 8k per week...I mean we have bigger salaries in Liga 1 from Romania... I know Championship as one of the richest leagues when we talk about salaries. It should be in top 10, top 15 for sure, above leagues as Portugal, Romania, Belgium and so on... Thanks, my friend !
  2. I mean, from that picture i see only Kalas going to 8k per week which is the salary of the 3rd goalkeeper choice at Newcastle probably. I think a lot of clubs are paying a lot better than we do (i am talking about championship football). I know there are even worse salaries at other clubs but good proven championship players won't come here for 6k per week. They will come here if other clubs won't pay them more...and some clubs can do that.
  3. Based on this crysis no. But I assume these were the average salaries even 2 years ago. Why the hell clubs in Championship are transfering players for millions when they pay them like shit. The football is done, only the rich clubs can acheive something and we are not and we weren't before one of these clubs. I don't want to be a negative post but I never knew the salaries of our footballers. Now that I know them, I also know that we can't ever keep our best players and that we will never sign a proven top player because we are not attractive enough. Let's hope this will change in 5-10 years and that we will enjoy many more Championship seasons in the future until we can step up.
  4. That are the weekly wages of our players ? Damn... now I know why no clubs came to us. That are shitty salaries except a few. How in the hell we wanted to sign Dwight Gayle a few years ago cause we couldn't affor not even half of his wage.
  5. We need to get rid of palmer which doesn't play and that Simpson also... At least we can loan with 100% payment some other players for 6 months.
  6. Be glad that we won and we are 10 points clear of that place that would ruin our Christmas. I will take a few wins like that. This season is about surviving and maybe making a few boundaries in our team to prepare for the next.
  7. We need to keep it up. To fight for the badge and with ugly or nice style..that doesn't matter when it is a crisis like this. I assume we won't get relegated but not very safe also. The staff had to get players that can make us better and get rid of the likes of Wells, Semenyo and the two midfielders that signed this season. I mean the two from the former Leicester team. It will take some time to be competitive but think about it. Barsnely hit the top 6 with their poor team...so if the key players are good and the morale is high we can do some great things with time. Peace from Bucharest ! PLEASE A MOD CAN LET ONLY THIS MESSAGE UP ? MY PHONE WENT CRAZY AND I SPAMMED BY MISTAKE. Thanks !
  8. Great supporters chants. Loved it. A game of discipline and desire more than about quality football but I liked it. We need to get more wins and have a safe season. Good night to all !
  9. Like I said. We are one of the favorites to relegate. Hull and Cardiff will come back and go over us. If we are lucky we will get a 20-21th place playing till the last 2,3, games to survive. A small team, a small club and a stupid owner. If we get to league one, we won't come back soon. I won't watch anymore, I will just look for the scores. I am not paying for this ugly shit. Come on Bristol Lady !
  10. We need a different ownership I think. SL proved that he has no ambitions for the football club. This stadium is used by the rugby team also, so don't come with that sh4t. I don't think Nigel Pearson can do a lot better with this squad. We got rid of Lee Jonhson but we end up being a worse team. At least we were fighting for a play off spot and we were a top 10 team but now we are most likely a relegation candidate. I feel bad, and I hope we will manage to stay in this league but it will be hard, as I said Saturday.
  11. Oh dear...massive points to be 10 points clear of relegation but not looking good. I saw Nigel interview after the game and that shows exactly that he is worried also.
  12. My stream went down and I wasn't trying to repair it cause it was min 88. Were we struggling in the last 4 mins ?
  13. These two goals were good but against a shit defending from Barnsley. If we keep beating the worst teams in the table we will be safe. But even if we win today, with the way our team plays is not a way that really make you sure about our faith. I hope we will be ok this season but for me other ambitions than staying into this league won't come this year. The board is still trying to create a team and this will take some time. As long as we stay up, bring some players every season we may create a strong group but now we are far from that, and the subs are again.. very inexperienced. Coyr ! Bring us a win finally at home.
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