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  1. Interesting tweet. Our rise and fall fall fall saw us cover multiple positions in the league.
  2. Looking over all sorts of social media it seems that nearly everyone wants Derby to go down.
  3. only saw the close up. apparently someone out of picture playing him onside.
  4. Wycombe winning. They only need another 13 goals.....
  5. or here http://www.hesgoal.com/news/79398/Derby_County_vs_Sheffield_Wednesday.html
  6. Form table for last 8 matches including this one. Grim reading.
  7. I've got more interest than most on here! <----------
  8. If I was a horse north of the river at the moment I'd be very afraid....
  9. This could have been our largest away following all season. Imagine the reception this would have had.
  10. No positives now.... 15th. 10 points above the drop.
  11. One positive: we are back in the top half of the table.
  12. We're now in the bottom half so it's an official relegation fight.....
  13. Hold the last comment until we see her playing up front.
  14. We're not exactly experts at 0-0 this season. One all season so far. Home to Watford ( the Away game didn't go so well....)
  15. Ours is quite impressive https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/championship/form-guide/ten
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