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  1. I remember a Watford fan described him as a "schmoozer"
  2. Is there such a thing these days ? Defenders obstruct attackers every time they usher the ball out for a goal kick .
  3. Shmeichel p*ss taking on TV about "it" never being home. Iv always thought this song was about a cup coming home to the inventors of the game. Not about about a cup "returning"
  4. Royz

    Euro 2021/21

    https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/16557-england/ Meanwhile north of the border they're nervous.
  5. Its the pleading tune off "Come on England Come on England " that does my head in. Its a dirge
  6. I wonder what happened to the Swindon fan who posted some good stuff regularly on here ? Think he went by "My girl friend supports City"
  7. Royz

    Harry Dolman

    He did have chauffer , who worked at BDR on the same section as me (maintenance) when he wasn't driving . Not sure about a butler though.
  8. I often wondered if the garages off of Eastcote are still for rent they are mainly unused and my Dad rented one from the council years ago.
  9. My brother had both his knees replaced at the same time by the ex international rugby player. He walks miles but still has pain.
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