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  1. conversely, all mine going to first post tonight. Ok yesterday
  2. Why is the Post's coffin different from the original? or shall we just make up s**t (the Post, not OTIB of course!)
  3. You can turn a sinking ship around, but it's still sinking
  4. South Stand v Dolman Dolman 2 up until 80th minute . Lost 12 - 2
  5. who's the mind guy at Ashton Gate?
  6. He could see what should happen, and it did... excellent
  7. Lottery numbers please...... Oh wait..... dont bother
  8. I wish it was. he could probably motivate this lot
  9. I'll take "Johnson says "Bounce around the ground" when we go three up
  10. Please tell me you don't complain about us or the gas being called Bristol
  11. Lucky you live in Leigh Woods, how about the others who arent so lucky. Was it busy with your neighbours?
  12. Well obviously Dean has more than one plan....
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