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  1. Anyone get the impression that Mr **** Off ain't happy about something
  2. Fammy was pretty good at this in his last 3 months.
  3. I reckon he's come back even better.
  4. I see that the SAGS have started arriving. The day is in honor of their great leader.
  5. I remember a few of the older members and there was one called Percy Parrot I think, and one who was amazing at remembering stats called Beano I think. There was one called Yes Sir who relayed us some inside info now and again and was a relation of the Johnson's I believe.
  6. Super Bob and Dave Smudger Smith.
  7. Imagine being a defender and facing a front 3 of Antonio, Akinfenwa & Traore, **** me, you'd ring in sick
  8. It's far too early to be talking about relegation, but if things do get a bit iffy then how much is relegation going to cost the club? Is it better to get some players in and sod FFP and take the fine? I personally have no idea what that fine would be though?
  9. Big Nige isn't going to be a happy bunny. I reckon Gregor will call in sick for the next presser, and Nige will bring a Wolves head with him.
  10. Which one were you looking at mate? This one has us @14th https://www.skysports.com/championship-table
  11. This is a valid question and with not being a FFP guru can someone who is answer this please. And before all the FFS comments, and don't you know there's a pandemic on, and we've had no revenue for 18 months, I DO KNOW THAT! Is FFP all about what is coming in money wise? and what is allowed to be spent? How close are we to that line? Thinking about the Webster/Kelly/Brownhill money that came in. If I'm having a bad month and want to buy something urgent, but it will make me overdrawn, I'll take it out my savings, then put it back when I get paid. I know I'm going to have to fork out whether that be now or down the line, so the money is coming out whatever. We need a striker whether that be now or down the line. At the moment surely a striker will be cheaper, so why not buy one now? or will that bust our FFP? Oh, and obviously grateful to SL for sanctioning the Atkinson deal, so maybe that took us to the FFP line?
  12. The only bouncing I can see happening is when Gregor gate crashes the staff Xmas Party as a waiter and rips off his mask (like Gordon Ramsey) and Big Nige after one too many Tia Maria's bounces Gregor off all 4 walls.
  13. I had that as well (on VHS, what's that to anyone under 30 ) and that must be as near as you'll get on what Danny said if not spot on.
  14. I was also a fan of Junior but unfortunately the blistering speed was all he really had. 9 times out of 10 he'd skin the defender, get to the by-line, but then hit the hotdog stand. Saying that though he did have some good games now and again, and scored some important goals.
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