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  1. If we'd gone for Chris H then I would have said top 6 and with it being a weaker Championship without Villa, Leeds, WBA and Fulham maybe knocking on the door of top 2. Now, not a fooking clue, but if I have to have a go, then 14th. Hopefully a steady start, but if things go belly up I really don't think I could take a relegation scrap, especially with the SAGS putting together a good squad. It would be the nightmare of all nightmares, I'm not going to say it!
  2. Let's just hope that Holden doesn't zip wire through the nearest window, dressed in black carrying a Box of Milktray.
  3. Maybe we could have a ROF instead. Fancy the job Rudolf?
  4. Nail on head mate. If the club had kept quiet with all the BS about why LJ was got rid because we didn't make the playoffs, and how we need a fresh face and fresh idea's and all that other BS about how they want Premiership football we wouldn't be so angry. The club is a frigging car crash top to bottom and if we don't sort it out soon then we're going to be back in L1. The SAGS are getting a pretty good squad together so I'm worried, and haven't been worried for years! The Championship is going to be at it's weakest than it has for many a year next season. No Villa
  5. There's more chance of 'today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic' but you never know!
  6. Delighted for Joe and Bobby but that's enough football for 1 day with our car crash of a club. We can only dream of ever getting to the Premiership.
  7. If you look at the date it's 04th August where looking at old news say from July it should be displayed as 4th August.
  8. I'm with you on this Spike. OK we still don't know what is going on behind the scenes but it's looking very likely IMO that it's not City turning down the candidates, it's them turning us down because of most likely too much interfering from above. Instead of just saying here you go Mr Hughton, get on with the job at hand and let us know if you have any issues. When SL/JL/MA etc say that they want Premiership football, fine, but don't throw a spanner in the works to put off people that could get us there! Anyway I know nothing, so that's just my opinion, we may be presently surprised
  9. Too much lockdown cake Kid
  10. Couldn't agree more! I don't think I've ever been more exhausted than when I was 11 and necked a can of Light Ale at a BBQ, then had 3 Tommy Tanks in a row looking at the babes in the underwear section in Littlewoods Catalogue.
  11. Yeah, he's taking 2 inches off the door
  12. I'm feeling your pain Tomo. Whenever a Topic goes hot I'm hopeful, but alas nothing. I'm quite hopeful we will here something tomorrow, or over the weekend though. Surely this can't drag on into another week saying that though nothing is every simple or makes any sense when it comes to Bristol City.
  13. The guy who used to chair Master Mind was called Magnus Magnússon. The one that cracks me up is when Mr and Mrs Head decide to call their son Richard
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