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  1. I had that as well (on VHS, what's that to anyone under 30 ) and that must be as near as you'll get on what Danny said if not spot on.
  2. I was also a fan of Junior but unfortunately the blistering speed was all he really had. 9 times out of 10 he'd skin the defender, get to the by-line, but then hit the hotdog stand. Saying that though he did have some good games now and again, and scored some important goals.
  3. With the rumors that have been posted previously that Kalas and Baker had fallen out (BS maybe?) it was good at 3.14 to see them paired up, and Kalas playing the joker as he does in other shots. Cryotherapy looked good, but -144 C flipping heck
  4. Love it, remember it well (not always though :laugh:) used to go in a lot, always had the double garlic mayo burger. Whenever I went in completely steaming they new what I wanted and I didn't have to say anything, which helps when your lips aren't working properly
  5. Dave Rennie pulled his hamstring.
  6. I only used Robins TV last year so suggest that things will revert back to pre-covid, if so if you're not outside the UK what games can you watch?
  7. That must be really painful when doing Reverse Cowgirl being smashed in the face by a mattress
  8. Flipping heck, this slipped onto page 2 Managed a 1-1 against the mighty Melksham tonight.
  9. Great for watching the snooker then fall asleep and wake up to that annoying high pitch sound with some girl on the screen holding some balloons(no not babestation), that were the days!
  10. I'm not really bothered if he's any good, but have you seen his Mrs
  11. I understand that they all passed, unfortunately 4 of the players didn't get to take the test as they pulled their hamstrings getting out the car.
  12. Really good interview and answered a lot of what we have all been wondering, what is going on behind the scenes. What I picked up on was; If you don't want to be here don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. He wants optimal fitness and as he said players are athletes, so no excuse when you're on a million quid a year. He wants players that he can trust, and personality is very important to him, he want's players that will run through brick walls. He want's a strong spine to the team and want's to be difficult to beat, along with a striker who can score, so keep the ball out the net, and hopefully stick one in at the other end. Very very happy with Bentley. No BS about top 6 and all that other crap we have had to listen to before. I'd imagine he want's a middle table finish.
  13. How about 'The Pussy Palace' it's full of useless pussies like a Nun's convention.
  14. Picked this up from the Bristol Post, a really good watch and some very interesting points on what he's all about, and what we can expect fingers crossed! https://www.foxpunter.com/blog/nigel-pearson-bristol-city?fbclid=IwAR3tQAIukA7mTyDpIngnxNEiVPcs9pxIohm3qniol5F6tatVOBZ0t7V71WU
  15. I'd have taken the Curly Wurly back as it must have been faulty. Everyone knows that you can't break a Curly Wurly in half My brother and me tried it once, and after grabbing one end each, we went round the outside of the house 14 times before we gave up.
  16. Just had a nose of the Coventry Forum. https://www.skybluestalk.co.uk/threads/matty-james.132078/page-9 A few comments from the Coventry Fans: I mean fair enough Bristol City can offer more money than us but how can Pearson be a factor? He'll be sacked by Christmas for nutting one of his own players. Heard a whisper over the weekend about James, apparently we have offered him a 2 year deal and Bristol have offered 3 years. They’ve got Danny Simpson there and also appointed the former Leicester physiotherapist. Pearson was scathing about the dressing room being soft so makes sense he wants characters who have served him well.
  17. I watched every episode of Spender ever made but even I struggled to understand most of that
  18. When the waiter handed him the bread-roll did he drop it?
  19. That Marshy bellend has got a lot of sand in his Vag
  20. Come on then guys and gals, what are your picks to win us some dosh! I can't see past Brentford for the winner, but I am going to have a nibble on Swansea at 12/5 to beat Barnsley away in their first leg. League 1 I'm going for Blackpool, and League 2 Newport. CHAMPIONSHIP BRENTFORD 17/10 BOURNEMOUTH 9/4 BARNSLEY 7/2 SWANSEA 4/1 LEAGUE 1 SUNDERLAND 9/5 BLACKPOOL 5/2 OXFORD 9/4 LINCOLN 4/1 LEAGUE 2 MORECAMBE 12/5 NEWPORT 5/2 FOREST GREEN 11/4 TRANMERE 11/4
  21. Wow just wow! I like to think I'm good at judging people, maybe not always bang on, but more times right than wrong IMO. That interview tells me all I need to know about how much trouble we are in, and as we all know if we'd lost our first 4 games we'd be in League 1 next season. I've been looking at old press releases, old interviews, old Watford/Leicester forum threads, and a lot more over the last week or so, and we are in very good hands. Nige want's players that will run through brick walls for him for fun, players that want to play football because they love playing football, people that enjoy their job. To be good at football but not enjoy it never ever crossed my mind when I was younger, but there are players all over the world that have admitted that it's just a job to them, pick up the money, not worried about the fans, just want the easy money. Forget the results, forget why Nige can't motivate them, this appointment is a master stroke and if he's given some time, and financial backing, we could just get to the promised land.
  22. I was lucky, she left me for a lesbian who didn't mind a go on the old flute now and again.
  23. I'd do it at half time. Have a mini-bus waiting so they can all pile on.
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