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  1. Probably worth bearing in mind that only this summer we also hired a player that was convicted of assaulting a woman...
  2. What a vile **** he is... him and his wretched brother
  3. You must be the worst socialist ever. Thought you were all about helping all of society out, especially the most vulnerable? That's why I got the jab. I wasn't "scared" into it like you suggested. In fact I'd already had covid by the time I'd had the jab! I just wanted to protect the most vulnerable in society. You're clearly petrified of getting a bit of water, salt and sugar, and a few chemicals no worse than you'd find in processed food and a few beers, injected into your body. That's fine, but I will remember this next time you start preaching about social inequality and looking after the vulnerable... it's amazing how often people of your political persuasion don't practice what they preach, seen it time and time again.
  4. Vaccination is clearly part of the solution as it has been in medicine for decades already. Nothing is being "enforced" regarding anyone not taking the vaccine, it's the individual's choice. From speaking with a GP friend, the issue isn't "anti-vaxxers" or people unwilling to take the jab anyway. They make up such a tiny minority of the population that we will reach herd immunity without them. All I will say is, good job the majority have stepped up, otherwise we'd be in a permanent state of lockdowns and restrictions - and properly enforced ones too.
  5. Sorry, what? People have died within 28 days of having the vaccine. I think that's the statistic you are referring to, and the vaccine hasn't been the cause of death...
  6. Lovely service and afternoon on the beers celebrating Scoot's life. Rest In Peace Scooter
  7. Yep, all you need to do is scan the QR code and record your result as negative. This is part of the "world beating" track and trace system, don't forget.
  8. That's fine, and it's your opinion. You've had the vaccine yourself, so are clearly unbothered by it. As I said, we are in unprecedented times, so I'm afraid the defence of "oh it's not fair, it's my choice" doesn't really stack up at the moment. You want your life back as close to normal; then get the jab. If you don't want to take the jab then accept that whilst we are still understanding this deadly virus, you may have to take a back seat for now.
  9. Not like they're asking you at the turnstile whether you have the clap, is it. Though apparently at Rovers they will be asking for proof that you have already had it.
  10. Hey, it's a shit sandwich, but I'm afraid we've got to swallow our pride and eat it. We're in an unprecedented situation where for the time being you can't expect to turn down the opportunity of a perfectly safe vaccine and continue your life as normal, putting yourself and others at higher risk. If everyone had that mindset we'd be in perennial lockdowns, with many more freedoms restricted/lost. Regarding pharma, I'll be the first to criticise them, however they've done some decent stuff regarding coronavirus including giving up their IP rights so poorer countries can produce the vaccine. They've also come into their own in terms of the ability to mass produce a vaccine.
  11. Anyone that has previously said they don't want the jab will have a sudden change of heart once they realise they won't be able to attend gigs/concerts, sporting events, late bars/nightclubs etc
  12. Were you watching a re-run of the Italy v Turkey game?
  13. When you look at who in the squad had prior penalty-taking experience and their conversion record, the five takers selected looks pretty sound judgement. Sterling's penalty record is rubbish (he's missed more than he's scored) and I think Grealish had only taken one previously (five years ago in a youth game!!). You surely have to assume that when they practiced penalties in training over the past two weeks, the coaches were keeping record of who was converting the most and of course they have psychological appraisals of all the players so know which ones are mentally robust enough to take one under pressure. Rashford's penalty record is excellent - 15 out of 17 scored - yet he misses by a few inches. Sometimes you just can't legislate for that. And managers have brought players on late in games before specifically to take penalties. Rashford scores, we win, and there would be nil criticism.
  14. He switched to a back 4 right after they scored when he brought Saka on for Trippier - an attacking substitution. He than brought on Henderson for Rice, the former a far more likely potential goalscorer than the latter. So he didn't sit there and do nothing, he made positive changes to try and effect the game. But it seems we have a few on here that are from the Dean Holden school of management, where the answer to how to win a game you are struggling in is easy - throw on all your attacking players. Doesn't quite work like that and the Italians may well have picked us off and won the game inside 90 minutes. And how he would've been slaughtered if that had of happened. Personally, I just think the Italians were slightly better than us. More experience, more nous, and an air of invincibility about them - 34 games unbeaten is a remarkable achievement. I picked them before the tournament to win and so it proved. Think they'd have beaten anyone on Sunday night to be honest.
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