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  1. Bears really impressive second half. Will be seeded for the draw for the first knock out game which means we face one of the teams placed 5-8th in pool A. Currently, could be one of Exeter, Glasgow, Sale or Clermont. Home and away fixture in April.
  2. Went last night! Very good, as always.
  3. Definitely elements of Fargo. If you liked The Tourist then highly recommend seasons 1-3 of Fargo. About as good as crime drama gets.
  4. FWIW, I have heard the same with Decimo re: style over substance. The one I really want to get to is Sabor.
  5. Yep, would agree with the reviewer that mentions an overuse of soy on the dishes too! The reason for the change is that Casamia owner Pete Sanchez has opened a new restaurant in London and so he now has Zak Hitchman running Casamia. Zak (who comes round and speaks to each table) used to work at Michelin-starred Ynyshir in Wales, and that's where Casamia takes its influence from. I suppose for context on price. Dinner only at Ynyshir is £300, nearly double the price of Casamia! Ynyshir - Michelin Star Restaurant Wales, Restaurant and Rooms
  6. It was like the writers didn't know when to end it. It felt like the final episode had about four endings and they didn't know which one to use, so they just threw them all in and hoped for the best! Interesting apparently Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, went to Wraxhall school) was supposed to play the Aussie cop but had to pull out a week before filming started.
  7. I think the price point is just all wrong. They should have started it off at a much lower price and built up a reputation from there. Because it is so different I'd still recommend it as an experience; and to try the food. However, I'd be much more proactive in recommending it if it was half the price, so say £90 pp for a tasting menu.
  8. Little mention for Pizza on the Park at the top of Park St. It's where Pizza Express used to be and is now run by the owners of Racks. Really good venue with nice big tables and fussball. The pizzas are really good, as are the starters/light bites like aranchini balls, fritto misto etc. All tasty and presented really well. A notch up from Pizza Express for sure. Some really good offers on in the week too, including 241 pizzas Mon-Fri I believe. https://pizzaonthepark.com/ Realised I never did my Casamia review from last August. Suffice to say I was not overly impressed, not helped by being served a fair bit of smoky flavoured food, which I am not a huge fan of. Stepped over the line of being a bit pretentious and style over substance for me. For £300+ you expect to be blown away and I can't say I was, though there were some outstanding, memorable dishes. Even the venue was a little underwhelming. I did the wine flight, but get this, they sell cans of Heller Pils etc in there for.... £13 each! Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!!
  9. No problem with the drinks, but how on earth did the vid get leaked?
  10. Thought it was good. Nice blend of humour and drama. The last two episodes were a bit all over the place though, particularly the penultimate episode where things get weird. As with pretty much all series' these days, it is of course nicely set up for season 2...
  11. Historically Everton are "bigger". They've won the league nine times and FA Cup five times versus West Ham's three FA Cup wins. We actually have a higher "best ever" league finish than West Ham - runners-up. They've never finished in the top two. However, West Ham have the third highest average crowd in English football these days (behind only Man U and Arsenal), are in Europe, and are currently in the top four. I'm struggling to see why Moyes would want to leave that for Everton right now, whose last trophy success was in 1995.
  12. They still could have qualified if they'd won last night, in fact they still can qualify. I think it's more that they just aren't very good and weren't up for it. They're currently 10th in the Top 14 this season.
  13. Ah yes I see now. First leg is weekend 8/9/10 April and second leg 15/16/17 April. Then the QF, SF and Final all in May
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