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  1. Didn't his goal against us hit both posts too?
  2. Seven away from a seasons worth, but when you put it like that it is unbelievable
  3. Lack of a home win is incredibly frustrating but Pearson has had to cut the wage budget since last seasons shambles and only been able to bring in four players. We were basically the worst team in the league for the second half of last season and now we're 11th with quarter of the season gone. Clear, steady, progress.
  4. Yeah Kyle Tooze mate. Reminded me a bit of Tomlin. Strong as an ox and skillful but inconsistent and not a massive team player. Still won the first pen and get an assist I think Good to watch
  5. Not even a bonus point today. Worst ppg in the league. 1 win and 4 defeats. It's starting to look a little concerning to say the least.
  6. How come Parker is so far up Furys ass? Goes to his fight, goes partying with him after, now got a Fury tee on... is he that far away from a title shot? Clearly they ain't ever gonna fight. Strange from Parker tho imo, maybe he just knows his level
  7. Think I read earlier that if you put a tenner on the three favourites top of the bill to win then you'd have a profit of 16p.
  8. Narrator: "Yes, you heard right. An actual fully grown boxer just game out to 'I just can't wait to be king' from The Lion King"
  9. She'd have beaten Eubank's opponent I reckon Some brutal shots there. Very good.
  10. Adam Smith: "a fabulous night of boxing". Narrator: "It was an instantly forgettable night of boxing".
  11. Evening matey. Even the missus, who's well into her boxing, is pining for Gordon, Gino and Fred right now...
  12. Hahahahahahaha The people of Newcastle really have demonstrated themselves to be useful idiots of late. First they bend over and accept themselves as Saudi propagandists. And second they actually pay money for this card. Priceless.
  13. I was there today, decent little game. Lashenko in the dugout and applauded by BMF fans at the end who also sang "no-one likes us, we are Manor Farm, from The Creek"! Pen decisions seemed fair though the ref was a bit card happy. 2 and 11 did have a proper row early doors, but the highlight was no. 11 getting told off by his missus for abusing the ref, literally never seen that before
  14. We'll comfortably stay up. Bournemouth are way above us though. They should win the league. Nige is well-known for liking pace in his teams. He has pretty much none to work with in this current team. I'm excited to see what a Pearson team looks like in 12-18 months. Very different to the current one I bet.
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