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  1. It's like 1982 all over again.....
  2. True, but there may be some that are not asking them to take the type of wage cuts that we are proposing. We did an excellent job with Weimann last year, on his contract. Not sure a number of those that we want to keep won't get better offers. Time to get creative......
  3. Just going through the list of players that are either entering their last year, or we have 1 year options on (not a particularly great negotiating position) at the end of the current season. .When you consider the amount of players going into their last year of contract next season, it certainly is something that the press haven't picked up on. In essence we are either negotiating or selling Kalas, MOL, Cundy, Massengo, Semenyeo, Bentley, Martin, Wells, KP, JD, Vyner, Moore, and COD amongst others I've missed of course (Bakinson , Baker ). I know there are a few option years in that list. But we still need them really to commit to us beyond that option year or they walk for next to nothing. It's not like last summer, when the list of departures almost wrote themselves. There are key players here, that we will need to build the team around; at a time where FFP (in it's current form) might be hitting us hardest. The players we don't want are not going to be easy to shift either, as their contracts are at a level not consistent with either the current market or their level of performance. I don't envy Richard Gould this summer. It's going to be a difficult job balancing the demands of the players, with the necessity to no doubt still cut back even further from our current position. we're not alone in this of course. But any new signings would have to be factored in with new contracts for the list above. Even the players leaving in the summer at the end of their contracts will be getting some form of loyalty bonuses; and players going into the last year of their contracts are normally paid at their highest rate. That's probably why the wage bill still managed to go up last season? Tough times ahead....
  4. I had to laugh as Martin outpaced him.. Demonstrates exactly what i said on the podcast @Davefevs. We are in a mini type league at the bottom, and unlike last season appear to be competitive against the teams below us. Not sure about our next 3 games points wise. But our home form has come at the right time to just keep us being sucked into anything too disastrous.
  5. We must be trying to sort out some parting of the ways with Simpson? Hopefully with that and Bakinson, Jannah, and Pearson possibly 8-10k off the wage bill, and a new defender or two. Not sure of the concept on a 2 year contract for klose (source Gregor). I wouldn't be looking for anything more than end of the season.
  6. I agree with you @GrahamC over his application, and his workrate; but he's definitely not a right sided defender is he? Hates using his right foot, and mishit it a number of times. Similarly ran alongside the attacker a number of times, where it was evident he didn't want to put his right foot in. As you quite rightly point out though. Didn't stop working, and what over options do we have in that position? We'd need to take Scott out ofnthe centre, where he is far more effective.
  7. I still think COD flatters to deceive a bit. Again yesterday he got himself into good positions but the delivery was either poor, or he cut back on himself; rather than driving forward; and taking on the set of poor cardiff defenders. I think Semenyeo got more assists in one match than COD had got all season? Says it all really.
  8. Nov 25th 1977 - in a 4-1 win over Middlesborough. My first ever City game. I think we finished 17th that season (77-78), which was a good result after the previous season.
  9. Not a particularly high bar set by Palmer though is it.
  10. Did we let him leave though? I thought it was one of those last year of contacts (possible on an option year). He wanted to go, and wasn't signing a new contract so we cashed in on the offer from France. Lets be clear though, if we exercised COD's option, there is no £2m+ offer from any club waiting in the background.
  11. Ha ha, got you @Davefevs. Apologies, that makes a lot more sense. Another Murder up in Glos, so missed the game yesterday. Just seen the report from @Olé I did start this topic thinking there might still be some support for COD. But it looks like that proverbial horse has bolted!
  12. Wouldn't argue with any of that second post @Davefevs However in your first post on the topic, you advocated taking up his option year. Would that not mean a further year on his current wages? Not quite sure of your position on this, as you've made your point well in your second post that there are probably better options out there next season for his circa 12-15k?
  13. I'm intrigued though @Davefevs what do you feel COD brings to the team? I'm guessing wages wise he would be in the circa 15k bracket? As a legacy of our old free spending days, and of course generally the last year of contract is the highest one, particulary with loyalty bonuses etc.
  14. Of all the players that City have to make a contract decision about this summer, surely COD is the most intriguing. He's been at the club 6 years now, and yet of coursr he still remains as infuriating as ever. At times he has shown us what he is capable of. The goal against Norwich a few seasons ago. The third goal away at Birmingham last season. The first half against Blackburn this season, and of course the first 20-25 against QPR recently. You look at the player, his pace; and potential crossing ability; and you wonder just why he can't do it on a more regular basis? We don't really have a player in the squad at the moment on the left that can replicate what he "potentially" can do; and thus he is still given the game time to once again fail to perform. When you see the amount of caps that he has for ROI under different managers; you can see that he is still held in some regard in the game; and yet when his last contract was nearing the end, there was no-one there of course willing to make us an offer. Any yet of course, the stats bear out the true story. For all his show, his actual impact on results over the course of the season is at best minimal. Generally 1-2 goals, and a couple of assists. Jesus, even Bakinson looks a world beater based on that! Defensively for me he's always looked a bit of a liability, pariculary in the air (for example Fulham, QPR, Barnsley away last season, there will be others of course). So the real question is, do we take up the option (on same wages of course), try to renegotiateon a new contract, or walk away? For me, i think it's time to walk away. He's not shown himself to be the creative player we need; and certainly not one to take us higher up the league next season (hopefully). Like a say Paterson, he may flourish elsewhere; and that is a chance of course you take with these sort of players. But i think he's had more than enough time now to demonstrate to us that he is part of our future; and hasn't convinced me i'm afraid.
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