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  1. I love the stop, and stick your arse out to get the free kick move. Watched that all through last season, and now on the International stage. I guarantee he will be in the top 3 most fouled players in the tournament stats on that basis.
  2. Scarlett has been exceptionally poor in this game. Jephson would have been a much better substitution later into the second half. If it goes to pens, Scarlett looks like one to miss.
  3. Wife just about to give birth apparently, so not at the training camp.
  4. Doing anything these days is expensive. 4 tickets for a show at Hippodrome in Sept(no such things as child tickets), Upper circle so not the most expensive. Still with fees, £315. My eldest going on a night out in Bristol easily spending £150 per night if it involves a nightclub. Life is just expensive now unfortunately. As for the miscalculation of attendance. It's based on tickets sold, not how many actually turn up. The crowd against Sunderland will still look relatively empty in the home ends as ST's will be on holiday. They will still count to the attendance however.
  5. Apart from the fact they said "Not known for his heading". I think he's pretty decent in the air actually, particularly from a standing jump. A bit like Joe Bryan of old.
  6. Isn't it the case though, that an Agent can't act for the player , and the club? A bit of a conflict of interest. Plus an agent paying the wages of players that he doesn't represent? That's a minefield of probable rule breaking. No wonder the EFL are looking into it all. Derby just can't bring themselves to do the right thing at anytime can they? Their reputation as a club is in tatters now with the authorities.
  7. Wayne Rooney's agent Paul Stretford agent settles with 16 players over ‘secret payments’ | Daily Mail Online I know it's desperate times for Derby, but reading his wikipedia page, is this really the man you want involved in your club? Paul Stretford - Wikipedia
  8. I think it's just a 1 year contract. @GrahamC outlined to me, that it wasn't the easiest negotiation to get over the line, for a multitude of reasons.
  9. Loved Agostino, he would have been at the forefront of our attack for a number of seasons. Strange move in a way to German football, and that he never came back to a club in this country. He had all the attributes to play at a much higher level in this country after all.
  10. Glad to see he's there. Looks a real prospect, in the under 23s but we've only got him on a 1 year deal. Hopefully he can prove his worth over the next few months, and we can extend it further.
  11. Maybe Bakinson is injured Reg?
  12. Let the injury conspiracy theories start....... Let's start the season with just the "W"
  13. Kasey Palmer, without a shadow of a doubt. £6.5m (fee + wages) after a very avearge loan spell. In a position that we didn't need another player in (Paterson & new signing Symodics there already). 25 games played in his time here, awful just awful. Engvall was also appalling, but on completely different financial spectrum; and of course we got a larger fee back (probably) for Engvall than we did for Palmer as well.
  14. Was going to say the manager obviously likes, and rates him. Has rotated a lot of players over the three games. But Scott will probably come out as one of the highest in terms of minutes on the pitch.
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