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  1. Indeed it will be a treated as a victimless prosecution. As she has decided not to support the investigation by supplying a victim statement. However the circumstances around the incident, and how the emergency services came to be at the address; allow for these prosecutions to take place. It's there to protect vulnerable, intimidated victims that form the majority of DA victims.
  2. The correct offence is one of Battery. Ultimately she has injuries, and this will be a case based no doubt, on the 999 call to emergency services; and the accounts of the ambulance and Police officers when they turned up. Backed up bybthe Body worn video they wear. The fact that he was bailed, and subsequently charged means that the CPS by their own guidelines consider this is a case of a "realistic prospect of a conviction". Given his previous convictions, which will form a part of a bad character application with the details of those offences read out in court. I find it highly likely that JB will in fact be found guilty. The real question is why is he out on bail at present? He is currently on Crown Court bail for the other trial matter. That is under a surety that he won't commit other offences (thus removing the need for a remand in prison awaiting trial). It will be interesting what position the Judge takes tomorrow.
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/15682876/football-manager-joey-barton-charged-attacking-wife/ I don't think they would publish this, without it being his wife.
  4. Technically he committed this offence whilst on Crown Court bail for the other Stendal assault. The jufge could refuse to give him bail again. Looking at the Sun article i think, like Simpsons DA case; its going to be a victimless prosecution(ie she won't support). However she has injuries, and no doubt the 999 call, plus bodyworn footage from the attending officers will be damning. He has so much bad character against him now. But the nature of this offence is a step too far...
  5. He has previous assault convictions, and has had prison sentences. On that basis, any sentencing judge in either case would be hard pressed; not to give him another custodial sentence for either offence. Domestic violence is quite rightly not accepted nowadays, and the Giggs situation shows what the club really should do in this situation (suspension or gardening leave pending the trial). However the Gas have know about this since the 2nd June; and of course employed him in the first instance when he had a court case outstanding against him. In my eyes they are morally redundant here. Unfortunately, the Gas have so much invested in the "Barton Project", that i think they're blinded as to how bad this man is for their club. At least with our Simpson situation, it was years ago, and the matter had been dealt with. Assaulting your partner, may well be the final straw for him though. Plenty of parties/Sponsors/Fans won't tolerate that.
  6. Ultimately NP knows that we can't start the season, like we finished the last one. We need to hit the ground running, and build up momentum. To do that, i think he's going to have to be hard on the players. Apart from Atkinson, James, and King. This is the same group that let us down spectacularly from late Feb onwards. James and King will know about his standards, so they won't be surprised. As for the others; i think there's going to be a few more casualties before the end of next month. NP has to break the culture that set in, and mould this group's mentality. We're still waiting of course for Kalas and Nagy to come back, plus Wells from the Concaf. A few injuries as well, with Cundy, Williams, and Semenyeo feeling their way into the pre-season. Next season is not going to be pretty, but NP knows that to stay in this division now; we need evrryone to pull together or ship out.
  7. https://www.efl.com/-more/governance/embargoes A fairly lengthy list for Swindon & for Derby.
  8. Just you. Mine was taken on the 1st July for my three cards.
  9. Hopefully not too late today, or it may be overshadowed by other events.
  10. So no management team in place. No players, and now no pre season training. Reminds me of Blackpool a few seasons ago.
  11. This transfer window has definitely got the feel of one that means the team that starts on the 7th Aug, may well look very different to the one at end of the month. However much managers want players in early doors, teams will be holding onto contracted players for as long as possible. European teams will also be looking to do their business late in the window, with a lot of players arriving back late after the Euros. If Nagy and Kalas are to move, it's going to be late doors; and any money that comes to us from those deals will be spent at the end of the window. Maybe the budget at present is all going on the Centre back, and a Striker purchase will have to wait until the end of August?
  12. Just had a flashback of Keith Welch away at West Brom, in the 90's
  13. I agree @Davefevs. NP needed two right backs, and has worked around that with the Simpson deal, and Vyner probably moving there. Likewise with centre backs, we need two left footed ones. Finances being what they are, and Baker being un-able to get a another deal elsewhere; it makes sense to explore whether something can be done that will suit both parties. Moore, and Cundy being the right footed CBs. Britton's goal against Brentford showed how we have been missing an aggressive dominant Centre Back all season; at set pieces and defensively. Maybe Rennie thinks he can/and will continue to keep Baker fit. Finances are obviously extremely tight; and maybe if we need to give a bit more to the Atkinson/Another defender to get that over the line, then the purchase of another potentially unproven defender, is a step too far cost wise. My only concern is the effect Baker signing will have on Kalas. That relationship has badly broken down by all accounts; and thus maybe it's all a precursor to Kalas leaving after the Euros? Baker apparently moved up north (they used to live close to each other) demonstrating that he obviously felt he was off back up to Brum land. Maybe things haven't panned out for him? We always said there would be compromises this summer, and some decisions that fans will be puzzled/disappointed with.
  14. If kalas keeps playing the way he is, I've no doubt that his agent will be trying to get him signed by a club in the top division somewhere in Europe. He won't want to waste another year on a relegation battle in the Championship. His profile will never be higher.
  15. I can't quite get his strategy on this. He says he knows how to get out of L2, and that you need a certain type of player. He'then basically bought a load of ex-fleetwood town players to the party. As well as bit part L2 cast offs. Rather than players that have had been there, and done well in that division. Every year the Gas are just changing over large amounts of frankly awful players. There seems to be no consistency to their approach, and they are obviously hoping that one of them turns into the next JCH. With the market the way it is. Decent players are holding out on numerous offers from other clubs; and will then make a decision. Rovers just appear desperate at the moment, and are probably over paying to get these players in early doors. I bet some of them can't believe the contracts they've been offered. It's all got the feeling of another impending car crash on the horizion there.
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