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  1. I had to laugh as Martin outpaced him.. Demonstrates exactly what i said on the podcast @Davefevs. We are in a mini type league at the bottom, and unlike last season appear to be competitive against the teams below us. Not sure about our next 3 games points wise. But our home form has come at the right time to just keep us being sucked into anything too disastrous.
  2. We must be trying to sort out some parting of the ways with Simpson? Hopefully with that and Bakinson, Jannah, and Pearson possibly 8-10k off the wage bill, and a new defender or two. Not sure of the concept on a 2 year contract for klose (source Gregor). I wouldn't be looking for anything more than end of the season.
  3. I agree with you @GrahamC over his application, and his workrate; but he's definitely not a right sided defender is he? Hates using his right foot, and mishit it a number of times. Similarly ran alongside the attacker a number of times, where it was evident he didn't want to put his right foot in. As you quite rightly point out though. Didn't stop working, and what over options do we have in that position? We'd need to take Scott out ofnthe centre, where he is far more effective.
  4. I still think COD flatters to deceive a bit. Again yesterday he got himself into good positions but the delivery was either poor, or he cut back on himself; rather than driving forward; and taking on the set of poor cardiff defenders. I think Semenyeo got more assists in one match than COD had got all season? Says it all really.
  5. Nov 25th 1977 - in a 4-1 win over Middlesborough. My first ever City game. I think we finished 17th that season (77-78), which was a good result after the previous season.
  6. Not a particularly high bar set by Palmer though is it.
  7. Did we let him leave though? I thought it was one of those last year of contacts (possible on an option year). He wanted to go, and wasn't signing a new contract so we cashed in on the offer from France. Lets be clear though, if we exercised COD's option, there is no £2m+ offer from any club waiting in the background.
  8. Ha ha, got you @Davefevs. Apologies, that makes a lot more sense. Another Murder up in Glos, so missed the game yesterday. Just seen the report from @Olé I did start this topic thinking there might still be some support for COD. But it looks like that proverbial horse has bolted!
  9. Wouldn't argue with any of that second post @Davefevs However in your first post on the topic, you advocated taking up his option year. Would that not mean a further year on his current wages? Not quite sure of your position on this, as you've made your point well in your second post that there are probably better options out there next season for his circa 12-15k?
  10. I'm intrigued though @Davefevs what do you feel COD brings to the team? I'm guessing wages wise he would be in the circa 15k bracket? As a legacy of our old free spending days, and of course generally the last year of contract is the highest one, particulary with loyalty bonuses etc.
  11. Of all the players that City have to make a contract decision about this summer, surely COD is the most intriguing. He's been at the club 6 years now, and yet of coursr he still remains as infuriating as ever. At times he has shown us what he is capable of. The goal against Norwich a few seasons ago. The third goal away at Birmingham last season. The first half against Blackburn this season, and of course the first 20-25 against QPR recently. You look at the player, his pace; and potential crossing ability; and you wonder just why he can't do it on a more regular basis? We don't really have a player in the squad at the moment on the left that can replicate what he "potentially" can do; and thus he is still given the game time to once again fail to perform. When you see the amount of caps that he has for ROI under different managers; you can see that he is still held in some regard in the game; and yet when his last contract was nearing the end, there was no-one there of course willing to make us an offer. Any yet of course, the stats bear out the true story. For all his show, his actual impact on results over the course of the season is at best minimal. Generally 1-2 goals, and a couple of assists. Jesus, even Bakinson looks a world beater based on that! Defensively for me he's always looked a bit of a liability, pariculary in the air (for example Fulham, QPR, Barnsley away last season, there will be others of course). So the real question is, do we take up the option (on same wages of course), try to renegotiateon a new contract, or walk away? For me, i think it's time to walk away. He's not shown himself to be the creative player we need; and certainly not one to take us higher up the league next season (hopefully). Like a say Paterson, he may flourish elsewhere; and that is a chance of course you take with these sort of players. But i think he's had more than enough time now to demonstrate to us that he is part of our future; and hasn't convinced me i'm afraid.
  12. Well I think we can rule Jon out Unless it's a strip design competition he was also talking to him about.
  13. Hmm.. How many Board Members do we actually have? Given that the person that has apparently "Spoken to our Board Member" last night.; but waited until the RG interview has come out to post all about his meeting with the "Board Member"; it seems somewhat coincidental that every detail of that meeting seems to be identical to comments made by RG in his interview. Yep, seems legit.....
  14. I wonder if someone got a bonus for turning over the first profit in 20 years ?. I think it was about £10m, so this fee is the difference between a loss or profit for that set of results of course
  15. Gould strikes me as a CEO who is going to be pushed to the front by a number of clubs to collectively argue on their behalf alongside City. He is articulate, thoughtful; and comes across as a man with experience who perhaps the EFL will feel they can negotiate with? Some of the CEO's at other clubs come across as either second hand car dealers, or nothing more than nepotistic appointments by Foreign owners.
  16. Slightly taken out of context on a hypothetical situation there Gregor. But heh ho, lets get those clickbait headlines going.
  17. David, As per my earlier post, I don't think City are in a terrible position compared to a number of Championship clubs. The 2019 results push the problem 12 months into the future, and hopefully by then the EFL will have come to their senses over 20-21, and future application of some sort of Salary Cap. There will be a number of clubs that for this season here and now, have breached the FFP, as they don't have a 2019 season to include in their figures. Those clubs will be of more immediate concern to the EFL in my view. Big decisions to be made of course this Summer around all of the OOC's, Optional years, and players going into their last year of contract of course. We could be looking at a vastly different team in August 2022 to the one that finishes this season.
  18. I don't see us as being alone in the FFP situation of course. We are the only club in the Championship to have released 2021 accounts, and I reckon a number of clubs results will be worse than ours. With the 2019 results keeping us within guidelines for this season, there will be Championship clubs that don't have that luxury, and will fail the FFP for this season, and will of course be of more immediate concern for the EFL. Moving forward the situation has to change of course. How can the Championship, L1 & L2 have different systems? And of course, how competitive can the Championship be under FFP with the PPs that a number of clubs are getting for 3 years. It's all getting a bit farcical now. I can see a situation where the EFL when confronted by the 20/21 figures, just concede that the clubs shouldn't be penalised due to "Act of God"; and are given a free pass. The system then has to change to some form of Salary cap for all three leagues that is consistent across the board. They then have to figure out how to strip out these PP's out of the Salary Cap situation, to allow the Championship once again to be a competitive division. Not going to be an easy one for them to manage, that's for sure.
  19. Just heard that so far City have sold only 3900 tickets, with Fulham just under 400. I think it's fair to say that City has got this badly wrong.I know of loads of fellow ST'S that like me aren't going. Adult tickets around the £10-12 mark would have at least guaranteed a crowd of around 15k, and the subsequent takings in the concourse. I really hoped the days of poor decisions like this were behind us. This is a reminder that we still have some way to go.
  20. Yep, strange pricing structure by the club, on the basis of the amount of home games in the last few weeks; and of course the expense of Christmas No doubt our Chairman will be on the club site at some stage to justify it all
  21. I wonder if Towler hadn't got a yellow card, whether Pearson would have been as quick to make the change at Half time? Ultimately the Championship is an unforgiving league, and young players will make mistakes. The only way they are going to learn, and improve though is being given the opportunities. It's a hugely difficult balancing act in Championship, where the margins between victory and defeat are so narrow. Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't. But I applaud NP for at least giving young players the opportunities. The endless days of sending out young players on loan, and holding on to them until they're 23 or 24 are hopefully over. If the coach thinks they're good enough, and they show the right application in training; then give them the chance. That's all young players want at the end of the day, the opportunity to be a part of the team. What is the incentive for them to improve, if they feel that whatever they do, they won't be given a chance. As Pring as said, all those years on the fringes; not feeling part of the team. We now seem to have a feel of a first team squad, and if you're "Not of the bus"; then you're gone. My eldest son is now 16. Although he's still playing Junior football. He's now playing in Senior men's in the Somerset District League as well. He's a centre back; and although 6ft 2, the physicality; and speed of the game will take him some time to adjust. He will make mistakes, and he'll have to learn from them; and hopefully come back wiser, and stronger. I'm sure Towler will get the necessary advice based on his performance on Sunday, and hopefully come back stronger for it.
  22. In some ways, this evolution feels akin to Terry Cooper's in 82-83. Financial pressures, and experienced players leaving the club; have forced the introduction over the last 12 months of young players into the starting 11. The championship is an unforgiving league, where there are small margins in 75% of the games (1 goal difference). It's hardly the best place to blood youngsters, and give them the necessary experience, which will come coupled with making mistakes; and hopefully learning from them. As NP says "We know where we are as a club". The club as a whole is undergoing a massive evolution (Millions being shaved of Operating Costs, and hundreds of employees being let go from all departments). Whether that would have happened so quickly without Covid, we don't know. But it probably needed to happen a lot earlier than it did. Unlike the 82-83 side, we are in the second division of the country; and having to deal with a massive unfair playing disadvantage forced upon us by FFP, and Parachute payments. Supporter's expectations after the perceived highs of 2017/18 are still probably a little bit too high. But unlike 2013, we're not at the bottom of the league, and in some ways are performing above expectation. I realise the team's actual performances have been poor on occasion. But where would we be as a club without the 6 x 90+ min goals against us. We are certainly not the basket case of a team now that we were in the latter part of the 20-21 season. The 3 year timescale that NP talks about, is not necessarily one based on "Give me time to sort out this mess". It's more based on the fact that all of the highest paid players at the club's contracts finish in Summer 2023 (Hence the 3 years). At that time, the manager in charge will have a lot more scope to completely rejig the squad, and be free of all of the financial constraints that are currently haunting us. The club as a whole, from a financial point of view would be better off in L1, without the financial limitations. But you only have to look at some of the clubs in L1 now, to see how competitive a league that is. There are no guarantees that if we are relegated, that we would be able to get back into the Championship for a number of years. The gulf now between L1 to Championship looks huge from a playing standpoint (Hull, Peterborough smashed that league last year). It's been a horrible 12 months supporting this club, with very few high points. But at least now, I can see a sense of purpose, and direction. We're a very average Championship as per NP's comments. We will win some, and lose some; and on occasion put in a dreadful performance. But to change Manager now would cause the club to lose sight once again of the end goal. Which is by the end of the 22/23 season, to be a better team on the pitch, with a better run club beind it providing the impetuous to finally after 40+ years to get into the PL. Now once again, deep breaths; and strap ourselves in for the second half of the season; and the fallout that will come with our next loss.
  23. He's a strange keeper isn't he? Always seems to be of the verge of some calamity or something. But obviously does some things right, as has played pretty much every game for Millwall in the last 3 seasons; as well as about 200 appearances for Ipswich before then as well. Not a player that I've ever looked at, and thought "I wish he played for us"
  24. Yep, not looking for a conspiracy on this; but when he comes on at the moment, his body language looks like someone shorn of confidence. Physically for me, he still loses far too many battles; and seems to be bullied on the field. There is a player there though, and one that can hopefully still develop. Tough ask to be playing Championship in a struggling team after playing league football for only 2 years. It's a massive step up from L1. You only have to see how Hull, and Peterborough have struggled this season, after smashing it in L1 last year.
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