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  1. How are you all watching it? All I've seen so far is the awful highlights show on the BBC in the evening. There's way too much chat and not nearly enough action. Even the reliably inoffensive Clare Balding looks awkward. Seems a real shame you have to pay to watch the Olympics live. They call this progress, I guess.
  2. Just trying to remember who else we've got left! Not Han-Noah I guess, he's a grafter
  3. Are you looking at me, kid?
  4. He's eloquent enough. Media appearances are only a small part of his job. The only time he gets lost for words is at 4.20 when explaining why recruitment is his biggest priority. He starts of saying "Having , er, having er, having ......." but then can't think of how to go on. I reckon he was about to say "Having had to clear out a lot of dead wood", but must have wisely decided that it would be undiplomatic to slag off previous regimes, so he stumbles a bit before settling on " er um er um ... a lot of players have moved on.." He's clearly excited to be in the job, has a clear vision of what a successful club looks like and knows his job is to build a team ethos. Fair play.
  5. I agree - the football chanting is driving me nuts just watching on TV. Idiots signing "Jimmy Jimmy Anderson" when Wood is bowling. Or "Football's coming home" every 10 minutes.
  6. I've just read this interesting article in the Gruaniad about Levy's history of using his total power to make poor footballing decisions and the impact that has had on Spurs over the last 20 years. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2021/jun/08/daniel-levy-the-common-denominator-in-tottenhams-endless-managerial-farce "Even the much-maligned Ed Woodward at Manchester United has to face the shareholders every few months. Levy, by contrast, operates a small circle of loyal nodding dogs, " Impossible not to compare our situation - fancy new stadium, commercial success but long term footballing underachievement . Sacking Pochettino was insane though, and I don't think Stevie would have done that. And of course, our dear leader has also now seen the light, made a serious footballing appointment and our future is bright. But it's taken a while!
  7. @cidered abroad Haha! Can't imagine the prima donna's of today travelling on public transport. I remember John Galley came to my mate's 10th birthday party. I think I still got his autograph somewhere .
  8. Sounds right - thanks. It was the beginning of a very good decade for the club. We were lucky!
  9. Tragic story about the little boy drowning. My first game must have been a few years after this and I've been trying to work out what year it was. From this team ,although all the names are familiar to me, only Gibson, Parr, Wimshurst and Galley were regulars by the time my big brother would take me regularly. I see Chris Garland was on the bench here. He was the star by the time I started going. I remember him being picked for England U21's but can't remember the year that was.
  10. HIs long time involvement with the American owner of his new employer Ipswich Town, and the recruitment of BCFC staff while still employed by us will also be interesting for the Lansdowns to ponder
  11. Extraordinary. Don't know whether to be delighted that Ashton is taking his useless recruits with him or outraged that he's been allowed to. Imagine how we'd be feeling if any of these Ipswich exiles were any good!
  12. Hilarious! Mark Ashton managed to extend planning permission for the training ground. What a miracle worker! . Where would we be without him!
  13. I thought his name was Chris Crowe? but I was only 6 at the time!
  14. I hope someone's got the time to have a look at the Ipswich forums to see if their fans have clocked what kind of a package they've signed up for!
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