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  1. That's a classic story. I can't recall whether I've ever mentioned it on here, but as a bet, someone I know allegedly spent a season 2000/01, as a reporter for Calcio Italia magazine comparing Serie B and our 2nd tier. Spent most matches at the back of the Williams in the press overflow. Picked up free access tickets on matchday from the old ticket kiosk. They never asked for Press Acreditation back then. Got access to interview manager and old players bar after games too :laugh:. Lee Peacock was the biggest piss head. But much fun. Learnt how to do actual reports. One was even used, as the reporter, from memory The Telegraph, turned up late for an evening game against Millwall. He used the report for print next day :laugh: 4 sent off, 2-1 win. Maddest season. All for a bet. There are two pages about it in the Club Supporters memories book released a few years back. Mental...no one ever questioned it. Couldn't do it these days.
  2. Over the past few seasons, comparing the XG between Brentford and us was interesting. It showed we were batting above our average so to speak, and that Brentford were under achieving. Compare the stats to what you saw with your own eyes, it was obvious Brentford were in an upward spiral and that we were in a massive downturn, even though tables didn't show it. It eventually caught up last season. The trends continued. XG isn't perfect, but it does give you an insight to which way a club is progressing.
  3. I think you were in the minority. Many said they enjoyed SoDs interviews and comments early doors...then it just got silly as we know. NP is marmite. He grates on me in the way he responds to questions. Always comes across as a chore and like he's Mr Angry. I get the impression it's an act and away from football he's a big softy. The Professional side I guess...some people feel they have to act like the alpha male to get the response they want or impression given. That's how I see it. Others will disagree I'm sure.
  4. This has all the makings of another SoD scenario. Fans originally liked his in depth interviews, but when results weren't to fans liking, and pressure mounted, and ' stupid questions' came to the fore from the media...we all know what happened next. It'll be an interesting watch if we start off poorly...
  5. Same here...grew up wearing suits for work and after/before Golf and Football and other sports. It was normal to turn up to matches wearing a suit and afterwards having dinner with the opposition or just a few drinks. Imo...it shows respect. Plus when putting one on, it made you feel proud and have a little bit more energy. It was almost a ritual. People do treat you differently when you wear one I've found. I agree about suits that are poorly fitted. Let's face it...Boris would look a mess if he was fitted head to toe in Boss or Armani. He's just a bag of spanners. How any other nation takes him seriously god knows. The eccentric public school buffoon image isn't understood abroad...they just see him as a fat mess. It doesn't ask of any respect...or show respect. Still...I think it's good for any team to wear a suit to games before and afterwards. Chucking on a tracksuit just doesn't mean anything. It just gives off a too casual feeling and vibe.
  6. Worth googling positives of wearing a suit. Lots of studies have shown that putting on a suit makes you think differently and more powerful. Also people seeing you in a suit react differently and treat you differently. Personally I've found this to be true in life and in sport. Wearing comfy training wear, that's no different to the sloppy comfy clothes most wear when chilling, really doesn't present a manner of any difference to slouching on the couch watching TV...how does that motivate a mindset of preparing for something different and action?
  7. Exactly this...plus the pressure mounts even more if it's for England. We have history and expectation of losing them. I can't imagine the pressure those young players felt, with a whole nation depending on them. Thousands at the ground watching. I've experienced playing Competition Cup final golf tournaments, where your name is announced on the tee, with a few hundred watching. You can hear a pin drop, all eyes on you, just you. You literally turn to jelly, nothing can prepare you for it, apart from practice and making it mechanical. Your heart pumps, you sweat, you shake, you can hear your heart beat in your ears, and every move feels weak and less controllable. I can imagine it was a thousand times worse in front of a whole nation. The feeling must be so intense and unbearable.
  8. It's not until you live abroad that you realise how fantastic the NHS is. We do take it for granted. For me, it's the biggest positive this country has. We should fight tooth and nail to keep it functioning properly and fund it better through Government. It's the number one that we should be proud of.
  9. Probably...but I didn't know about a team named after us and the Gas.
  10. Was doing some research and stumbled on this...never knew they existed. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Football_Club I was actually trying to find out about River Plate AFC from 1911/12. My Great Grandfather played for them. I have a picture of him in squad with trophy from that year. I don't have a clue about them. Did Bristol have. AFC River Plate?
  11. I don't think any Government in this Country would do the correct thing. They are all as bad as one another. In it for themselves, and spending more time nit picking each others faults, instead of actually making sure people are being paid a fair wage. All of them full of empty promises and bullshit.
  12. I'd like to think any money given actually went into the pockets of the nurses on the front line...and not to the NHS itself. I'd be trying to send a clear message to the establishment that these people need a pay rise.
  13. I don't think Bakinson will make the grade as to what NP wants from his players. I don't think he's physically fit enough or has the mental aptitude to apply himself fully to the required standard. He comes across as really immature imo. Obviously has ability like Palmer...but both imo will struggle.
  14. No...it wasn't that sort of place. No TV...no WiFi. Purely at one with nature.
  15. Only in processed red meat. Red meat unprocessed, eaten in moderation, as part of a healthy balanced diet, is proven to have health benefits and neutral in health problems. As soon as man gets his mitts on it, and makes it processed, then it becomes a problem. Anything organic, that you can kill, pick or dig up will be good for us. Lot to be said for the caveman diet. Trying to find it is half the problem. World is just a toxic balloon. I remember a piece of heaven on earth at a remote beach on a remote Greek Island. An old couple had a 'taverna' on the beach. Land behind had fruit, nuts, veg, herbs, a few chickens, cow, donkey, sheep, goats. A well. Solar panels and small generator. A small boat for fishing. Totally self sufficient. You ate whatever had been caught, was in season from the small plot. Made a few £££s for other essentials. Imo...that's how we are meant to live. Not working our bollox off to buy food in supermarkets. Slightly off on a tangent...had a moment remembering normal times :laugh:
  16. I totally agree...I've never understood vegan or vegetarians wanting to eat something that looks like meat. I guess it depends on the reasons they choose to go meat free. I've personally found when eating out, that vegan/vegetarian meals tend to be better prepared with more care and more often than not tastier. Especially in this country. Unless you are paying prime prices, meat and fish dishes tend to be very bland. Of course there are exceptions...but in general it seems the case. In countries where veg, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, spices are natural and in abundance it's just a normal way of living. Healthy and tasty. We screwed up in the 70s when we started introducing pre made meals. It's gradually become the norm here. No wonder obesity and health issues are such a problem here.
  17. Everything cooked at FGR is Vegan. The Lasagne is Quorn. The chips are vegan. As a confirmed meat eater...the food at FGR for the ordinary fan, is by far the tastiest outside of hospitality that I've had at any ground. And tbh...better than many in hospitality including our own. The pie made of Quorn actually tastes more meatier than a meat pie...topped with mashed potatoes and crispy fried onions...lovely. It's a shame labels are put on such food intake. Much of the world's intake is plant, fruit, herb and spice based. India, middle East, Africa, Asia, Mediterranean. It's natural, tasty and healthy. Doesn't need a label.
  18. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. The conservative way we play is easy for the England players to do. It's very basic football, coached by nearly every team in its pattern of play. Like I said...it's ingrained, robotic and easy to do with these players, as it's methods used week in week out. I see very little creativity. It's the same old moves. Nullified by the opposition with the same moves. You can literally pre empt what's going to happen next. Southgate knows it's a safe option. My point...was more towards, whether a new manager like Bielsa, would have the time to coach his approach, which is radically different, to England players, to a standard that would be ingrained and successful. How much time do you need with limitations on England training sessions for it to become ingrained and successful? Months...years? Let's face it...the type of football we play is bulk standard basic. You don't need a coach...these players can do this with their eyes shut, it's that basic and ingrained. Something needs to change. It's way too predictable.
  19. Quoting myself here...but it crossed my mind...would it be possible and achievable to introduce a manager who could radically shake up the way we play as 'safe ol' England'? Imagine someone like Bielsa in charge...playing 3331... Would a manager have time on the International scene to implement a philosophy different to how we play so predictably now?
  20. Sako and Grealish were a joy to watch yesterday. So refreshing. Football has become so robotic. It's like watching chess. Certain movements are made everytime. Each nullifying the other. Team A makes a pass or move, and Team B makes the move the nullify it It's so ingrained into the players that they don't even think for themselves anymore. You can see that they know what moves and passes to make that won't be a risk. Back and forth, sideways and sideways. It's soooooo ingrained...now played at almost walking pace. How many times do you see the likes of Walker get wide, have the opportunity to pass forward, but won't risk it, turn back, and pass sideways again!!! It's turgid. Recycle, recycle. And nearly every team plays the same way. How refreshing to see two players break the lines, run at players, dribble, move, caress the ball, look to progress. The rest look like robots to me. Fully drilled with no imagination. Sad it's come to this If we had the fitness of today, with the imagination of natural footballers of the past, it would be so much more entertaining.d
  21. If it's on the BBC I doubt I'll bother.
  22. You do realise the likes of FB were made to be addictive. The guy who invented it said so himself, wanted it banned. Everything you do is watched, tracked. Algorithms put in place to register every like, message, comment etc. Your whole world is pre planned for you by the actions you make in buying habits or use of social media. Everything you see is aimed at your preferences. Try talking out loud about the most random stuff when your phone is on. You'll soon be getting adverts related to that conversation. Played that game in the pub with people who didn't believe it so. It happened to them.
  23. Check out the World Economic Forum, it's proposals, who attends, why they attend, and for what purpose. It's no conspiracy. A conspiracy is made up. They actually tell you openly what they plan to do. It's there for the whole world to read. The people who attend are the most powerful people in the world. Reported about each year on mainstream media when they all meet in Davos.
  24. Don't be so blind...there is no conspiracy. All the world leaders are using the term the great reset in their terminology. You think that's happened by accident They've openly spoken about using this pandemic as a trigger to change the world and how we live in the future. One of the biggest things will be less travel...both abroad and locally. There's an urgency to change the world and how we live...because we can't continue in the same vein. The strain on the physical world is too much. Drastic changes needed. This is the opportunity to do it. Of course, like the past, there will be elements that will take advantage and become even more powerful and richer. No conspiracy. It's plain to see in the narrative the world leaders are using.
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