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  1. It’s not as easy as that is it. It’s a mindset. They’re desperate for that win & they automatically drop deep to protect it . I’m sure he did tell them to get up the pitch . There were some scrambled brains out there with some strange decisions .
  2. A misconception often trotted out . I’m sure Pearson never told the players to sit off . However subconsciously , defending a lead the players weren’t brave enough. He’s always says abut players taking responsibility & they didn’t .
  3. Because of the mess inherited. I’m not completely absolving him but the task is massive & the squads not good enough .
  4. If anyone seriously wants Pearson out then they’re just a typical modern fan who wants change for changes sake. Someone else to come in & turn things upside down. Yes the home form is ridiculous ,but we know it’s going to be a long rebuild. No manager tells his players to sit back , it’s subconsciously done after the run we been on. Scott & Wells were ****** & needed to come off. Our bench though is well short. O’dowda is terrible & so is Palmer. Like playing with 9 men .
  5. You haven’t got a ******* clue about football you’ve proved that on countless occasions on here. Super my ******* ass . You’re a
  6. Showed up once in every 25 games. He always flattered to deceive
  7. You call yourself super .obviously a inflated ego. Have you ever played a game where you were completely overran ? We couldn’t get near them , simple as that . You chat some shit
  8. Only thing I disagree with is the “commitment” if you’ve ever played in a game where you’ve been completely outclassed you’d understand, it no a lack of commitment at all. You just can’t get near them. It’s a big difference. The movement off the ball tied is in knots & we were simply not good enough. No comparison with how we weren’t putting the effort on last season after Christmas .
  9. Technically good enough but mentally he’s lazy. If the penny hasn’t dropped by now it never will. I’ll be surprised if him , vyner, Moore & O’dowda are here next season . If we’re going to evolve the squad & rightly as NP says bring in better that we have , then they’re not good enough.
  10. And what difference would that have made when we were completely outclassed by a much better team. Sometimes you have to acknowledge we got completely outplayed. I never had a problem with our players yesterday in general. We got battered I was more pissed off with some of our fans & you sound like one of them. Shouts around me that they weren’t trying one bloke clearly in his 60’s embarrassing himself with some shouts. Never kicked a ball in his life probably .
  11. That lasted two minutes. He made two runs . The one he got the corner from he had plenty of time to get the ball in but yet again tied himself into knots. He’s a legend in his own head. I’ve never rated him & was amazed he got a new contract. I’ll be equally amazed if he’s here next season. Nowhere near championship quality.
  12. Haven’t looked at the thread so apologies if covered. Could someone ask Richard Gould if there’s any update on a Terry Cooper memorial ?
  13. Not good for football imo . Another country backed takeover . It was a strange perfect storm when Leicester won the league. It’ll never happen again. I really do hope a European super league happens
  14. @Desso just spoke to Chris. He appreciates you’ve obviously been kicked to **** in the championship with your back to goal for ten-15 Years . Still doing it though. .
  15. Hopefully so. I genuinely never want a player to fail . I really do wonder how the hell he’s got to championship standard without being told not to stare at his boots though.
  16. Typical gas though init . Blame anyone else . Just tuned into the efl show & who’s on there . Skeletor himself . I don’t want this day to end
  17. That’s not true . I’ve never looked at his goal return , he’s a winger so you wouldn’t expect many goals. What I expect is 1 for him to be more robust , he goes down to easy , needs to use his body / arms to protect himself , he’s a big Lad. 2 run with his head up . If I could do it playing local park football without looking at the ball constantly with it at my feet then he should be able to. 3 decision making . When to release the ball &not running into trouble. That’s partly linked to my second point. He’s one of the most frustrating players we’ve signed . Physically he’s got everything to succeed . He needs to grow up mentally in footballing terms
  18. I think behind the scenes & that’s where’s CEO should be , has had a big effect as well . You only have to see the difference he’s made in communicating with fans to see how positive it’s been. Biggest influential departure within the club was that self obsessed ***** Ashton leaving .
  19. Hes a midfielder , he doesn’t have to score . He got a assist today. That’ll do
  20. Thank god I don’t sit by you. I’d have told her to shut the **** up by now
  21. Brilliant init. One start by having a go at garner but then shouts him down blaming Barton. The one blaming garner is a typical fewer , blame anyone but yourselves. Watching that , swindon absolutely battered them & play some decent football. Barton is a absolute clown & it’s fantastic
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