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  1. I don’t see why it has to be negative . There were plenty around me wanting to keep three up which was ridiculous . Going 531 I saw as being solid whilst also hopefully being able to get up the pitch . My difference of opinion with @Harry was how we got up the pitch
  2. Clear push on Atkinson no pen ! Ok then that can be debated . Hull was a pen though ? I think you’ve lost the plot
  3. I’m not saying that at all. Your way of playing would of left us vulnerable to be hit on the counter attack. One goal would of let to two. My , or more importantly a vastly experienced managers way , was by playing 531 . Stopped them playing through us and we could try to get up the pitch as a unit. We actually created a couple of half chances that way . One in fact was a overload on the right which led to Martin being unmarked . Yet again the incompetent linesman flagged for offside when he was clearly onside . Your idea would simply cause us to lose possession as our isolated striker would of been out numbered.
  4. Completely disagree. If we say kept Conway up on his own. Tried to play into him he would of had at least two or three defenders around him . We would of surrendered possession constantly . We couldn’t afford to commit more bodies as we would of been picked off. By doing what we did we stopped them passing through . They created no real clear cut chances. The only save bents had to make all game was a wayward shot that defected.
  5. I agree but where are you getting them from . Like I said they’re too scared to overturn the on field ref anyway , especially if they’re young refs . That’s another 12 refs needed every week
  6. We brought one of the best hold up men in the league to get us up the pitch . It was 20 minutes not 30 once we were down to ten men we can’t press , so you want one man to run in behind . To get up the pitch you have to do it as a unit . Would you keep wells or Conway on just run around like a headless chicken. What you’re advocating is lumping it behind their back four which just surrenders possession anyway . When we did get up the pitch we played our way up. We didn’t need to carry a threat we needed a solid shape which is exactly what happened.
  7. Trouble is , it means more refs watching a monitor . The ones we got now are bloody useless so god knows what the standard would be like & where they’d get them from
  8. We didn’t need to carry a threat . To keep pressing them with a man less would of played into their hands .
  9. So you want to keep pressing high up the pitch with three strikers when we’re 2-0 up& down to ten men. They would of walked through us . For me he got it right. He didn’t rush the subs . He put a out & out defender at right back in vyner . He went 531. It was exactly the right thing to do. Straight after the sending off they started to pass through us . After the changes we blocked that off & saw the game out pretty comfortably .
  10. I don’t see how var makes things better .the idiots at stockley park will just back up the clowns on the pitch ,like we see in the prem
  11. You wouldn’t of thought so with some of the clowns sat behind me in e29 blaming Pearson for negative subs when 2-0 up with ten men . To plug midfield & the back 5 to stop them walking through us was the wrong decision apparently
  12. He’s right as well. The standard is shocking . Four games in we should probably of had 4 penalties . How atkinsons wasn’t given tonight I don’t know. . The penalty v hull . The non sending off Saturday . If Sykes goes (was a poor tackle) then their bloke had to go as well . some say get var in but the incompetent tossers will just back up the on field refs & none of us would know because you can’t see it in the ground .
  13. Posh do it as well to a lesser extent . Constantly picking up gems at low cost & selling high . A club that size shouldn’t be getting in & out of the championship as much as they have over the last 10-15 years , but they do because they have a strong playing structure. just the memory of the clubs in the bag quote from Johnson senior that ended up with a overblown lop sided over paid squad that ended in disastrous relegation . He learnt nothing from that even though it cost him £50m of his own money . He the then repeats it with LJ & here we are again. The bloke is bloody clueless football wise
  14. I get that to a extent but how are we better off ? Because of the ground ? Training ground ? On the pitch we’re going backwards . People will say oh sir Steve keeps bailing us out financially . Yes he does , but he’s constantly bailing out his own mistakes . It’s so Bristol city to get a local billionaire in charge of us that knows bugger all about the sport he’s involved in . If I or many on here had , had the chance to pump the money in he has then I would of known first & foremost to define a playing philosophy the club adheres to from first team & right through the academy . Get the best scouting network affordable . Football wise he’s just stumbled his way along . We get promoted , identify the players we want to make us stronger & what happens , our CEO at the time (not Ashton) tries to renegotiate contracts . He promptly lost his job & rightly so , but how did Lansdown ever let that happen . We had a good squad & looked good to kick on with signings we wanted but no . We end up going backwards . Poor planning by ”sir Steve” yet again
  15. A mate text me during the Brentford game & said . How the hell have they done this on a fraction of the budget we’ve had at city . We were always the so called bigger club than them but always seemed to be in the same league . Little brentford. Look what a defined idea & playing philosophy can get you. we’ve NEVER had that under Lansdown . His managerial & boardroom appointments have been piss poor. He gets credit for Gary Johnson , apart from him every other manager he himself has appointed has been a failure (cotts, Kieth dawe)
  16. I got gas mates (sadly) one of them was laughing during the week because he said he’d be willing to sell. Yes he’s rebuilt the ground & training ground but on the pitch where it matters. For the amount of money he’s put into the playing side of things he’s failed miserably . He’s no Harry Dolman in that respect
  17. Total bollocks . Keeping the club in the championship while cutting £12m off the wage bill is something most managers couldn’t do . Look at his post match press interview , he looks exasperated . We can’t bring players in at the moment but we’re desperate for them . Stop concentrating on the 90 minutes in front of you & think behind the scenes. There are plenty of Lansdown happy clappers but it’s his bloody fault we’re in this mess
  18. Third game into the season. I don’t know how long you’ve followed football but you have to get used the ups & downs in a season . What happens in the first few games rarely reflects upon a full season.
  19. Some right cockwombles on here at times
  20. Yes , that was fed by the very top of the club as well
  21. I don’t know how old you are but no , it’s completely different . The monotone drone of briiistol of the egg chasing . The the energetic aggressive shout of BAAAAAAARRRRRRIIIISSTOL BAAAARRIISTOL
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