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  1. Thin it is agood starting 11. 3-0 City COYR
  2. We have to sort the defence play otherwise it will be a very long season. My local team here in Sweden, second division, have conceded 16 goals in 17 games and are second in the table. They are not a fancy team but the defence is working and the points are coming in. It doesnt matter If we play good football If we concede 2-3 goals every game its Gonna be a long journey.
  3. Their second goal he jogging home and their player have all the time when he got the ball. If he keep his play simple he would be a better player.
  4. We won vs Villa a couple of years ago, 3-1. MU in the cup.
  5. They got a fake pen, their player should had get a yellow card for diving. Atkinson should had a pen. Think we were the better team.
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