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  1. Really hope Weimann Will play for us. A midfield with Bakinson and COD as starting players make me mot hopeful. Use to be optimistic but at the moment Can not be that. Dasilva as lb and no rb at the moment. Think Hunt is better then the guy NP knows. Really hope we can avoid relegation.
  2. Not sure about Bakinson, he is often schocking in defensive play.
  3. Werner Bremen beat my swedish team Brage in Uefa cup long time ago. Rudi Völker was their big star. HSV and Bremen now in 2 Bundesliga. Holstein Kiel win vs FC Köln 1-0 away, they can be in Bundesliga for the first time. It was in Kiel I saw my first game with City. Holstein Kiel- Bristol City 0-2 Chris Garland scored both. It was in july 1970. Was a young boy then, Fingers crossed for Holstein.
  4. For me next season Will be to avoid relegation.
  5. When Weimann got injured we lost mutch of the way we played. The team was weaker without him. For me he was a very important player.
  6. Offcause he had No interest to sign a contract. He was not in Citys plan, We dont need No wingers and he was not good enough to be a startingplayer in Bristol City. He was not in LJ or DH plans. Offcause he want to play. He is happy in Nimes and score and assist for his team.
  7. He is one of few in City who makes something when he get the ball. Only 2 or 3 odd goals this season but I Think he can be a good player. Was thinking COD could be good when he came, but no. Rather keep him, he is an interesting player.
  8. This season after Christmas have been a mess. No defence, No midfield, No forwards , No wingers. Wells and Famara have had lots of critisism. They are not worldchampions but to play forward in Bristol City this season have not been a dream. When we have no midfield, its difficault to play fw. When our topscorer Famara is one of the players that fans think is useless says it all How bad we are.
  9. We have been in leauge one next season without Bentleys all great saves. He is the player that kept us up in this division. Ashton went to Ipswich and Most of the fans are happy. Who is Gonna replace Ashton? Contacts and not contracts. NP have a very difficault situation, feel really worried. Afraid we are fighting for avoid relegation next season, hope Im wrong.
  10. Bakinson Never good in our own half, its not in the school playing with other kids.
  11. Not Interesting, but gonna watch anyway. Dont think it get worse than Millwall game, ht I had enough. Lets finish with a win, the odds are against us. Would see the players play for the shirt, Dont think its to mutch asking. Some pride it has to be. COYR!!!
  12. Their Gk is right. Since christmas only Boro and Swansea away we were good. Lucky that we got these six points. Absolute nothing with our team. Nightmare to watch. How NP gonna make a strong team is written in the stars. We hope for the best, fingers crossed.
  13. A reflection, Semenyo our best assist player, 5. Last season Eliasson best with 14. Eliasson was not good enough to be a starting player in City. He wanted to play in City but he was not in our plans, not a good decission.
  14. Derby is in a terrible run. Rooney as manager no sucsess.
  15. Yes, hopefully. Weiman important for us and Think Walsh is a good player, Williams I dont know. People say Dasilva is good, I would rather have a strong nasty lb.
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