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  1. Think he was ok first half. Pace and had a good pass to Wells,we could have scored there. First half vs Posh think he did better then usual. Not a fan of COD but now think he has more ideas then before. Makes his defender and put the ball in to the box. His stats are awful so far in our Club. If he could score or get an assist his confidence will be better. Dont says so mutch but Think he is better now then before. Still not the player i thought he could be. He got pace and is tricky, really hope he can make it but I have my doubts.
  2. Bournemouth the better team, nothing more to say. They controlled the game. New game tuesday. COYR!!!
  3. They are a good side but their second goal before ht was not good for us. Next goal have to come from us. COYR!!!
  4. Could this be the game that COD score or get a assist? Anyway: COYR!!!
  5. In five years COD Have had 10 assists. Last season Eliasson played for us he had 14 assists. For me you have to deliver on the pitch. Eliasson was not good enough for us. What should we say about COD, he he.
  6. NP and the team are making progress. We are hard to beat and more and more we are showing unit. Think he is a good manager.
  7. Nothing against LJ, hope Sunderland can be leauge one winner. Also wants Cotts do well, GJ also. Those managers have done the best they could for our Club.
  8. He he, not a fan of COD but today he was good. ABBA ok but not my cup of tea as you say in England. Sauna is great in winter when its cold outside. Good for body and mind. Good win today, 3 goals and 3 points. COYR!!!
  9. Good game today. His shot before our second goal, Tanner. Find the net when lots of Poshplayers were near him, well done!
  10. Not a fan of COD but today he was good. Lost the ball in the beginning but grew in to the game. Got the ball into the box and we nearly scored, Well done by there defender. Hope COD can deliver again.
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