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  1. Its history but Eliasson was an outstanding winger with crosses who found his team mates. You only have to compare stats COD-Eliasson. For me is it still kind of fun that COD was before Eliasson in our team. NE was our best assistplayer but he could not get a regular starting place in City. Offcause he tiered and would leave. At that time people said COD was better in defensive, he he. This season think COD have been better but he seldom score or got assists. Yesterday, nothing to say, Fulham better and its hard to blame the team. We was not in our best, have to be If we should got points from Fulham.
  2. Matty James will be missing. Dasilva? For me Palmer is better. NP knows I hope.
  3. Fulham are good and are big favourites. If we play well and have a little bit of luck, who knows. Fingers crossed COYR
  4. Nothing is wrong with a long pass If the adress is right. Cotts said once.
  5. Bakinson is not good enough. There is a player in him but defensive he dont understand.
  6. Slowly we are getting better. COD Playing better, James and Semenyo in the team makes us also better. We had lots of injured players now it looks more hopeful. NP have been ill, the sun is rising again. Have faith in NP and thinks he knows what he is doing. For me this season was, is, avoid relegation battle. Last two games shows that we can play football and we are in progress. Still misstakes in defence, the confidence in that area is not there yet. If we can get a solid defence we will be hard to beat. Optimistic for the second half of the season.
  7. Like him, Most of the times he moves the ball forward. He is small but he is strong and very good with the ball. One of our players who will progress.
  8. As others have said: when Playing with fast movement and tempo with ball and players Weimann at his best. He is good on head, pace, run in good areas, scores. Also in defensive he works hard. Liked him from day one.
  9. He he, he is not english, he is from Austria.
  10. We played well vs QPR and second half today. Now we have players who moves the ball and themselves. Happy to see a structure when we play. This win was important and well deserved, we have many young players who still will be better. Compare to last season think we can have Hope for our Club. Williams soon fit and many players gets better and better. For me Weimann since long is one of our best players. Sooner or later his hard work give results, his 3 goals today shows it. Funny that our topscorers get sticks, last season Fam and this season Weimann. We have to accept that most games last season and this its Been difficault to be a fw in Bristol City. Our team have not been Good enough to play creative football. Last two games have been better and that makes Hope for the future. COYR
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