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  1. Thin it is agood starting 11. 3-0 City COYR
  2. We have to sort the defence play otherwise it will be a very long season. My local team here in Sweden, second division, have conceded 16 goals in 17 games and are second in the table. They are not a fancy team but the defence is working and the points are coming in. It doesnt matter If we play good football If we concede 2-3 goals every game its Gonna be a long journey.
  3. Their second goal he jogging home and their player have all the time when he got the ball. If he keep his play simple he would be a better player.
  4. We won vs Villa a couple of years ago, 3-1. MU in the cup.
  5. They got a fake pen, their player should had get a yellow card for diving. Atkinson should had a pen. Think we were the better team.
  6. Interesting starting eleven it would be. Optimistic 2-1 City COYR!!!
  7. Another clean sheet and the confidence grows. Think we will be more unit this season, the players knows what to do, optimistic for the coming season.
  8. For me he is to lazy in defensive play and gives the ball away with sloppy passes. He is an elegant player but he is not enough. If he did not make it Ipswich dont think he will be sucsessful in SW. Time will tell.
  9. Wells scored because of their sloppy passes in defence area. Seen to mutch of it by our own team. Neither Plymouth or we are Barcelona. Keep it simple, away with the ball in our defensive area.
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