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  1. Someone said once: What you think is not always the truth.
  2. Agree with you. Probably not the best feeling for Holden, dont think he was number one on the list. The worrying thing is that everything is so late. Baker, Famara, Niclas situation and a new manager. As a Cityfan I get behind the team and the gaffer but my vibes are not in the optimistic direction, hope Im wrong.
  3. Think this is Interesting. Hudds, Norwich and Liverpool, german managers.. He took Paderborn from third division to Bundesliga thats well done. Could be good with a manager from abroad who see the english football with other eyes.
  4. Good luck Matty. Think he is a good player and always worked hard, he was good to our team.
  5. Burnley, Fernebache, Lazio, Villareal and other Clubs dont understand football when they want to buy a player who cant make a place in the starting eleven in Bristol City, he he.
  6. Worrying is a weak word for next season. Niclas, Famara, Afobe, Benik gone. COD playing from start, Im everything but not optimistic. Wells on top and nothing behind, midfield that not works. Fearing we gonna be low table.
  7. Niclas is a hell of a player, many assists and some goals to. If he can get central and shoot more sometimes he would be even better. Our team is mediokre and the way Niclas play is hard to fit in If you dont have a manager who can see his skills. He is a winger and seldom wingers play well every game. The other players knows that the ball is coming in to the box when Niclas is playing. Its football, keep it simple. Hope he stay and that the new gaffer can make our team play good football and getting results.
  8. Think he will be good for the Club.
  9. Was the best player on the pitch yesterday.
  10. Very good player and know what the net is. Think he developed this season, hope he stays.
  11. Away with the ball when its danger, we are not Barca.
  12. Their nr 11 is a very very good player. We could have been 3-0 down, hope some changes direct in second. Palmer, Eliasson.
  13. Preston are playing well. 0-2 then game over. 1–1 and I think we win.
  14. Hope Pato is in the mood. Interesting to se Nagy from start. Thinks we gonna play well tonight and win 2-0 COYR!!!
  15. Yes, but Terry is in Aston Villa, a team I really dislike. Childish? Yes.
  16. Got a feeling Gerrard would be good for us. Young, hungry and a name, as a player.
  17. It would be Interesting, he is special and know how to get a good team. Part of me think it would be fun, yes but no.
  18. Its amazing, Elasson havent played many game but he is nr one in the assistlesuge in this division. Said it before: that Niclas is not in the eleven Cityplayers are beyond me. A winger seldom is good in every game but the stats shows what Eliasson is made of. He is a Diamond that not is finish yet. feel sad If he leaves, probably he does. He had most assist in the swedish leauge, now in this lesuge which is better. Interesting to see what leauge he is playing next season. It must have been tough for him sitting on the bench and know he is better than many players in the starting eleven. Hope y
  19. Hopefully use and develop them. If we should reach the top in this division we have to have players that can do that litlle extra. We will not be a top team with eleven workhorses. The Swedish team can go to quarterfinal in World Cup or EM with luck, then its stop. We need players that can do some magics, in The Swedish team and City.
  20. Think it will be good with a new manager. Think he can build a good team from our squad. This season has been dissapointing, we were fighting top six nine games left. We will see what next season brings. COYR!!!
  21. Good work from Niclas, cross to Famara and pen.
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