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  1. Bought my tickets for Blackburn three weeks ago... It cost me £53 for two. Bit miffed.
  2. There could be a bit of confusion about the JR period because as of the 1st July 2013... The JR period changed from 3 months to 6 weeks... Therefore, if you were to apply the new 6 week period, the Sainsbury JR period would have ended this week. However, this is somewhat trivial, as the application was determined pre-1st July and thus the JR period will end on the 14th September 2013. The new shorter period, however, was introduced to stop claimants abusing the JR system to delay development proposals. Under the old legislation (which still applies to the Sainsbury's application) it was possible for the judge to throw out a claim if they felt it wasn’t a timely application. Therefore, if a claim has indeed been made, it would probably be advisable (given the context of the new 6 week period) to get any application in front of a judge before the expiry of the six weeks period (which coincidentally ended this week…) to avoid the risk of the judge throwing out the application on grounds that it was not made in a timely fashion (as he is likely to have regard to the new 6 week period in his decision even though doesnt legally bite to the Sainsbury's decision). I have also heard a rumour that a JR has been made; but the source is a third party (albeit one which is close to the project). In the end of the day a JR is unlikely to do anything other than delay the commencement of the stadium.
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