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  1. My first game in almost 2 years after being away before and during Covid, looking forward to 3 points and Massengo’s first goal!
  2. Very happy to be in the western terrace for that!
  3. Thank you for reminding me of this, an excellent book and I will read it again if I can remember where it has been the last few years!
  4. You are right to say the CPS do not have to continue proceedings for domestic abuse cases however often they and the police do so even when the victim makes a retraction statement and / or no longer wants to support the prosecution. The law was changed relatively recently to allow this as it is now recognised that often domestic abuse situations are complex and if the perpetrator is controlling and abusive, as is often the case, then they will put pressure on the victim to retract. A victim in this context may not always realise or see themselves as a victim and the police’s intervention can and often does allow a break from the abuse for the first time (imposition of bail conditions for example) and for the victim to seek support from domestic abuse support services. The police may have other evidence such as injury photos of the victim, independent witness statements, cctv etc which may mean a realistic prospect of a conviction with or without the victims support.
  5. Defensive negative and too worried about Germany. Get Grealish and or Foden on otherwise this will end 1-0 Germany
  6. Im not sure I’ve ever seen him crunch in to any / many tackles; that’s not his game. He’s a pest, he covers lots of ground, he harries the opposition, he tracks back. He came back in to the team after the international break last season and played a number of games in quick succession after being out the team for a while, his return coincided with wins at Mboro and Swansea and somewhere else I think. His work rate and sometimes over running will naturally mean he tires more quickly that others but i have never questioned his commitment. I’d rather him than someone who gives 70% and trots around for the whole game / season.
  7. Totally agree mate, not a fancy footballer but does a lot of the ugly unnoticed stuff which is generally less ‘popular’ and doesn’t generate as much positive data. I find it odd how some people go out of their way to find ways to criticise him yet average players such as Morrell / Walsh are lauded as the next best thing with much less analysis on their failings.
  8. I must say as a huge cricket and football fan this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. After over a year of Covid restrictions and no crowds everyone is thrilled to be back at the test and creating a fantastic atmosphere. The fact that the Euros start on Sunday for England and the weather is great just adds to the excitement. I wouldn’t expect this (or want it!) at Lords for example but I am really looking forward to being there tomorrow, primarily to watch live cricket but a lively atmosphere adds to the occasion, especially during slower periods of play. The Edgbaston crowd is always lively and many English cricket supporters follow them across the world - many of these are big football fans too including myself and I’ve met some good friends this way.
  9. Likely to be an Embarrassment
  10. Genuinely interested who those that want rid of Pearson want instead, realistically. Be careful what you wish for, Pearson has proven himself at this level and higher. Yes I am disappointed too with the start but I think we need to plan long-term, invest in NP and allow him to develop his own team. He’s basically inherited a load of nonsense which he can’t change until the summer, Pep himself wouldn’t be doing much better right now with this shower.
  11. At some point the players need to take responsibility - look at Rovers. Yes they are shite but 3 different managers this season and they’ve got progressively worse with each one - there’s only so much polishing of a turd you can do. Same applies to City, - lots of players out of contract in the summer who know they are moving on, lots of hasbeens/never-will-bes, a collection of unfit mysteries, a couple of good pros and some promising youngsters. The perform storm for a lack of motivation and cohesion - a sizeable percentage of this squad will be gone in the summer and they are playing like it and unfortunately I’m not sure any manager would be able to improve us much with the current situation. I still want NP to get the job, on the proviso he genuinely wants to commit to it long term and he will be given the backing to create his own squad.
  12. That was so bad it was genuinely amusing. Their keeper looked more likely to score in the last minute than Fam or Wells all night! I’m not even annoyed any more, the standard is so poor the enjoyment factor of watching city has totally vanished.
  13. Domestic abuse victims are often abused and assaulted many, many times before they have the courage to call for help either from the police or a support organisation. On average a domestic abuse victim would suffer 35 incidents of abuse / violence before calling the police for help (this figure is from memory 10 years old, it is probably higher now). Domestic violence victims will often be controlled and coerced emotionally and financially (not just physically) so serial abuse in a domestic violence context is not always easy to identify or prosecute. Domestic abuse perpetrators often attempt to minimise their behaviour and actions by blaming alcohol, drugs, upbringing, or anything else to deflect responsibility and/or blame the victim.
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