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  1. Livingstone is ill apparently, should be in the team every game otherwise
  2. The T20 team have been watching too much of our Ashes batting
  3. I hope so, if he’s fit enough to be on the bench he must be fit enough to play 15 mins. Need his energy in midfield
  4. Looked like a couple of bottles or similar chucked at Cardiff players
  5. Focus needs to return to Test cricket for the ECB and it needs to be the ongoing priority. The review and changes to our one day cricket were needed after the 2015 World Cup but our T20 / ODI team is now one of the best in the world and will continue to be. As new, young players come through they will be used to this aggressive, expansive form of cricket and I see no reason why we won’t continue to thrive. In short, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Test cricket as the name suggests is a mental and physical test over 5 days, often in unfamiliar conditions and can include being away from home for months at a time. We need to do all we can to prepare players for this rather than chuck them in at India or Australia and hope for the best. I hope there are changes for the upcoming WI tour, the England camp seems to comfy for one. Get Kirsten in and identify players who have the temperament as much as the skill to succeed in Test cricket.
  6. Nice to wake up to something a little more positive! If Robinson can work on his fitness he can lead the attack for the next 6 or 7 years
  7. I think it will be too. He looks totally lost and caught between trying to play his natural game and a more traditional Test innings.
  8. You have to laugh or you’d cry!
  9. Saqib Mahmood took 4-22 for Sydney Thunder earlier. Different format but bowling with good pace and got overs under his belt for the Lions. I’d like to see him and Wood for the next test with Woakes and Broad / Anderson missing out.
  10. Like the look of that, I would replace Woakes with Mahmood as would like to see more of him
  11. Stokes won’t last long, all over the place
  12. Very good post and depressing that we don’t have any viable alternatives really. The selectors have previously said they don’t want someone debuting in an Ashes series in Oz so I guess we’ll be stuck with him for now. Hameed looks promising and I hope we stick with him, Burns’ failures are probably adding to the pressure on him. I hope for the Caribbean tour we look to the future - get Yates or someone in at the top and just give them a crack. Exactly right about Archer, I was in NZ 2 years ago when Root flogged him into the dirt on 2 of the flattest pitches you’ll ever see. 42 overs in the first innings at Mount Maunganui!!
  13. I’d say it will do as there haven’t been any reports of covid for either club as far as I’m aware and I’d imagine Huddersfield will be travelling down today. I think the game should go ahead, the club will make the stadium as safe as it can be then it comes down to personal responsibility and circumstances for individuals as to whether they are willing to accept the risk of attending.
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