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  1. And to put it into context we won 1 test match of the previous 17 before Stokes and Brendan came together, since then 4 wins in a row. There will be games when we are rolled for 100 but I’d much rather see England play (even lose) in this manner than some of the turgid, meek performances I’ve had the misfortune to watch over the last few years.
  2. I miss the classic special shaped ones from back in the day. Rupert the Bear, Bertie Bassett, the fire extinguisher, the top hat, Sonic! The Scottish FA Cup or whatever it was
  3. Smeed to replace Roy in the England T20 team eventually I wonder
  4. The difference is Jonny is playing aggressive, calculated shots. Stokes was just slogging anything.
  5. This is the worst Test over I’ve ever seen!
  6. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him included in the squad for Pakistan, we’ll need 2-3 spinners over there and his batting gives him an extra tick in the box
  7. Great ball from Grealish
  8. Big fan of Casa Mexicana. Had the taco sharing platter and various mezcal cocktails at Cargo Cantina recently, one of my favourites!
  9. In my house in bs3 with the window open enjoying very clearly hearing the Manics blast out their classics!
  10. Michael Oliver is very good in my opinion
  11. Swindon players getting roughed up
  12. Long haired lads need to practice their penalties
  13. Think they’ll regret that! Had to score
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