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  1. No you dream it, I remember this within last few years although only details I can recall was that it happened at a major tournament and by an English ref
  2. I always thought you couldn't charge more than you charge the away fans. No,no I see it's the other way around isn't it? You can't charge the away fans more than the home ticket prices? Is there such a rule, or am 8 talking absolute plop?
  3. The only thing you should of been headbutting in Cadbury Heath was that **** Holloway
  4. Accrington Stanley..... Who are they?
  5. On that note does anyone know lionals dad?
  6. It's no what you know, it's who you know
  7. Thanks for this bit heard about the programme so will check it out. Yes I do feel what LCFC achieved recently was a real genui e underdog story which is usually reserved for Roy if the rovers type things.
  8. City1984


    And it’s trust nobody, especially myself
  9. City1984


    So Pearson to step down due to ill health and dean smith to be appointed as new manager? sorry haven’t yet been able to read thread but this what’s I heard in my circles
  10. I ******* hate how the woman’s game is being shoved down our throats. I couldn’t give two ***** about it
  11. Such tragic news. Had wondered why we weren’t getting his usually excellent contribution. Rest well Hav.
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