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  1. Such tragic news. Had wondered why we weren’t getting his usually excellent contribution. Rest well Hav.
  2. **** me reading that it’s a miracle we even managed a touch to kick off.
  3. Kp45 & Dean’s love child?
  4. This stinks of Mark Ashton parting gift telling his old mates what we can and probably will end up paying so dig your heels in and make sure my envelope is full of £50’s for my last piece of the pie instead of the £20’s it was for Callum.
  5. Mason Mount to do a Gazza ala euro 96 Dont care where I am as long as I see it
  6. I actually agree with your comment BTW. Given the set up of things I would hope both clubs do start to benefit each other.
  7. @bcfc01 Was just bring a prat as reading your synergy sentence sent my head straight to a dark place reminiscent of Mark Ashton bull shite mode
  8. I thought Mr Ashton, that you had ****** off to Ipswich Town?
  9. ‘Bristol And District Hoping A Robin Rally’s Yard BAD HARRY
  10. What do you mean other stuff? There is nothing else other than BCFC! Bloody part timers
  11. How much does a name matter? Some couldn’t give 2shits and some could. My personal opinion is the name sucks donkey dick.
  12. Bang on DR! I think this is exactly the way we should look to do things. NP signed a 3 year contract and took on the project. Let’s start that project properly and with purpose. No more fighting fires , panic buys , unnecessary loans, squad fillers , clubs in the bag or short term fixes. please for the love of all that is holy (Bristol City FC), let’s have a plan , an ideology and style that befits who we are and what sort of club we aspire to be. Let’s then look to build as best we can from our current baseline, a genuinely strong close knit squad of players and staff who all know their roles and strive to exceed expectations, who fight for and help one another throughout this exciting new chapter. find those that want to be part of something and mould them into a team they want to be in and one we can be proud of. Got no issue with a loan player here and there for emergency cover or that bit of gold dust we simply could not afford or have any other way but don’t want pathway blockers or wage leeches. simple
  13. I actually can’t see him spearheading our attack next season. I think if that was the plan then ciderNig would be playing him there now in preparation and to build some chemistry and cohesion. If it were to be deemed good enough for next season, then why not good enough for this one?
  14. I wonder if it’s more to do with footballing character to show the others what is the minimum and help them change mindsets etc. looking at the football side of things only here not his complete cuntyness away from the day job.
  15. Holy torpedo dump. that’s definitely more led than I have in my pencil
  16. That’s a beauty. I love these kinds of photos. if there was ever a time of moving the pitch away from the houses, it was then
  17. Apologies for my little tantrum. Wouldn’t normally bother to post on such topics as does nothing positive for anyone. Sorry if I have caused any offence.
  18. Absolutely sickening. **** you piece of scum shit. Hope you get what’s coming to you. Thoughts with all victims. believe me I am no saint but this is a serious piece of shut that deserves no forgiveness IMO.
  19. This really is great news your on the mend Steve.
  20. Any hope we will finish above the blue Taffs is hope enough for me to keep hoping.
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