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  1. Made a quick table from Transfermarkt, seems to be more accurate (no 58 random games for Pembo) Manager Games Losses Percentage Nigel Pearson 64 34 53.13% Derek McInnes 63 32 50.79% Keith Millen 57 27 47.37% Sean O'Driscoll 44 20 45.45% Dean Holden 41 18 43.90% Lee Johnson 217 80 36.87% Gary Johnson 237 74 31.22% Brian Tinnion 58 16 27.59% Danny Wilson 142 39 27.46% Steve Cotterill 116 28 24.14%
  2. Just googled and for some reason Soccerbase thinks Pemberton managed us for 58 games, I assume this is where the data came from. Can't for the life of me work out why though!
  3. Be impressed if anyone saw Brian Clark on that list
  4. Gotta have a mind of steel to pull that off in a major final! What a finish
  5. Honestly love that launch. Skateboarding and Bristol City have been linked for me for a long time, me and my mates who had season tickets would go to dean lane early on match days. Bit of skating, try to blag a can or 2 of cider, find somewhere to stash the boards then go straight back after the game. Appreciate its a very personal link but this is pure nostalgia for me!
  6. Eastern Jam - Chase & Status
  7. An actual racetrack delivers good racing? Quick, someone let the FIA know!
  8. If you get there early enough you can park for free at the ground, theres a big council car park out front (Milehouse P&R). 30-40mins before kickoff would probably be more than enough given its preseason. Last one I rocked up 2mins before and had to get "creative" with my parking spot.
  9. I thought the spirit of your original post was obvious I think that would be hilarious - "You're just a shit Eastbourne Borough"
  10. Took me a minute to remmember the number 10, not exactly an influential player last season!
  11. OK just seen the promo video using some top electro-swing... mind changed, best kit launch ever https://youtube.com/watch?v=WW7Ug0JwFUY
  12. Nice retro look to it, but I do immediately think "Arsenal" when I see that.
  13. Would recommend using a VPN and getting the All4 stream, better than using dodgy links. Windscribe VPN has a free option that should give you enough data to watch the match, just need to set your location to UK
  14. 2001, so 21 years! Nowhere near as long as some on here but definitely don't feel old enough to have been going for 2 decades
  15. Or Loganair change dates... had a flight to Norwich booked in August for a stag do, but return changed to the Monday. Nice long train from Plymouth for me instead.
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