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  1. Not the most exciting game but was honestly incredible to be able to see some actual real life football!
  2. North Street No. 7 in Plymouth. Booked a table a week ago so should have a good view of the screen, just glad yesterday went well so I don't have to pretend to be interested in a Denmark - Italy final!
  3. Yeah definitely want to catch that. Will be nice to go to Home Park without someone stabbing me with a needle (depends what the argyle fans are like I suppose)
  4. Good. Stupid idea really, why would you ever want to play again having lost a semi-final
  5. Agreed, always frustrating and I'm sure it doesn't actually help sales. I'm sure I have seen something saying that a person is much more likely to buy an item on ebay if it is £20 with free delivery rather than £15 with £5 delivery.
  6. Noise cancelling headphones are a must! My street erupted about 5 seconds before Sterling's goal went in on my screen. Got the headphones on after that and didn't have Kane's spoiled for me
  7. I've ended up being booked to DJ at a bar that is showing the game, so finishing my set at 7.30 for the worlds speediest pack away then hopefully a few free beers to watch the game. Definitely going to work out some sort of football song mashup for the end of my set!
  8. Don't let facts get in the way of a good moan!
  9. Doing an excellent Bristol City impression... just with a better defence so far!
  10. I theoretically finish at 5.30 Working from home though so at 4:55 the do not disturb goes on with occasional nudges to the mouse to make it look like I am still online
  11. I'd love to forget about Dean ****** Windass
  12. I reckon those 2 sat on their arse would still offer our defense more protection than theyve had for years
  13. Only half watching but looked like a goal saving block from Kalas near the end there
  14. Surely it's time to stop having a microphone near the players for the national anthems.
  15. How do you defend against that?! Stunning football
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