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  1. Plus, what defines "making it" really? An academy player that doesn't manage to make the first team with us, then has a consistent career at LG1 is still playing at a standard that your average footballer can only dream of!
  2. No. 9 is Boulaye Dia, Villareal player. Not sure Fam is on the pitch
  3. 6-6 Semenyo double hattrick Think we might need it unfortunately
  4. Think Semenyo is going to need to score 4 for us to get a result here
  5. Ah well. Not too fussed about the cup. Most important thing is the performance and we were great for 105 minutes.
  6. And nobody else has any money either!
  7. Got a bit of the Semenyo about him. Not the most refined player but must be terrifying to play against as defenders just bounce off him.
  8. Must have moved to Birmingham from Austria aged about 15 so would imagine the bulk of his conversational English was learnt in a brummie accent!
  9. 'It is nothing to do with Weimann' Who scored a hattrick. Rightio
  10. I wonder if they will return to this thread everytime Weimann doesn't score in a game claiming they were right all along despite having never made an actual point.
  11. I don't think either player is at fault really, Semenyo can either hold his run or break into space but can't do both. And Weimann definitely could have played it earlier but was understandably tired and took a moment to sort his feet out. Think the second break where we were 3 on 1 was a far better opportunity & Martin's indecision whether to play it to Wells or Weimann was a mistake.
  12. Now the 'best of the rest' in terms of championship goals this season. Only behind Mitrovic, Solanke & Brereton-Diaz who are too good for the division really.
  13. Jesus we don't make it easy do we! Fair play HNM & Weimann, really impressive performances. Imagine if we could cut out the stupid mistakes, we would be talking about a dominant 3-0 win without Millwall really having a decent effort on goal.
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