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  1. Seems like a very sensible appointment Means Alex Ball can go back to the academy and ensure they younger players program isn't stagnated and the first team get another experienced head in to help over the next few months. One thing I would be interested in knowing is the role Cisse has within the coaching set up? He always seems involved in things without really leading/coaching anything? Off the field this year we seem a much more professional unit and am not against short term deals for experienced coaches as an external set of eyes can often uncover different ideas
  2. I think the bit about being 'too soft/too nice' is actually a really big issue. Can remember when Kelly started breaking through LJ said he was too nice and had assigned Mccallister to teach him 'the dark arts' of defending. Suddenly Kelly becomes a different animal with a new level of grit to him. I really think we need to find a way to bring this out of Vyner and Moore, think part of the issue is making mistakes and then not having the awareness/confidence to recover from that. But if you've found a way to 'ruffle' the striker/winger beforehand potentially they are also less likely to capitalise on any mistakes made.
  3. Lots of 'nearly' moments for Palmer in that first half, working hard and growing into the game without really achieving much... I know it sounds really weird but its something I've thought of for a while, I'd love to see Dasilva given a go in that Number 10 position. Think he's got such a low centre of gravity he would glide past players and create a lot of space for others, clearly a very intelligent player and is technically fantastic. Also got a bit of bite in him as well, we will never see it but would be interested to see what he can do there I like Martin but has looked a yard off it so far, maybe needs somebody playing closer to him. Nurse seems very very nervous as his touch has let him down a few times, however has done ok positionally last 20 minutes and did whip in a fantastic ball. Edit - This was typed before the 2nd goal as had assumed it would be half time so got a brew...
  4. Reminds me a bit of Dan Burn at Brighton looking at those clips, doesn't seem to be moving that fast but just glides past players... I'm not sure we'll be seeing him at Left Wing Back anytime soon though! The point regarding leaving the back 4 vulnerable is an interesting one, clearly something that Oxford have worked on with the Midfield covering when he goes forward. Given the shambles we had last year I wouldn't have trusted any of our midfield to do that, however now we have James, King and hopefully a fit Williams there's enough experience there to organise. I also tthink this could take some pressure of Kalas, people have said he needs a ball winning centre back next to him but arguably his best football for us was with with Webster. (Who was obviously a different level to anything we've had for a long time!) Last year Kalas definitely tried bringing the ball out more and having an impact but usually crossed the halfway line and panicked. Hopefully this signing allows him to become that ball winning Centre Back and takes some pressure off. He's got an amazing leap on him and will get in the way of anything, Kalas attacking the ball with Atkinson weeping up could be a very tidy partnership for the second half of the season I think he will be raw and may be one we need to patient with but looks like he could be a fantastic player for us.
  5. Just watched his interview, absolutely radiates confidence however also comes across as very mature. Got a good feeling about this one!
  6. Think Watkins would be perfect Right Side in a 433. Had a lot of criticism on here, some merited and some completely undeserved. Personally I think there's a good player there, just needs a consistent run of games in one position to find his best form.
  7. I don't think it's available on the Sky Go app. However if you download the Sky Sports App you can sign in using your sky go login and it will appear there about 5 minutes before Kick off.
  8. Based on Appletons comments earlier this week, Pearson until the end of the season and Appleton to take over from then? Personally I would rather just have Pearson longer term but not sure he fits the structure...
  9. Hes never been right before so I don't, I know those that do bizarrely though! Didnt know regarding the max stake stuff posted previously though!
  10. My friend text me last night saying to lump on Pearson. If he text that to 10 other people and they lumped on plus passed on the tip it would completely distort the market which is what I think is happening here. Hes never been right before...
  11. I have no idea what I expect the team to be or what I would do... So maybe just go for it Bentley Mariappa Kalas Vyner Hunt Semenyo Bakinson Nagy Massengo Palmer Wells Semenyo left wing back because why not, none of our other players can defend so at least he offers a threat... Midfield diamond full of running and a potential 'x factor' in Palmer playing as close to Wells as possible. This ony works if Nagy, Massengo, Hunt and Semenyo get beyond Palmer and give him options though. Bakinson key to get the ball off the back 3 and distribute so we don't just go long. This team will never see the light of day and probably for good reason, but we might get more than 2 shots on target... Edit- Can also go to 4 at the back but would have Vyner at Left Back over Hunt and Mariappa with Semenyo right and Masengo Left as would keep Palmer Central
  12. If its true I would send Massengo out on loan, ne needs a run of games that he wasn't getting before this signing. On his day the Lansbury will be the best player in the league, how many days will that be though? Certainly not many last few years
  13. I've been really impressed with Semenyo this year compared to what we saw previously when he played for us. Ideally, I think he would best be utilised as an Impact sub currently, I think him running at tired defences for a shorter period of time would benefit him and the team a lot more. But the issue with that is we have nobody else who offers us the pace and power that he does from the start, so unless we went back to 532 I feel like he has to play. The issue with 532 for me is the midfield currenrtly, if we assume that Nagy has to play on current form and likely Bakinson due to his deeper lying nature who takes the 3rd spot? Massengo would offer energy and feel like he needs a role where he can harass and press players as opposed to being the holding player like he was at the start of the season. Think with a run of games he could be very effective but currently he's not offering enough to be given a run of games... Palmer, if fit, would offer the creativity and 'x factor' that would be missing without Semenyo. Contrary to popular opinion I also don't believe he's lazy and felt at the start of last season he offered a LOT defensively and covered a lot of ground. Obviously then he was out of the side and we didn't really see that again from him, in a weird way I think he was probably told to go on and NOT press/harass and try to be in space for breakaways for when we won the ball back. As mentioned elsewhere think Palmer is reliant on players around him to be effective so Wells would need to play however the lack of width with JD injured would limit his passing opportunities and I guess lead to giving the ball away/taking too long. With all that in mind I'd quite like to see a Midfield 3 of Vyner, Nagy and Bakinson. Gives Bakinson a bit more freedom and potentially he can be that more creative outlet with Nagy moving the ball quickly and buzzing about. Think those 3 in midfield gives us the option to play 532/352 without Semenyo or 433 with him. For me, I'd be tempted to go back to 532 with Mawson back and use Semenyo as a plan B. Think there is a definite player in there but his game time needs to be managed to ensure he's as effective as possible whilst on the pitch. Right now I see him as more of a winger than a central striker so to have the option of changing formation mid game is a big positve for Holden and hopeully he can find a way to utilise that, and Semenyo as effectively as possible. If he does get a goal, I think he could blow up in the best possible way.
  14. I love Bakinson and loved Marv, but yeah, I couldn't think of two more contrasting players... Bakinson absolutely oozes class every time he plays, always seems to have time on the ball and an awareness of what's around him. Seems to be contributing a lot more defensively than at the start of the season, possibly because he's less exposed by the people in front of him? I've openly been a big fan of Nagy but didn't think he would get the opportunity again this season after being left out first few league games., however he got his chance and my god did he take it! Energy, intelligence and distribution are top notch and he breaks up so many counter attacks. Even if he doesn't win the ball he covers the space and slows it all up. As Harry mentioned, he's adapted his game well to know when to press and chase and when just to occupy the space, means he can be more effective over 90 minutes and not be blowing out his ass after 70! I did hear though his pre season fitness levels were incredible by all accounts though... Where he has maybe shaken the injury psychologically he's going into tackles harder and stronger and coming out with the ball. As alluded to above he seems to compliment Bakinson well and to be fair, him and O'Dowda also link up well. It's refreshing to see him and COD attacking the box when we get the ball out wide, Nagy is never going to score 10 goals a season, but if he keeps getting in those areas he will pick some up and that could be huge for us this year!
  15. I can see him going to a back 4 but putting Vyner at RB for extra height. Bentley Vyner Moore Kalas Dasilva Bakinson Nagy Paterson O ' Dowda Martin Semenyo But, I would be interested to see if we try and do what Spurs did last season where the shape changed regularly, so the above is what it would be out of possession. In possession I could see us attacking a bit like this Bentley Vyner Moore Kalas Bakinson Nagy Paterson O' Dowda Dasilva Martin Semenyo If they practice and get it to work it can be quite fluid, you've got the stability in the middle and plenty of width but the presence of Bakinson and 3 defenders prevents any Counter attack and he's mobile enough to drop into LB if required. Semenyo is able to drift into the middle which will create more space for Martin and Dasilva. It's pretty crazy and out there, but actually think it could work, although maybe not tonight...
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