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  1. Agree with this and the quoted post. Very very good at finding pockets of space and angles to receive the ball. Whilst long term he may end up playing as a '10' would br interested in seeing him play a bit deeper and link the play. Despite not playing much its something Nagy was very good at for us, receiving deep and snspping off forward passes. I know Afobe gets a lot of credit for Palmers initial form but actually think Nagy made just as big a contribution in those few games before his injury. Scott next to Williams/James would be interesting to see albeit they would both have lots of defensive work to do. But if we can get the ball forward through the midfield quicker will make us a far better side
  2. I don't think it's coincidence we looked more solid at the end of the season but also don't think it was because of Cundy over Kalas Just think it was a combination of having 'the spine' of the team fully fit and playing consistently together, as NP alluded to in his interview earlier it also felt like we maybe 'found the formula'. I think you take out Cundy and add in Kalas at the end of last season I think we would have been even more solid and a better side Certainly nothing against Cundy, did a decent job and can see why we offered a deal, can also see why he's chosen to gone elsewhere. Wish him well and certainly has potential to bite us as whilst he isn't 'young' he's still relatively new to senior first team football so has scope to improve. Feel that right now League 1 is his level though
  3. Yep some really interesting bits in there. Love these interviews and despite being guarded and closed feel he actually reveals a lot more than previous managers as less clichés and soundbites. Certainly got me excited for the season whilst delivering messages in a calm and measured manner, I've never once doubted he was the right man for the job and these interviews reinforce that for me. Hoping we start the season well and keep a lot of critics quiet early. Very much aware that as much as I like Nige, football is based on results and always a concern a poor start will turn AG toxic and that'll be a tough thing to come back from.
  4. Interesting he did quote 4 new signings though and not 3. I'm assuming he includes Klose in that but part of me hopes he isn't factored in and we get some more announcements soon
  5. Highly thought of coach Rosenior, regardless of how it ended here would like to see him do well as a Manager, always thinks he comes across really well
  6. If we were to land Sykes, Davies and Wilson (the three who have been heaviest linked) nice and early then that's 3 of our biggest problems solved straight away. Can't imagine any of them asking for extravagant wages so also ticks a lot of boxes from a FFP/Budget point of view. From limited clips I've seen Sykes looks very versatile and can play anywhere behind the front three, we've desperately lacked width that isn't wing backs so this signing ticks a lot of boxes I think. Slightly concerned by some of the comments from people who have seen more of him but hopefully the step up with better players makes a difference and actually brings another level to him as well. Very very early days but encouraged by the types of player we are being linked with so far, if we can land a few we'll be in a stronger spot than at the start of last season. Not expecting miracles next season but if we can avoid a relegation battle then its a massive step forward!
  7. Atkinson was my Man of The Match yesterday, hoping he can stay fit and in form next season! One thing I would have liked (in the circumstances, wouldn't ever normally advocate it!) was when JD went off shift him to LWB... He's deceptively quick when running straight and seems to carry the ball quite well. Think he would have caused more problems for Sheff Utd than Benarous who looks lost out there and been better defensively. Would have been a good out ball for Scott to switch play with Weimann and Wells sniffing out second balls. Brighton did it with Dan Burn a few times and was actually quite effective, would have also allowed Idehen to have a chance off the bench.
  8. This thread (and others) have done my absolute head in this season as I'm unsure what people were expecting? Surely at the start of the season most people would have taken where we are right now in the table? The football hasn't been great at times but I've also seen more at times from these players than I have the last couple of years. We are in a complete financial mess going into the summer but what we do have now largely thanks to Pearson and the coaching development is 2 or 3 players who can either be sold or be better next year. Think we will just have enough room to bring in a couple of cheap deals and should have enough to stay up again. (Other teams are in the shit too) Hopefully then the books are a bit more balanced and the structure behind the scenes then allows us to start looking forward. For me personally if we are safe again this time next year then once again Pearson has done his job. Not sure people understand how much of a mess this club was in and what a long journey it still is to get out of it. As somebody else alluded to, don't think there is anybody else realistically I would want in charge right now.
  9. Not sure what it was but just couldn't get into yesterday's race, found the bigger cars looked slower and didn't seem as enjoyable as the last few years, felt like I was watching an IndyCar race at times. Which is weird because the actual Race itself should have been really good, Leclerc and Verstappen's battle was good throughout and seems like cars are able to follow better which is promising. Hopefully just a one week thing and once adjusted can get back to enjoying it for the rest of the season, thought Mclaren would be off the pace yesterday but wasn't expecting that at all! Does feel great now that I can want Haas to do well again!
  10. Nope was exactly as you said haha! As a pretty novice gambler when it comes to horses I must say I'd never heard of it previously!
  11. Won a Treble on Bet365 which was supposed to pay out £302. Sadly they've only decided to pay out £230 and are refusing to acknowledge that it should have been more, glad I had screenshots which I've provided, ball is in their court now! Good to know that the methodology of 'pick the first one you see or a name you like' still works for Cheltenham though!
  12. Shame the statement says we have them on the front of the shirt until the end of the season, not anti gambling just don't like the logo... Guessing we can't do it because of contract reasons, but would love to see the club offer shirt sponsorship up between now and the end of the season to local companies. Would have been a nice touch and potentially achieved a lot of good for local businesses
  13. Think Simpson gets a rough ride because of his past. Taking that completely out the equation (think it's a separate debate as to whether it should and probably not the time/place for that discussion) I saw the logic/merits of this deal in the summer. Felt like NP was settled on Vyner as first choice and obviously bought in Tanner for development with DS as replacement/mentor. Don't believe Simpson's wages would be a game changer with FFP and don't think he was bought in to play as much as King for example. Obviously since that point Vyners form has fallen off a cliff and after a promising start Tanner has got injured, we've spent a large amount of time playing a back 5 which definitely doesn't suit Simpson and therefore hasn't really been able to get match sharpness. At his age I imagine it's harder to get match fitness without actually playing so not surprised he's not featured much even with the injuries/form of people in that position. So in my opinion a low risk, logical deal that just hasn't worked out, certainly not the disaster it's being made out to be
  14. I hope its the same format as the current highlights show, think they've found a really good balance of highlights, goals and a little bit of analysis too. Certainly much better than a lot of the other offerings over the years!
  15. I'm not sure what the rules are, but for me it's one of the best bits of refereeing for a long time. Ultimately, both were yellow card offences, and I would say they wouldn't have been 'harsh' cautions either. One thing that happens regularly and annoys me is when a player who has been booked makes a foul, the referee's seem to always either give the free kick and second yellow but allow no advantage, or allow advantage but then not send the player off when they would book them in any other circumstance. (Would love to see the reaction however if a player scored and then got a second yellow for a foul that happened 30-60 seconds earlier) Seems like a gutsy bit of refereeing to me and I liked it.
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