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  1. Ok, I don’t think there’s anything in this, but weirdly a guy I work with (who is a former professional athlete and well connected, albeit he’s never told me anything city related before) said that he has had s virtual interview and has been flown over to meet in person. I don’t think it’s true hence why I didn’t post however seems strangely coincidental as I had never heard of him. He’s probably told several people the same thing who have all lumped in which is why I think it’s been added, interesting one though...
  2. Robins at 20/1 got to be worth a few quid given he was close a few years back!
  3. Interesting thoughts, I would have concerns about too many players playing out of position but you can’t deny there’s goals there. At the end of the day, what have we got to lose now!?
  4. Unsure who would then play as the front 3 then would be my concern? Think Afobe, Wells and Diedhiou all need to play central and we would end up with Afobe left wing like today. Unless you drop two of them I think 433 is a struggle. I think we lack natural pace to play proper wingers like that as well personally.
  5. I think we can only play Palmer if we play 3-5-2 which LJ seems very much against at the moment. Slightly controversial but I think Palmer will be more effective with Nagy playing. He is our only CM intelligent enough to play a forward pass first time and just feel he would bring Palmer into the game quicker. Even if he takes a touch he seems willing to play passes forward and may just get Kasey a bit more space. Without that sort of player Palmer has to drop deeper and deeper and ends up being ineffective. Smith is trying to do the ‘Nagy’ role but dont quite think his skill set sui
  6. I would like Hughton or Bowyer, realistically I think it would be Robins (not completely against it but unsure he would take us to the next level.) Even more realistic I think is two more seasons of going nowhere (except maybe sideways, backwards, sideways again before a long kick to the corner) under Johnson.
  7. Stroud and Linnington within a few games of each other, somebody hates us...
  8. There was one decision in the first half that completely baffled me when Diedhiou has turned to chase a call and Dean, who wasn’t even looking at the ball, has grabbed him and stopped him moving... When he blew his whistle I thought we had finally been given something only for it to go the other way!? Completely inexplainable decision, the ref then had a word with Dean and spent the next 30 seconds following Fammy about to talk to him... Thought the free kick for the second goal was soft given some of the decisions that weren’t given but don’t think the ref was at fault for the result, he
  9. Honestly don’t know how he is still a professional referee!? Far worse than Keith Stroud and that’s saying something!
  10. I agree and disagree, before the second red card he was about to bring Kelly on having already bought on Taylor early. With the second red card he told Kelly to warm up again and had a long discussion before bringing Eliasson on. I agree with you, I would’ve bought Eliasson on straight after the second red (probably before actually) but I think he deserves credit today for adapting which he hasn’t done enough
  11. Maenpaa 6 - Didn’t do a lot wrong but not as composed as usual Hunt 7 - Solid enough defensively and great cross for the goal, interesting to see who gets the nod at RB next game with Pisano playing well... Webster 7 - Got caught out of position a couple of times for probably the first time this season. Very solid again on the whole and great to have a defender so capable of carrying the ball out Kalas 8 - His best performance for a little while, wish we had a chance of signing him permanently! Da Silva 7- Certainly better than Kelly has been last few games, seems to have
  12. Think it was the right sub to make 5 minutes before they scored, Weimann played well but was knackered! As soon as they scored it should’ve been Eliasson
  13. Thought Taylor’s movement last week, particularly first half, was brilliant. I would keep the same team and bring Diedhiou on after an hour or so if needed. We were outstanding last week so I don’t see the sense in changing it
  14. https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/swanseacity/forum/228852/page:1 This thread has everything, high praise for us as well as us being criticised, Kelly was both sensational and Average, and finally, I’m pretty sure two 60 year old blokes are gearing up for a fight... Well worth a read...
  15. Maenpaa - 7 Hunt - 7 Webster 8 Kalas 8 Kelly 9 Pack 7 Brownhill - 8 Eliasson 7 Watkins 6 Taylor 7 Weimann 8 O’Dowda - 7 Without a doubt our best away performance for a long time, don’t think anybody had a bad game
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