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  1. Not sure the age of the article, but it's up for sale!
  2. I second this. Delicious Sunday lunch. Must go back!
  3. Steve Craddock I believe - simultaneously lead gutairist for Weller's solo career and OCS. He did a some solo work a few years back as well. Not sure how well received it was, but watched him on the Grain Barge and he was excellent.
  4. He did - my mate bought it!!
  5. Burgers: Asado Squeezed Milk Bun Honest Burger Three Brothers Burger Theory Quay Street Diner All very good!
  6. The fact that you think this is even possible proves you have no idea how vaccines work.
  7. If you like your scandi crime drama's (The Killing/The Bridge), then The Chestnut Man on Netflix is pretty good.
  8. I'd suggest buying "Weird Bristol", think there are 2 books now, written by a local author. They are broken down into a several chapters (each in a different area in Bristol) and are laid out in a series of walks. Each walk has about 10 stops on it with a significant "weird" historical story attached. They're facinating and a nice way to have a wander around Bristol on a Sunday afternoon. Did the Castle Park one at the weekend!
  9. No we don't. We can condem both based on the actual events we witness. Offenders should be punished in line with the severity.
  10. Off there on Friday night! Will report back....
  11. Went to Root at Wapping Wharf at the weekend. Mainly vegatarian small plates (tapas style), with a couple of meet/fish dishes, but don't let that put you offf - superb food and nice location/views. Agree about Pasture and Little French - very good. And 7 Lucky Gods for the Korean Chicken alone!
  12. Who would you have left out to accomodate those 3?
  13. No, you said... "He was the Commercial manager at AG a few years ago. He wasn’t particularly good in that role.", then when asked to substantiate you backed it up with heresay and rumour.
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