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  1. What I must say though is I haven’t seen a home city win since the Man United cup win. I’m just looking now and since then I’ve been too: Wolves, Man City, Norwich, Sunderland, Hull, Forest, Argyle, Villa, Reading, Derby, Swansea I’m back for my first game since the firs lockdown on Saturday...
  2. I thought I had an impressive away record until I read yours! Wins - Fulham x3, Stoke, QPR, Reading x2, Hull, Forest, MK Dons, Argyle x2, Charlton Draws - Preston, Bolton, Burton Defeats - Man City, Villa, Burnley, WBA, Cardiff x2, Reading, Argyle 24 away games - 42 points collected (three Argyle games between 2003-2010) then all the rest after 2015 when I turned 18!
  3. When I was 16 my distinctively average U18s football team beat Plymouth Argyle Woman’s team 18-0. Have always based my opinion on the standard on that.
  4. Apologies if I have missed something already... Are we expecting to play youngsters in one game and go full strength in the other? Or a mixed bag? Didn’t know if Exeter game being streamed free was a point in the direction it wouldn’t be the first team? Anyone going to either games?
  5. Sorted 4 tickets for the away end today. Nice 5 minute walk for me to the ground! Hasn’t been advertised very well this one - have the club posted anything on the official channels? If you want to go give Argyle a call - be good to see some fellow fans - it’s been FAR too long
  6. Shocking, not working on the app for me either. What a waste of money that was
  7. With the easing of the restrictions on 19th July is anyone planning on attending any of the friendlies? Plymouth Argyle have just announced ticket details for our game and confirmation away fans will be permitted (Pre Season Tickets Now On Sale | Plymouth Argyle - PAFC), details to be published shortly. They are expecting to get close to a sell out apparently such is the anticipation to get back into a full capacity ground. I'll be there as its right on my doorstep. Anyone else planning on going?
  8. Many thanks @Fjmcity and @Spike you’ve gone above and beyond for me there. Really appreciate your efforts, they are top notch.
  9. Ideally we wanted to order the kit today as we have friendlies very soon, no worries if you can’t mate, appreciate the offer @Not Banksy
  10. After a bit of help if any City fans have the skill and time... I live in Plymouth and have just set up my first Sunday league team. We have sponsorship from a local pub down here, Stoke Bar & Grill. Hence our names is going to be Stoke Bar & Grill FC! Basically we need a badge but the efforts in our group chat are woeful to say the least haha. I didn’t know if we had any budding graphic designers with time to spare - I know some people enjoy that sort of thing. I’m completely out of my depth with anything like that I must admit. The colour scheme would be red, black and white. I suppose the badge could pay reference to it being a pub with a pint, barrel or something. But generally it doesn’t need to be anything special, something useable after seeing the efforts from our group would suffice Bit of a random one and expecting this post to sink to the bottom of the page pretty quick. But worth a go, cheers all!
  11. Point taken. Be interested to know how you would line the squad up under those rules. FWIW I'm a big fan of Dasilva, think hes technically brilliant and one of the first names on the teamsheet when fit.
  12. It's a fair shout judging by that season, I didn't really choose the players based off of their form within that specific season but good point!
  13. Just come across a Facebook post picking an England side containing one England player from each of the last 11 tournaments. Thought we could put a City twist on it... Pick an English starting 11 using one player from each of the past 11 seasons. I've gone: (4-4-2) Tom Heaton (2012-13) Luke Ayling (2014-15) Aden Flint (2013-14) Adam Webster (2018/19) Jay Dasilva (2019-20) Antoine Semenyo (2020/21) Cole Skuse (2011/12) Josh Brownhill (2017/18) Joe Bryan (2015-16) Tammy Abraham (2016-17) Nicky Maynard (2010-11) Still think that would have beaten the Scots on Friday!!
  14. Not totally convinced Greenwood was going to be in the squad. If he was, you'd naturally see it as an opening for Watkins. Saka maybe a 'wildcard' option too. Unless he decides its an opening to squeeze Trent on the plane last minute!
  15. Half hoping someone can help, I have feint recollection of a pre-season friendly(I think?) v Man City. I was sat in the Atyeo, I would have been 5 or 6 years old, possibly 2000? My Dad bought me a white away kit that I still have in the loft. Don't recall many goals if any. Maybe 1-0 or 0-0. So 21 years I guess!
  16. That's literally one game where he's struggled in recent months. Other than that he's been spot on in all aspects of his game, the second leg against Madrid he looked a complete different player from memory, going in both directions - best player on the pitch with an outrageous passing range. All of this with Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams as Liverpool's centre backs. John Stones is a Champions League finalist. Harry Maguire cost Man United 80 million. If that isn't enough protection then we may as well give up - why do we always have to be so negative as a nation. Will be seriously disappointed if we don't really attack these Euros, we have a great opportunity here. Get Trent in that starting 11.
  17. Will be a travesty if Trent misses out. Unbelievable player that should be a mainstay in any England starting 11 moving forwards. He's had a poor season supposedly, yet still managed the more G/A as a right back than anyone else in the PL, for the third consecutive season. 22 years old FFS. Get him in the 11 and make it work. For what its worth agree he will cut Trent from the squad, will go with his 2018 cohort Trippier, Lingard etc. Southgate is such a weak manager. Selecting a 33 man squad sums him up perfectly.
  18. Yeah the 2011-12 season, he scored a goal v Coventry at home to help us seal our safety. Season after 2012-13 he left for Palace. The same season Steve Davies joined. In the podcast above Davies talks about the service he and Baldock received from Adomah and Bolasie in the season he was here... but Bolasie never made an appearance with Davies because he had already left. Just find it amusing some of the stories these ex pros seem to imagine up (see it time and time again ) Harry Redknapp the worst for it
  19. I'm talking about the season Steven Davies was here. He played the 23 the season before.
  20. These type of podcasts always make me laugh. 90% of the information is recalled completely incorrect Like how at Blackpool they had two foreign goalkeepers as their only substitutes for their season opener (swore on his Daughters life and all!), everyone was blowing but they couldn't make a sub... turns out they had 4 substitutes and only made one... Oh and our flying winger Bolasie that gave Baldock and Davies brilliant service for the season... Bolasie with his one appearance before moving to Palace... Why spoil a good story with the truth, ey!
  21. He embodies everything NP looks for in a player. No chance he was ever going to release him - will be a key player for us IMO.
  22. In a far superior division, despite being absolutely dire, we managed 13 more points than they did playing in the division below. I can't even comprehend how bad they must have been this season to register 38 points in League 1. They are absolutely dreadful whereas we are pretty rubbish. Wouldn't call it tinpot, perhaps slightly cringey but its essentially a group of lads having a few pints and a laugh. I'm sure they had a good day and good for them.
  23. Problem is even if they tried to score an own goal they'd miss the f**g target!
  24. And there was me thinking this season was a write off! Get in boys E I E I E I O
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