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  1. I'm just baffled by this whole saga, what on earth is going on The longer it drags on I'm actually starting to worry something is fundamentally wrong at our club, be it financially or whatever. The whole thing just seems weird now. The only grain of hope I have that it isn't Holden, is surely he would have cut his holiday short to get going in what has to be a 'dream job' for him? And surely it wouldn't take 5 weeks to realise the next manager we want was right under our nose? Or maybe Hughton demanded his own backroom staff and it was deemed too financially damning to pay everyone off in the current climate. So we have just gone with what we have + Williams. Or maybe the club is waiting for Hughton to agree Holden can stay. Who knows. Wish I didn't care. Bored, frustrated, irritated and let down. Come on City, an update at least please for my own sanity!
  2. I've just got this nagging feeling we have sounded out a young 'big-time' ex footballer who would be more adept working alongside Mark Ashton. I'm thinking along the lines of Robbie Fowler, Phil Neville, Michael Carrick and Freddie Ljungberg - an ego based appointment to boost the reputation of the club. Alternatives to Gerrard if you like. Ljungberg would be an interesting one potentially, certainly seems the 'head coach' type, Arsenal connections for young talent on loan. A Swede who could convince Elliason to stay put. Trying to convince myself we are at least going in a different direction at this stage !
  3. Was always going to score, was planning all day to put two separate bets on Bobby or Joe to score, didn't get round to it of course!
  4. Maybe he can replace Holden as assistant manager in a duo with JMac?
  5. Appoint Hughton and the fans will give him 10+ poor games before we hear any grumblings Holden, I give it ten minutes into the new season. Potential to be VERY toxic!
  6. I can almost hear Mark Ashton addressing the fans in a statement already, telling us what an elite level coach Dean Holden is and how his interview 'blew them away'. For all we know Dean Holden could go on to become the best manager in our history. I hope he does. However, what an absolutely uninspiring appointment. Embarrassingly drawn out affair that makes you think he was 4/5/6th choice and fallen into the position by default. I'm one of the most optimistic fans you will ever meet. But, I am extremely worried as we stand with this seemingly imminent announcement.
  7. Nigel Adkins is all I will say. No interest in stirring the pot and I’ve never previously had any inside info on the club. However, whether you are interested or not, I’m 95%+ certain he’s been interviewed from as good as a source you could ask for. Strong interview too. Cant/won’t say no more (probably already have said too much). Not far at all from the appointment now.
  8. That’s the yeast of my worries. Just get him in
  9. Sorry if that came across wrong, wasn’t a dig at you! I actually agree with your post, you’re spot on. Was more sarcastic dig at all of those who seems to think Lansdown doesn’t have a plan or any idea of what he’s doing. When in fact it’s totally normal to take your time with a managerial appointment, especially one that will make or break or progress as a club.
  10. Who the hell is getting relegated? points deductions potentially all over the league
  11. It’s almost as if Lansdown knows what he’s doing and is practicing due diligence with a group of strong candidates. No, wait. He has no plan hence why we don’t have a new man in yet. For a minute there I almost got carried away thinking our chairman was a successful, tactful and conscientious businessman!
  12. That’s not actually a completely outrageous shout I suppose. They’re certainly good mates. I did wonder if something had been leaked from the club that we have been pursuing a young scouse manager, presumed to be Gerrard when in fact it was Lowe
  13. Exactly. I remember reading he wowed the Argyle chairman with his presentation when he landed that job. If people want exciting, attacking football with a specific style that’s exactly what you will be getting. He also has the advantage of being young, hungry and successful (two promotions in his two full seasons as a manager). A really likeable bloke who is passionate, honest and fiery yet tactically aware in line with modern football. Also, pure speculation here, but I’m quite certain would buy into the club ethos and work alongside Mark Ashton. Only one issue for our fans, he’s the ‘cheap’ option so is automatically crap and will do shit
  14. I’d be happy with Ryan Lowe
  15. Disgraceful thread #WhitesLifeMatters
  16. And before anyone mentions yes I do know Hull (6 points from a possible 57/8-0 defeat to Wigan) would have to beat Cardiff on the final day. It’s football, I’ve seen far more unlikely scenarios play out. Especially if they beat Luton on Saturday and have a sniff of staying up. 2 defeats in a row at this level isn’t an unrealistic feat no matter what team you are. Also for the record I don’t think we are making the playoffs! Just would be nice to have something to play for on the final day, it’s what football is about for me!
  17. Middlesbrough 1-0 Cardiff Swansea 0-1 Bristol City QPR 1-1 Millwall Anyone fancy a (very very tiny) bit of final day hope?
  18. Rangers play Lyon in a friendly tomorrow. Be interesting to see if Gerrard is there and if he conducts a pre/post match press conference
  19. How many DMs is he about to get from opportunist parents
  20. Well Boro and Hull taking points from Cardiff looks likely
  21. Or just two Cardiff draws and three City wins! Millwall dropping points in one game. I haven't quite given up yet - I'm just one of those people haha
  22. Bristol City 5-0 Stoke City Middlesbrough 1-0 Cardiff Swansea 0-2 Bristol City Bristol City 3-0 Preston Cardiff 1-0 Hull Millwall drop points. 6th on GD - easy.
  23. Fighting to stay up you never know Or we go hard tomorrow on the trail for goals I know I'm delusional !
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