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  1. Yeah you could easily do that in red, white and black…. Key is to stick to it. Palace still regularly use the white with diagonal blue/red stripe - that’s another unique example.
  2. try reading that again… I’ve said the stripe makes it unique. If it didn’t have the stripe/hoop what would it be? Plain blue. All I’m saying is City could do something similar so we stop looking exactly the same as forest, Charlton, Swindon, Barnsley etc etc.
  3. I had that one. Toss up for me between that and the Umbro one as our best ever. I agree with the posters saying we should wear black shorts. Red and white lacks identity. I like what Sampdoria do with their plain blue and white…. The stripe makes it unique. We could do similar and claim an identity.
  4. Good news I reckon. I think it’s only their home kit but it makes sense to hold a home kit and build a bit of tradition/identity over 2/3/4 years….. and not rip off supporters as much as they do now. As a pay-off let teams do what they want and have as many change kits as they like.
  5. At least one of them will have a massive point deduction. I admire your optimism but you could have said the same thing after our awful end to last season, about the start of this season, as you have about January. Pearson hasn’t got anything going here. Do you trust him with transfers? Presumably he’s looking through his little black book of injured ex-Leicester players as we speak.
  6. We’re a disgrace - image how bad we’d look if the point deductions were added on? That’s masking a relegation standard team - one that’s worse than when NP took over IMO. We need to get shot of Pearson, bring in Warnock and start playing men’s football with a bit of organisation and purpose.
  7. We’re relegation fodder. Only Derby and Reading’s deductions are hiding that. We’d be 2 points off the bottom 3 without their “help”. Wonder who will get thrown under the bus this week?
  8. I literally cannot believe that’s 10 years. Where does time go? RIP.
  9. Hopefully you’re right. We also need him settled in one position… if he’s still dealing with the step up then being shunted around the pitch won’t help and isn’t fair.
  10. For me he looked best in midfield. He’s pretty comfortable on the ball, can pass, has a shot on him and height is an asset. Needs to reduce the errors but they are less often punished from midfield. I’m disappointed that he seems to be on NP’s discard pile. Agree the the arm ‘round shoulder comment above. I’d rather see the new management/coaching team looking to improve him (and others), especially as they’re former defenders. To counteract the small squad point, we also have a small budget, so making the best of what we’ve got is sensible rather than trading and bringing new/additional players in.
  11. That’s how I see it….. they both did what they were allowed to. The regret is the money and opportunity afforded the pair of them achieved nothing in a material footballing sense.
  12. It’s all interesting speculation but January is some time away. 3 games in a week, 2 at home, I’m more interested in seeing whether NP can get a tune out of what he has… so far it’s been a lot of talk and “jam tomorrow”. If results (and hopefully performances) don’t improve it might not be NP’s problem to decide who goes in January. The blame and binning of players is frustrating it would seem better to me if we were also seeing other players doing their jobs well and improving with good coaching… I’ve not seen a lot of evidence!
  13. Hard to tell as we’re now tangled up with the rest of Bristol Sport. Unless the stadium and training ground are included then it’s hard to see what there is to invest in.
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