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  1. He certainly didn’t like loan signings being selected for him!! We don’t need 3 left backs and for all we know Nurse might have forced the issue and wanted to get out and play more games…. Even if that means dropping down a level. I’d admire him for that.
  2. Good point and makes me think… there couldn’t be a better place for us to loan our prospects - they’ll get a great football education with Cotts and Wilbraham.
  3. And no Nurse today either…. Though he’s played a fair bit in pre-season.
  4. And Cundy? Or is he being farmed out on loan/perm?
  5. Hopefully Baker plays. Didn’t he go off after 45 mins the last time he played? Hopefully he’s fully fit and more robust this season.
  6. Is Charlie Brown any good? I heard they signed him for peanuts.
  7. Strange timing this game. I know it’s only a friendly but you’d never normally flog people for a week and ask them to play a game the next day.
  8. Who want their box entries splashed all over social media??
  9. Good question. Is he tactically better this tournament than last…? I think so. Can he be tactically better in Qatar in 18 months? I hope so. I’d stick with him….. he’s also massively improved the culture of the team. Another way of looking at it would be he’s had tremendous tools to work with and is he the best from them? I’ve made him sound like another up and coming young English manager we all know!
  10. Didn’t need sleep machines with him droning on (about drones probably!)
  11. How do we do it? How do we get him properly acknowledged? I fear the current club hierarchy knows little or nothing of him. I’m a funny way BCFC82 wasn’t a new club but a continuation…. The Lansdown era is a new club. He deserves proper recognition. A stand, training ground or something…. Better than the “8” plaque tucked away on the Atyeo stand. (They also deserve better recognition). No reason that a stature holding the trophy wouldn’t be inappropriate. Any ideas how to get something moving? Sadly the majority of fans are probably after his time…. don’t want it to be too late.
  12. I did similar. Sat on the bench as a kid… that’s the most exciting thing ever when you’re that age. I’ve one overriding memory and that was Glyn Riley nagging him the whole of the second half “get me on boss, get me on boss”.
  13. Thank you. The other thing I should have added is that he got his reams playing decent entertaining positive football. I think that’s what what annoys me when I see sone of the expensive cautious rubbish that gets served up these days. Let’s hope Nige is able to get entertaining football going again…. It’s been a while!
  14. Loved his time at the club. Those were great days when I’d first started watching. Saved the club, worked himself into the ground. Those tears at Wembley still get me every time…. From a man who’d done way, way bigger things in the game with Leeds and England. I’d like him better acknowledged at the club…. The Terry Cooper Training Ground would have been good….!!! Seeing as he delivered entertaining football with kids and rejects while training on parks - that’s high performance!!!
  15. “…the new staff…” getting a mention…. The only new staff are medical…. If anyone should know how poor the old lot were it will be Baker!
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