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  1. We seem to have had a nasty habit of coaching this out of players in recent times.... Massengo a prime example. Let’s hope all that’s changed and our players play with freedom not fear.
  2. I think that’s eliasson’s problem, he didn’t really fit in.... he’s a proper old fashioned winger. The game is full of wide-ish midfielders and wide attackers. He’s not really either. He’s probably be best converted into a really attacking wingback - in the way Cotts used to play wingbacks. I really hope DH can get us playing that way.... entertainment.... remember entertainment???
  3. I was more questioning my only memory of him.... The Lesser Spotted Marley. LJ seemed to produce him out of nowhere for a 5 game run once a season!
  4. It’s also easy to see how 433 and 442 didn’t work. In reality we only had Eliasson as an effective wide player. The squad’s been best suited to 3 at the back for years now. One observation, I think Watkins can/has played as a central striker, I might be wrong. I imagine he’ll be on his way but I think there’s a useful player in there.
  5. I agree to some extent. I think we all need to get our heads around he fact that he is, in reality, SL’s voice/henchman.
  6. And..... as he’s such a great appointment why on earth are we risking losing him with only a years compensation due....
  7. Steve only appears when there’s good news or he can show off. This a job for the kid and the spin doctor. We’ll probably not hear from Steve for a year.
  8. I see Steve bought Jon a policeman dressing up outfit for his birthday.
  9. I’d love to know what LJ decisions DH strongly disagreed with. If he didn’t then we’ll get the same again (which is what I’m expecting).
  10. I think they are writing off this season and hoping to survive at Championship level before “going again”. Massive gamble.
  11. Just think, in another world Bristol City would have behaved like a normal football club and had an experienced manager in for the last two games. He’d have assessed the squad, made decisions on who stays and goes and we’d be seeing a squad taking shape for next season.... in another world.
  12. He’s a kit man who probably earns more than the bare minimum you could pay him. Our bid for the prem is now looking like a major cost cutting exercise.
  13. Well year on year progressed used to suit a lot of people on here.... 11th anyone?
  14. I’ll just protest financially. If I can’t watch the first home game of the season, they will have breached contract and I’ll have my season ticket money back. They’ve gone for the most cost effective option, so will I.
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