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  1. He taught us a lot as supporters and many more maths
  2. No, originally met at a party in Redland. Met her in the Hawthorns after joining RAF and not telling her !! 50 years married this December.
  3. Preparing for this game as I do for every City match. Full of hope ( make note see my shrink tomorrow) anticipating a tight match with plenty of passing back and sideways ( City supporter for 62 years !) Italian wine banned, plenty of snacks to eat during match ( cleaners in S19 Row 19 hate me after a match ) Few pints before the match ( cheaper prices though at our pub ) Come on England DO US PROUD
  4. Neil, yep they will all be there watching, lets raise a glass (or 2) to them and the team. Would give anything for them to be in the same room tomorrow night.
  5. Well done Adam. Great to watch a MOTD and hearing Bristol City mentioned so often, even though it was JP !!
  6. Well done Foxes, lovely to see respect for their Chairman who tragically lost his life 3 years ago....................a Real team hope Nigel works his magic with us now. Great day for football
  7. Welcome Home Richard. At least a CEO with BCFC in his DNA. ok
  8. Absolutely tragic news. Condolences to Jordan's family. RIP Little Guy
  9. Used to live in a detached house owned by the club on Whitchurch Lane if I remember correctly. Near top of Bamfield.
  10. One of the best to ever wear a City shirt, I'll walk a million miles as we used to sing.
  11. Excited. Quite simply we have a proven Manager in NP. I think as he is 'The Manager' and not Head Coach that should tell us something. I believe SL will have said, 'Dont care what you do within reason, Get us there, might be 1/2/3/4/ windows, but just get us there ' After 6 decades of supporting City, every few years I have been excited about the next season..............................................or is it the tablets I'm on ?
  12. Same here Pongers, as a Wednesday supporter as well, Rotherham to lose or draw and the Owls beat WRDC and Owls stay with the Robins
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