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  1. I really hope so daored, she is beneath contempt and so is he and I am a peace loving man but I hope they both get hounded to hell in jail. Just going for a meal tonight with my daughter and 6 year old grandson who I give plenty of hugs to.
  2. Another one from my boyhood days, as John Aldridge said, he will never walk alone. RIP Ray. Now in the best grandstand in the world.
  3. RIP John. Thanks for all you did for us.
  4. Available from Lyons Tea Shop at a s(nip) For you older supporters
  5. Cant grumble. Got grandson his kit 2 weeks ago. 20% discount plus my £10 ST discount so got it for £30.
  6. Curle's departure means that it is owner Abdallah Lemsagam's ninth change in head coach since his arrival at the club in 2018. Some owners NEVER learn, hope we never get one like these ego-chasers
  7. First Game 18th April 1959 v Leyton Orient. John Atyeo dominated.
  8. Couldnt care less, cant stand the club, even lost to us a couple of years ago
  9. Got my 6 year old grandson this for his birthday last week, should I have given him a Liverpool kit and a better start in life
  10. Quite so Reg, OTIB is well ready to take over
  11. Just been given this and takes you back to pre 1961 when footballers were in no way cosseted as they are today. A really good read and maybe one for the Xmas stocking !
  12. Nail on head, all down to money. I have a hearing problem and have waited months to see a specialist, saw him and waited another two months for an MRI two weeks ago. Still awaiting results. If I went private, could have seen a specialist in Bath within a fortnight, MRI in a week and would have known months ago what problem was. The rich will always give a reason for their 'importance' over us plebs
  13. Yes, I was there that day and the old man told me not to talk coming out of the ground ! RIP Gerald. A true sportsman.
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