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  1. Don't worry, the new coach is already in place, has been for weeks, spotted running around Failand, incognito, very fit and far ahead of the others
  2. Dean Thomas John Holden (born 15 September 1979) is an English former footballer who is currently the head coach that no one wanted at Bristol City after his name came out the Clubs Tombola filled with the cheapest options.
  3. I think this could be near the truth. I see a reshaping of BCFC from how we recently have been operating. I thought it might be Big Sam as I think he was at Bolton when Holden there, might be wrong, but I think now it's more likely that CH will be DOF, concentrating on the team and assisting DH as Head Coach, with MA running the day to day transfers, etc. Like Monsieur Poirot, my little grey cells have been working overtime. We shall soon know.
  4. Am thinking that way as well Colin, we could be in for a pleasant surprise............
  5. I'm with you mate................strange feeling, similar to the one I had on my honeymoon night 49 years ago
  6. That is what I am hoping as well. It would stack up.
  7. I played a couple of games for BMF in the 60's. If I lived in Ashton still, would join you.
  8. Little clue, my younger brother lives in the New Forest and is an International Tax Consultant. Eddie is not interested.
  9. Trouble is LR this weather brings the ****ing idiots out en masse. Bridge near me with traffic lights and cycle lane either side. Lights were Red, idiot just carried on over the hump back bridge, anything coming other way would have crushed him.
  10. think you may be getting very warm indeed Wendy
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