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  1. Oh really? Just out of nosiness, why have they been a disgrace?
  2. I love the different perspective non-league gives you. I was hoping for a big away day at St Albans before we were knocked out! The idea of getting someone like Grimsby is dreamland stuff.
  3. I’d like to keep hearing about the women’s team. Please keep posting. Thanks.
  4. Yeah they seem to have a solid following in Brazil. As far as I know the Corinthian club in Brazil is actually named after the English club though! Socrates himself made an appearance for Corinthian Causals. And the non league team toured Brazil in 2015, playing the Brazilian Corinthians side in front of 30,00 people! Quite an interesting story: https://footballwhispers.com/blog/favela-parties-food-drives-facebook-superstars-inside-story-corinthian-casuals-brazil/
  5. Corinthian Casuals scored an absolute worldie on Saturday: https://twitter.com/MeuTimao/status/1444322250677792773?s=20
  6. Then again, our equaliser would have been reviewed and 100% ruled out for offside so, overall, think we did alright on the refereeing decisions.
  7. The win. At the end of the season, where does a point get us.
  8. Push for a winner City, go on! Prepared to gamble the point.
  9. Oh right that sounds potentially more promising than it could have done. Thanks.
  10. A hamstring injury. And so it begins…
  11. Realistically a point wouldn’t be a bad result, even if it does stretch the winless streak to 15 (fifteen) matches. Almost feel a performance is more important than a result today. We have played very poorly in our last two, maybe three games. A return of 5 points from the last three games flatters us big time if you ask me.
  12. No you can’t drink pitchside above National League South/North. It was one of the interesting points about the proposed ending of the drink ban. Might not matter financially for clubs like us, but for smaller sides in the National League/League Two the revenue they could make from serving beers could be hugely important.
  13. It’s alright he’s not coming to Millwall anyway so chalk that down as a loss.
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