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  1. Genuinely impressed at the 24,000 attendance. I’m following from afar and can’t say I’m feeling any huge motivation to get down the Gate after several very dull seasons so fair play to those who did.
  2. I genuinely think that’s one of the worst penalty decisions I’ve ever seen!
  3. If it's anyone's thing, there is a fantasy football league for the upcoming women's euros now: https://womenseurofantasyfootball.starlingbank.com/#/welcome/login
  4. I think the pitch invasion is probably because they turned around a five goal swing to win 7-0… not because they’ve beaten the lowest team in the league. We’d obviously pitch invade too.
  5. Fair enough. Can’t say I’ve had anything like that in non-league, but sounds like you’ve been doing it a lot longer than me! Ultimately there’s idiots everywhere unfortunately.
  6. Went to Wembley for an England friendly a few weeks ago. That was dreadful experience - full of coked up morons in knock off stone island too. This was a good article on the subject: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/5a7cb68c-8a54-11ec-8600-c48a9935f856?shareToken=a801a9794310c0ef237d5957db835c7c If you’re fed up of it, I really can’t recommend giving a non-league game a go enough (ironically yes, the above is technically non-league). Totally different atmosphere, but no less passionate. Entertaining games, enjoy a drink as you watch. I’ve done a couple away games and you’re generally made very welcome by the home team and supporters, plus you’re generally visiting some nice places for a few Saturday afternoon beers (rather than Stoke). You’d be surprised at the standard too.
  7. Yes but you’ve taken a snapshot there. Nottingham Forest have won European Cups and the top division. Notts County have won the FA cup (albeit in 1894). Sheff Weds have won several cups. Sheff Utd were in the prem last season. Both get higher attendances than us. Bristol clubs? Well… we won the JPT three times I guess. We’re easily the most underperforming club in the country IMO.
  8. Readings win tonight just about relegates Derby IMO. Nine points adrift with 18 to play for.
  9. The four-way relegation dogfight is looking increasingly like a two way shootout now between Derby and Reading. Still feel that Reading are really just a mini-run of two or three victories in a row away from being safe.
  10. I think they’ll miss out on the play offs too you know. Seems a few teams with momentum heading in the opposite direction to Sunderland - Sheff Weds for instance. Who knows, maybe Sunderland will do a turn of the century Bristol City and be stuck down there for 7, 8 seasons. That would seriously damage them as a club I think - a whole generation of kids growing up in the north east seeing Sunderland as a league one team.
  11. I mean, wasn’t that there first point for weeks? Seem to recall they did a great escape season before last. Would be good to see that again.
  12. Seems at least some Sunderland fans pretty unhappy at the news, which you don’t normally get with a sacking. They clearly do expect to win the league and be almost unbeaten don’t they.
  13. We are finally having a ‘nothing’ midtable season. Playing good football, playing youngsters. Great to see. And promising. Always harder to enjoy it when we concede in the 95th min, but we’re 14 points clear of relegation as it stands so I’ll try to enjoy the progress and performances.
  14. Perhaps this is a terrible thing to say, but does no one else think that Derby fans might actually have quite a lot of fun following their club from Division 10 back to the football league? A phoenix Derby County would be playing at a decent level within a handful of seasons. I appreciate that there's people's jobs on the line, and the economic hit to the region would be significant. But from a purely footballing perspective?
  15. Bentley inspires so much more confidence, in my opinion. Frankly, though, we're not going up, we're not going down. If we think it's beneficial to be giving O'Leary the experience and game time to the end of the season - so be it.
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