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  1. Surely beating Germany 2-0 with late goals and the pub going wild is entertainment enough? I certainly enjoyed it.
  2. Maybe. But like I say, not convinced. Would you do a partnership with Dulux now if you think they might immediately take the piss out of you for short-term gain? I wouldn’t. I personally think it was quite damaging for their brand. But hey, here we are talking about Dulux two months later so perhaps you’re right.
  3. Hmm not so sure. Not all attention is good attention and it made Dulux look like idiots, and pissed off their sponsorship partners. Even if they did do it deliberately, wouldn’t have been with Spurs’ blessing so can’t imagine they were pleased.
  4. Sunderland fans need to accept they don’t have a god given right to get out of League One. Let alone a right to win the league, beat every team 3-0, and play like Barcelona. They seem determined to sack another manager which will be how many since they went down? Maybe someone should suggest a long-term strategy for them. Have their parachute payments run out now? Think they’ll only find it tougher down there next season with Wednesday and a strong Rotherham side as well as Ipswich, Portsmouth, Charlton etc. Maybe even Bolton!
  5. Sigh. We’ve been three years away from promotion for thirty years.
  6. Yeah but the fact they have a large membership and are the richest club in county cricket is surely a positive for him!! Seems like a good appointment to me.
  7. I heard that - absolutely outrageous!
  8. Strangely the minute where Rotherham conceded and Derby scored was overall a good one for Sheff W... they just need to score to stay up!
  9. To use some cliches, it feels like Chelsea are trying to put the cat back in the bag when the train has already left the station. Unfortunately for them and their big six friends, they've shown their true colours and so royally screwed up their ESL announcement that allowing minimal fan representation in board meetings isn't going to be enough now. As for the OP, I understand the sentiment. But I do draw a distinction between Bristol City and the so-called elite clubs. Feels to me that we're still a club rooted in the community for the most-part (helped by our utter lack of success, ever). I think we can do more to make the fans feel closer to the club, but I can't say I'd feel particularly moved to attend a fan protest which, whatever its intention, would surely be viewed as one against Bristol City's ownership.
  10. I thought you were talking about a wedding venue there for a minute.
  11. A late Rotherham winner here all but relegates Sheffield Wednesday. In a strange way, that could work to Derby’s favour?
  12. No it asks you to but if you click X on it it takes yiu to the commentary. For me at least.
  13. Even though I personally admire the club (or used to) Sheffield Wednesday deserve to be relegated for financial mismanagement. Derby County I'd love to see relegated because I think they'll probably be much stronger next season, Rooney being relegated would be funny, and they've also tried to cheat the FFP system. Imagine Derby, Wednesday, Sunderland, Ipswich, Charlton, Portsmouth all in League One next season. Wouldn't fancy trying to get out of it.
  14. I bought myself a Middlesex membership this season. I'm a Somerset fan, but it only cost £70 to get access to all home Middlesex matches and I wanted to watch some live cricket. I have subsequently discovered that because I must sit in the members' areas, I have to wear a shirt with collar to every match. There is no option to buy what is, effectively, a season ticket at Lords in the year 2021 without having to wear a collared shirt to every match. In my opinion, absolutely bonkers. I know we all love cricket for the tradition, but enforcing dress codes on fans just seems mental to me in this day and age.
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