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  1. Great write up as always. Interesting to see you also noted just how easily QPR were able to cross, shoot - whatever - from their left hand side. That was the most undeserved three points I’ve ever seen us take in the flesh. We were boring and other than Bentley and Massengo I thought we were pretty poor all over. But hey, three points is three points.
  2. I thought he was awful to be honest. He looked nervous. But hopefully he’ll improve, was his first game at the level to be fair.
  3. It’s just so boring. All the stopping and the tactical breaks and the ‘go down for a minute’… ugh maybe it’s because I’m not there in the ground tonight but Christ alive it’s tedious.
  4. I don’t think it’s that complicated. Some people go to the games and love to sing - fair play to them. Others are primarily interested in watching the football, having a chat with friends. Equally fine. When there’s a big, important, exciting game the latter group will join in. Sometimes even if there’s just a big moment in an otherwise ‘standard’ game. But when you’re midtable, 6 games into a season, and drawing 0-0 with Preston - it ain’t gunna be the San Siro is it.
  5. Think they comfortably beat us last season didn’t they. Still, we need a home win - 4 points from any set of two games is good return, but if we take 2, or 1, then it’s pretty poor really.
  6. It’s a good result IF we beat Luton in midweek.
  7. No one wants to believe it before they have to, do they. Have to say that was an illuminating post to read by Fevs even as a City fan. Didn’t know about the ‘consultancy’ - shocking. Torn. I quite like Ipswich and I’d rather see them come up than Sunderland/Portsmouth but don’t like Ashton and I want him to fail. Also, that’s a strong League One this season, and Ipswich are already 7 points off the autos. I know there’s a long way to go, but that’s a decent enough gap to close already, across a season. I don’t think they’ll go up automatically, to be honest.
  8. Signing 19 players is extraordinary. How can they afford that!?
  9. ‘One for the future’ or here to play?
  10. Does anybody know how to access the red button on the Sky Go computer app? Very frustrating.
  11. Feels like a big test tonight. Throw away a 2-0 lead to draw (or lose…) and this season is off to a shocker. But get three points at Reading whatever happens and it would at least feel like a kickstart.
  12. Not sure just came off FaceTime
  13. Would far rather watch a semi-dysfunctional City side with players like JET, Adomah etc. in it than the current lot. We’re just painfully boring now. Why is entertainment never the number one priority for a football club?
  14. You have to hand it to Gregor. Every time I come on this forum we’re all talking about him and the Bristol Post. I suspect the sports pages of the Post haven’t been this widely read for years.
  15. Ah Jesus - I’m actually so bored of Bristol City just being a bit crap. Not annoyed, just bored. Better see some green shoots soon.
  16. Surely beating Germany 2-0 with late goals and the pub going wild is entertainment enough? I certainly enjoyed it.
  17. Maybe. But like I say, not convinced. Would you do a partnership with Dulux now if you think they might immediately take the piss out of you for short-term gain? I wouldn’t. I personally think it was quite damaging for their brand. But hey, here we are talking about Dulux two months later so perhaps you’re right.
  18. Hmm not so sure. Not all attention is good attention and it made Dulux look like idiots, and pissed off their sponsorship partners. Even if they did do it deliberately, wouldn’t have been with Spurs’ blessing so can’t imagine they were pleased.
  19. Sunderland fans need to accept they don’t have a god given right to get out of League One. Let alone a right to win the league, beat every team 3-0, and play like Barcelona. They seem determined to sack another manager which will be how many since they went down? Maybe someone should suggest a long-term strategy for them. Have their parachute payments run out now? Think they’ll only find it tougher down there next season with Wednesday and a strong Rotherham side as well as Ipswich, Portsmouth, Charlton etc. Maybe even Bolton!
  20. Sigh. We’ve been three years away from promotion for thirty years.
  21. Yeah but the fact they have a large membership and are the richest club in county cricket is surely a positive for him!! Seems like a good appointment to me.
  22. I heard that - absolutely outrageous!
  23. Strangely the minute where Rotherham conceded and Derby scored was overall a good one for Sheff W... they just need to score to stay up!
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