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  1. Spot on, I'm getting to the point of not bothering. My 8 year old asked me why I was sat down when we scored last week.
  2. For the first time in my life I have no desire to go to watch City........ I wonder what could be causing that feeling?
  3. Little OTT fella....... Seek help & support but most of all put that blade put off reach!
  4. He's always stated his desire to manage Bristol City, so my guess his answer would be yes. Equally he still has a home close to Callington in Cornwall and is known to "rock up" and coach school children at the local school and every year takes his club side down to play friendlies in the local area. I know Tavistock have benefited from these pre season games. Not many characters left in the game and will be sad once he hangs up the tracksuit.
  5. Always looked to me that Jules was being lined up for replacing Jeff
  6. The question is what did Andy Ralls and his medical team actually do with him last season. Genuinely worrying for the guys career now.
  7. If there was a job ever more suited to an individual I'd like to see it! The Academy continues to be in great hands with a team of people that really care about doing things right.
  8. You're right, what have the Lansdown's ever done for us?
  9. I'm not sure I should have searched on my work computer.
  10. Maybe, maybe we have a goalscorer in our ranks in Nakhi Wells. Fingers crossed he's allowed to play through the middle. If we're going to play with 1 upfront as seems to have been the way in pre seasons I don't think another striker without one leaving will be the best way forward.
  11. If the last 18 months can get any worse, please raise your head now! RIP TC, the man who almost signgle handily rebuilt out Football Club! Always to be remembered.
  12. I can hear it now............ "but you've not been in the Premier League!"
  13. Let's quote SL, the financals for this season when it comes to sign them off will be "horrific". Financial prudence will mean like any other seasons "trading" will take place with the sale of a number of players that have value.
  14. The club is full of players who don't want to be here. It's not about questioning who's in charge at the moment. Personally Nige is the best man available for a rebuild. You try and do a job with players who won't even pick up tools let alone put them down. Sadly the likes of Bentley and Semenyo will need to be sold to generate funds for a rebuild.
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