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  1. I think that ball design technology will be more likely to provide the solution. Of course, health of players is the paramount consideration, but it just wouldn't be the same game without heading. Footballs get lighter and safer with every passing decade. I personally hope that this will provide an answer.
  2. We wouldn't be on here now without him. Simple as that. Rest in peace TC.
  3. Still can't get used to Decordova-Reid.
  4. Chin up. He won't be with you as long as he was with us. Ipswich are getting Mark Ashton. That's a far bigger problem.
  5. Fell out of the European places and lost 0-5 to Man City yesterday. Top of the league at the start of the season but done by really shit home form. Bit like my first team really.
  6. You spelt 'human' wrong.
  7. I remember England v Belgium. We had to be at our sixth-form leaving do by 10.30 or the doors would be locked and we were in a pub about four minutes fast sprint away. Platt volleyed Gazza's free kick in to save us from penalties at about 10.25 and the tables went up. We just made it!
  8. I must have been stood right by you. Always remember that.
  9. I'm definitely to the right of the goal there somewhere!
  10. And in previous seasons through Lee Johnson's promised autobiography. Although nobody will be able to understand it.
  11. Yeah... ... our defence never spots those.
  12. He absolutely would. And the Anti-Fam brigade would have a night off here that night.
  13. The French ARE ridiculous. Disclaimer: Joke. (just in case).
  14. He probably has in the current climate. But I don't doubt that the club's (Ashton's) outpourings on the subject were at the very least embellished.
  15. I think I might post random shit until I get the 'Community Regular' rank. I must be at least that.
  16. I still remember Steve Bull scoring against Scotland at Hampden in the late Eighties. Criminal really that he only got a handful of caps despite averaging about 40 a season because he didn't play for a big club. FAO of Wolves fans: You still aren't a big club.
  17. He's not the first player to mentally leave the club a bit early and he won't be the last. Pearson still played him until we were safe, which suggests he isn't quite as useless as a number of people make out. Personally speaking, I wish him well and thank him for his goals and in particular that long period of toiling on his own up front with no service under Johnson.
  18. I'm just replying because I want to be a Posting Machine too.
  19. If I was Weimann or anybody else for that matter, there is no way I would sign a new contract on reduced terms. Of course, football clubs will all be tightening their belts at the moment, because they have had little income for the last fourteen months and we are still in a time of uncertainty. The whole world is in a time of uncertainty, including footballers. So why the hell would anyone expect them to sign a three-year contract on reduced wages, when for all anyone knows the lay of the land could look a lot rosier in twelve or even six months? We just need to activate Weimann's year extension and see what transpires.
  20. Ah!... the memories! Thanks for posting.
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