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  1. This thread won't be complete until somebody says that they will never set foot in the Gate again if it happens.
  2. I think Naismith will be captain eventually when he's settled. Already touted as a leader. I don't agree with giving it to Wiemann. Not that he's not capable, I just don't really like forwards as captains because most of the play is behind them. Defenders have the play in front of them and midfielders are central to everyone. Maybe a simplistic view I suppose.
  3. Hanging On The Telephone - Blondie
  4. @Davefevs I was going to offer my sympathies, but I now realise that you were talking about the game. Edit: @RedRock beat me to it.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/639087909492017/posts/pfbid0NgkVpHtvW8nX279teRTNzMtLgVXYQgmZywHDMaU5SF8kyzKf5cjf71ELL6NpKtpHl/?sfnsn=scwspmo
  6. Superjack


    Spending money to be able to spend money... Are you throwing your hat in the ring for the future PM?
  7. I have been there too. Nice is nice but not as nice as Monaco. Oh... and I took my niece.
  8. No it's not. It's Nice.
  9. Good luck to the guy. Not a particular loss to us at this moment in time, but always thought he showed a lot of promise. Wouldn't be surprised to see a good career in future seasons.
  10. You really are the most appalling WUM.
  11. I think it's called 'Selective Memory'.
  12. You may be correct. I can't speak for the whole fanbase. Only myself.
  13. Said it at the start and I'll say it again. "Show Pony". Could have understood why we signed him if we hadn't already seen him on loan. Was delighted when we signed Kalas and Dasilva permanently. I said at the time, "We have got the two we needed". Then Ashton and Johnson couldn't help themselves. It will sting, but I think we should just pay the ****er up and get shot.
  14. Not what Pearson has said at all. Full of praise for Wells this season.In fact I think he said he would like to keep him. I also think that it isn't up to Pearson.
  15. Absolutely this.
  16. If we have to move Wells on to trim the wage budget, that's fine. A shame, but fine. No way should we get rid of him for footballing reasons, despite what the experts on here think. Nahki Wells has had a similar problem to Weimann here. Up until Pearson's tenure, he was usually asked to play wide. Pearson realises that both need to be played through the middle. That is not particular praise for Pearson, a moron could see it, but our previous 'managers' didn't. Weimann has started most (if not all) games this season through the middle. He has got 20 goals. Given the career scoring records of the two, how many do you think Wells would get, afforded the same chance? Thankfully, unlike a lot on here, Pearson does seem to like Wells. So do I. And I hope we can find a way for him to stay.
  17. Micky Naynard? Oh wait... it was all about his son's accent. As you were...
  18. The first one will be me. I will be gutted. But I have actually never been to Goodison. The closest I have got was Anfield in 94. It's high on my agenda before it is bulldozed. Looks like I may be in the away end!
  19. Cardiff will probably have a go.
  20. She dropped a b*****k there, didn't she? Absolutely busted. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.
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