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  1. Brilliant game, if we get to the final going to be very very tough.
  2. I like it, would prefer the badge was not central though. Wonder why the Robins badge is not red/white, would have matched the top and sponsor logo better.
  3. No idea how they get away with temporary stands for so long. I can understand events that last months or a year useing them, but just odd they are allowed for long term seating. Maybe that's the cheap way forward for the Ayteo when it updated, a big top with benches
  4. Always liked how clean useable OTIB is compared to many club forums that I have been on. Tom does an amazing job, one of the best ( if not the best) football forums I have come across.
  5. We need a DoF to implement a lot of that. I also think Pearson will stick to 4 2 3 1 as is preferred formation. We have certainly cleared a lot of players out, but those left are not comprising a team pushing for a top half finish at present. Our recruitment is going have to be pretty good. Think the next 18 months will see a big transformation in the team / players, and then maybe, just maybe we can push on....
  6. If you have a problem with Fordy PM him, if you have an issue with the contents of a post, alert the mods.. stop derailing the thread with a petty self righteous argument.
  7. Wonder if any still under contract have also been told that they should look for new clubs as well...
  8. Our head of sports science only had seven months experience at Stevenage before joining us ? Is that common for multi million pound set ups ?
  9. Wells gets the golden Boot.... well earned
  10. Doesn't he have just one year left on his contract with bigger clubs sniffing around him. Can't see the sense in loaning him to a league one club. He's gone around a few clubs before signing for us, we need to get him involved in the first team squad and how he signs a contract as he is the most promising of our youngsters ATM
  11. As its the home of our teams and staff, they should have called it Robins Nest
  12. So is there some sort of resettlement package available to tea ladies ? How has she been able to afford to follow MA around... Buy a kettle and some manky coffee / sugar containers and make it yourselves !!
  13. Can someone post direct links, I always struggle to find the current podcast. I like OSIB, though the presenter does have a rather monotone flat voice, which makes him sound bored out of his mind ( but probably better than my high pitched wailing). Forever Bristol City, as someone mentioned. You will listen to say Ian for a few minutes bouncing all over the place, and just as he finally gets close to the point / answering the question will get interrupted and talked over by the host... And it happens continually, I like that he challenges views etc .. but it gets irksome after a while. Think also Ian with his HPC jokes would be a lot funnier if he didn't trip over his version, get tongue tied or even pronounce it differently at times. When I heard him start saying it on Radio Bristol I wondered if he would trip over his tongue.. and sure enough... Not quite so funny if you struggle with the line. But to be honest just nice hearing people chat about city and different views.
  14. Just out of interest. How can one person be responsible for so many injuries ? I would have thought that even a semi competent person could do at least a half decent job. Having staff around you, and players used to recoveries and looking after themselves, you would think if someone was woefully bad or out right dangerous they would be called out on it. Just always seems odd that we can pin it all into one man being "not very good"
  15. Think a 12,000 seater stadium will suit them fine. If they start getting big gates then providing it has the land around it to be able to upgrade stands as they go they would be fine.
  16. Will be interesting to see how quickly the OOC players sign new contracts with clubs. Will be a good indication as to how many were playing with their futures already agreed elsewhere.
  17. I wonder how it would go down if one or two players were just released. Would that galvanise the rest for the next few games, would they just think "why couldn't that be me, paid to stay home". Would it hurt their career as? Or do clubs not care about such things ?
  18. Just hope someone somewhere is looking at a plan to actually have a competitive team in place for next season. If we wait to long we will be left with the dregs in available signings, and those who can't / don't leave as no one else wants them.
  19. Are we that good a opportunity without the stadium and training ground. What will their money actually be purchasing. It would just be a name, leasing all our facilities and making a loss...
  20. We have to remember investment into Bristol Sport and BCFC are not necessarily the same thing. Steve has a huge multiillion pound project to get of the ground, and I imagine the investment will relate more to the new indoor arena, hotel, housing, and commercial work than BCFC.
  21. Surely now the Ipswich deal and MA moving over, Steve has come to get the new blood in through the doors and old out. He would have known that MA was part of the negotiations for this deal and you would imagine has a replacement already lined up. He needs to confirm NP and be here for a orderly transfer for all the employees. If that is not the case, the do we seriously have MA still recruiting for us... It would seem a large conflict of interest. I personally wouldn't want a outgoing employee negotiating contracts, or feelers out for players. It is just asking for problems.
  22. So now we need a decent commercial CEO for Bristol Sport and DoF for BCFC and we will might be able to start moving forward.
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