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  1. Just out of interest. How can one person be responsible for so many injuries ? I would have thought that even a semi competent person could do at least a half decent job. Having staff around you, and players used to recoveries and looking after themselves, you would think if someone was woefully bad or out right dangerous they would be called out on it. Just always seems odd that we can pin it all into one man being "not very good"
  2. Think a 12,000 seater stadium will suit them fine. If they start getting big gates then providing it has the land around it to be able to upgrade stands as they go they would be fine.
  3. Will be interesting to see how quickly the OOC players sign new contracts with clubs. Will be a good indication as to how many were playing with their futures already agreed elsewhere.
  4. I wonder how it would go down if one or two players were just released. Would that galvanise the rest for the next few games, would they just think "why couldn't that be me, paid to stay home". Would it hurt their career as? Or do clubs not care about such things ?
  5. Just hope someone somewhere is looking at a plan to actually have a competitive team in place for next season. If we wait to long we will be left with the dregs in available signings, and those who can't / don't leave as no one else wants them.
  6. Are we that good a opportunity without the stadium and training ground. What will their money actually be purchasing. It would just be a name, leasing all our facilities and making a loss...
  7. We have to remember investment into Bristol Sport and BCFC are not necessarily the same thing. Steve has a huge multiillion pound project to get of the ground, and I imagine the investment will relate more to the new indoor arena, hotel, housing, and commercial work than BCFC.
  8. Surely now the Ipswich deal and MA moving over, Steve has come to get the new blood in through the doors and old out. He would have known that MA was part of the negotiations for this deal and you would imagine has a replacement already lined up. He needs to confirm NP and be here for a orderly transfer for all the employees. If that is not the case, the do we seriously have MA still recruiting for us... It would seem a large conflict of interest. I personally wouldn't want a outgoing employee negotiating contracts, or feelers out for players. It is just asking for problems.
  9. So now we need a decent commercial CEO for Bristol Sport and DoF for BCFC and we will might be able to start moving forward.
  10. Did the piped fans remember to clap for 2 minutes as we don't do respectful silences
  11. Wouldn't be surprised, they really liked him there.
  12. Let Mark Ashton run Bristol Sport, and all it entails, but not the player / footballing side of it. He really should be commercial only, there is more than enough to do there, especially with all the projects coming up. Also, why exactly do we need a voice at the EFL ? What exactly is it we are saying / getting that other clubs don't ?
  13. I'm unsure how having 14 OOC players is a good thing in regards to our squad. If 14 people in my workplace were told they had no contracts at the end of the year "so prove your worth" then I'd be amazed if much above "bumbling along " was achieved. To suggest that it puts us in a good position due to so many clubs having transfer embargos. Possibly, but that is more luck than planned for, we could not know that would be the case at the start of year. If all 14 do go, that's a big loss of money, definitely not something you would expect to be part of a plan. We need to be more ruthless in transfer listing people in their final year if they are not signing on. I'm not sure I like the 1 year options either. It just feels, your not good enough to offer a full contract too, but we need you for now, and hey gives you and your agent a year to find somewhere else. We really need a DoF in the training centre. He would be overlooking the youth teams and academy. He should be recruiting players, coaches, medical team, scouts and a Head coach to implement a planned and consistent play style throughout the whole system. There should be a planbed pathway for youth, and players identified to take over specific positions if we should lose it sell a playrt. We currently have nothing like this, it feels all piecemeal and ramshackle, and we have sold all or valuable assets Kelly, Bryan, Reid, Webster, Brownhill, Kodjia and let others go for a pittance that are now playing at a level higher than us. It does not suggest a plan.
  14. Could be why so much is on hold. You would assume new owners would want to place their own manager, and backroom staff. Is it going to be more than BCFC and large investment into Bristol Sport
  15. Maybe we need to tell a couple of players to collect their stuff and not turn up for training. Stay at home, good luck for the future. See if that maybe makes at least a few people out in a little effort, as who wants to offer a contract to someone who the previous club would rather they stayed at home than play / train with the first team... It shows a big chara6 flaw and will impact their ability to get other offers.
  16. Find it crazy that a whole organisation, worth 100's of millions all geared to supporting one person for success, and they appoint someone not ready, but persuasive... It's actually pretty laughable
  17. When the Basketball have their arena, maybe they can start pushing for the slot if third most supported team in Bristol
  18. Bristol Sport is more than just BCFC. The amount of money needed for the hotel, arena, and investment into basketball, rugby, football as well as getting music venue viable and a hotel up and running is going to need a lot of cash. So I am not surprised he is looking for others to buy into the Bristol Sport model. A board of wealthy people, investing and making things happen in South Bristol can only be good for us.
  19. I still don't understand why they don't just make the Mem into a decent 12,000 seat stadium... If they had just done one end every few years it would have been all done now. If they should need the extra seats (prob top half of Championship for a sustained period) look to expand. They have what they need, and had / have the money... They just can't be happy with what would be appropriate and want unrealistic / unobtainable grand builds.... Really sad.... They should look to FGR, Yeovil and not us... There is no shame in it.
  20. I'd like the purple / Lime to be our 3rd kit and white / red as our away/2nd kit.. The purple Lime looks good on TV, but it's just not something I would wear / buy. I have numerous red, white, black City kits that I wear now and then...
  21. Cardiff have played this style for a few years now. There is nothing new here, long balls to a wing, pull the opposition across the pitch, switch play and cross whilst all the players are running back towards goal.
  22. I have no interest in returning currently. The last couple of years have been pretty dire, and as much as I miss going to AG, I can honestly say I am not missing the football. After the Millwall game, not I have even lost the desire to watch at home. The club really need a change of direction if they are expecting season ticket sales to be strong in 2021
  23. Hospital's, they are ramping up and preparing for Flu not Corna virus atm
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