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  1. :-) - I'm taking screen shots of the chat box - in case court proceedings to get bags of coin due to me is needed in the future.
  2. why don;t you guys use the chat box - no need to refresh the forums then
  3. Just got in - turned on radio and so far things seem to be going ok....... they can have as much possession as they want providing it's nowhere dangerous - hmmm just seen the other results are not going to great for us tonight - still early yet..........
  4. To be honest I have low expectations tonight - Brighton have been playing some good football, blend of good passing/movement but with the more traditional fast/hassling English game.... A point would be good, a win... well would be delighted, just need to get out there, and keep doing what we have lately and we might be in with a chance of getting some/a points/point.
  5. Ipswich winning as well - looks like we are going to do this hte hard way.......
  6. Well cannot fault a win - damned close though. Only real downer was hearing that Wednesday and Birmingham both came from behind to win their games, and that Watford put 3 past Forest......... any way 3 points, can't argue with that, and defence looking a little tighter, though they scare me to death at times.
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