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  1. How do they get away with putting up these temporary structures over such long periods. They are designed for one off events like the Bath and West show etc not permanent sporting stadium stands.
  2. there must be CCTV all round the place -
  3. How did I miss this - I have been semi away the last few days, but was this posted anywhere ? https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bristol-rovers-fans-angry-over-2905398 Bristol Rovers may have shared Twerton Park for a decade, but Gas fans are not exactly enamoured with Bath City at the moment. Rovers played at the Romans' ground between 1986 and 1996, following their departure from Eastville, and many Gas fans have a soft spot for the National League South side. Yet a number acted with surprise, and anger on Friday, after the Romans unveiled a choice of away kits for next season that fans can vote for. That's due to the fact that Bath have changed kit suppliers from Errea to Bristol Sport - the retail arm of the owners of Bristol City, Bristol Bears and Bristol Flyers. It was an announcement that was met by a mixed reaction from Rovers supporters, as well as some followers of Bath, who pointed out a group of City fans were convicted of a devastating arson that took place at Twerton Park's main stand in September, 1990. Dan Wright: Bristol Sport? Get in the bin lads. Holmz: Bristol Sport? I used to like Bath City ... Sam: Bristol Sport?? Horrific. Mike Lee: Bristol f****** Sport? Having a laugh surely. Jonathan: Bristol Sport?! That's my potential shirt purchase out the window... Jay Collett: Bristol Sport is not a good move. The idea was a result of Bath approaching Bristol Sport to manufacture their kit as chairman Jon Lansdown explains: "We’ve been manufacturing bespoke kits for our sporting group (Bristol City; Bristol Bears and Flyers) since 2014. "Bath City approached us to see if we could work with them and we are pleased to be their official kit supplier for next season. We look forward to seeing the team wearing the kit for the forthcoming campaign." There is no takeover in mind and no wider plan, as feared by elements of the Bath support, it is simply a case of Bristol Sport branching out from the teams owned by Steve Lansdown. Bath and the Robins have had a close relationship recently, with a number of young players heading out on loan to Twerton Park. Recent seasons have seen the likes of Antoine Semenyo, Freddie Hinds and James Morton loaned from the Robins to Bath. Bristol City's first signing of the summer was also to bring Bath Player of the Year Robbie Cundy to Ashton Gate on a two-year contract. The announcement also led to many City fans delighted to see their club extending links with the local community, and rubbing salt into the wounds of the Gas. Mitchyl Downs: Love the Gas getting wound up by this. Ashley Gent: Love how they are rustling all the Gasheads with Bristol Sport, superb stuff. James: Gas tears, City cheers. Dave: Always had the Gas lot down as sound people but the state of some of these tantrums over who does the stitching of a non-league team. Absolute cringefest. Bath fan Keith Leakey arguably gave the most considered viewpoint over the situation. He said: "Five years ago i would have been really against anything to do with Bristol City, but times have moved on and sorry but they have helped us a fair bit in the last few years."
  4. Possibly, I know Rovers will costs a lot of money, but there are people out there who just don't care about costs for one reason or another. Will be interesting to see, their man in London must be making at least some calls to justify his £250,000
  5. my uncle thinks they are close to a deal with a US deal, god knows where he heard it from, but he's not usually the gossipy type, but wouldn't say anything else, so who knows,
  6. Should be a nice economic boost for South Glos. The people of Bristol can maybe join a company, and get to a position where they are sent on a conference sometime at the Temple Meads developement so they can check it out.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if someone asked them to scout us ahead of a game as they are all local and out of work.
  8. Don't under estimate the money in children's parties
  9. There was someone talking about their USP's as well and to be fair the club really are missing a treat on some of them - but when your struggling hand to mouth painting your front door is a luxury.
  10. The whole thing is funny, the opening post was a conspiracy theory (below). I find it weird how they distort the whole Bristol Rugby / ground thing - quite happy to stitch them up and steal their ground, then ditch them when going to UWE in a nice new stadium because they won't need them and they would ruin their pitch. The opening post was - seems his timelines are a bit whacked regarding where any conflict of interest may lie as well.
  11. Well before the transfer took place, rovers fans were debating the contract that Matty had just signed for them. They were saying it was great and he was a legend for signing guaranteeing they would get a fee for him as opposed to just going on a free. In that thread they debated a minimum clause and many said it was £300,000.00. So they have themselves to blame for putting it out there well before we approached him.
  12. whoo whoo hold on there sunshine - I think you will find that there are a LOT more portacabins and cargo containers dotted around the ground now thank you very much !
  13. Maybe you missed it.. Stew man has left the building.
  14. "Assistant manager Marcus Stewart has asked to be released from his contract and the club have reluctantly agreed"
  15. Maybe Wael fancies the job, he's tried being a owner, now why not a manager ! Who knows with his career trajectory he could be dishing up pies or sat on the sidelines as a ball boy in no time. There is no start to his talents.
  16. Looks like another Gas Head shot his load a little to early.............
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