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  1. Oh no someone wished the Gas good luck, must go into 4 year old salty mode. Christ, grow the **** up.
  2. The Bristol city relegation party thread on gad chat has to be up there.
  3. in all fairness outside of this thread people on this site think he's a good manager and wonder why he didn't leave when his stock was high. So, nope not hated by most 'Teds' - we just find him kinda funny, and a little sad to still be at that dump.
  4. Why, oh why would he subject himself to thankless job of owning BRFC again. He must enjoy pain.
  5. Seems the club have confused themselves as well - do they need planning permission or not, they said they don't need it, yet still agreed they need to put planning permission in once the structures are up - so they did know they needed it. A spokesperson for Rovers said the current status of the stands were as ‘temporary structures’, which doesn't need planning permission. They said the Safety Advisory Group, which issues safety certificates for the stadium, had worked with the club throughout the process over the summer and were happy with what has happened. The club worked with all the relevant authorities, including Bristol City Council, on its plans, and said it was agreed they would first put up the stands as temporary structures and then apply for planning permission once they were up. But neither stand has formal planning permission, and the club has now submitted a retrospective planning application to Bristol City Council.
  6. COMMENTS Nick Higgs Sep 23, 2018 Wouldn’t have been built under my watch. In fact nothing was. Vaughan Andrews Sep 23, 2018 Thanks for your support guys.
  7. People trolled through the family earlier in this posts and estimated the families worth around £70 million - a lot of money for sure, but as it's mostly assets I doubt they are a very cash rich family.
  8. I can't understand how they get away with putting up these type of stands - they are meant for temporary seating for events not long term stadium seating.
  9. Wheres the money ? UWE and training ground, as well as paying of Wael is what upwards of £50 million, is the Mem land going to net them that much profit, seems like if you have that sort of money their are probably better investment opportunities out there.
  10. Quality for the marquee also looks too high...
  11. The contracts don't really work like that though. They say it's a 2, 3, 5 year contract but they will have release clauses in them for either party which would be maybe a years salary compensation if the manager is sacked or they leave for another club. TBH even the Cheltenham job though a league lower would be better long term prospect than Rovers currently.
  12. He will stay there until sacked, I am not sure if he's afraid or just has zero ambition, but being at Rovers with no money and a plethora of valid excuses seems to suit him fine.
  13. We are sitting deeper now it seems. Swansea finding it easier to pass from the back / midfield.
  14. some really nice football, could be 4-0 up and Swansea could have no complaints... well
  15. Did you see Victoria Coren Mitchell on the show. She was laughing at people not being able to recognise the truth or not by reading people, I bet David Mitchell is the most loyal husband on earth, because he's getting nothing past her.
  16. Kind of feel sorry for Wael. By all rights he should be watching games in a nice shiny new stadium. Him and his family entertaining friends, family and business contacts is corporate hospitality at the ground. Nice offices and a foot hold in the UK for whatever they wish to do, all with a nice football club to invest in a little (of course then a nice wad of cash from pocketing some of the mem money). Instead he was sold a dud, and I imagine his family are none to happy about it either, as selling / staying is going to tarnish their business credentials one way or the other, I expect they have no idea what to do with the club at the moment, so just treading water hoping something comes up.
  17. Have no problem with people giving other view points and input, it keeps people honest. The thought of this place turning into a echo like the Gas forums.... nope.
  18. Surely you have a auto signature if you work for a company with a company email address.
  19. Yeah we talked about it when they were buying the colony - So in Nobbygas world giving people chinese burns on their cocks is a thing - bet his friends love him
  20. yes it was 5 (5-10) i did type 5-10 but it did not register just the -10 came out.. FFS (fat finger syndrome)..
  21. Well it was asked of DC and LJ "where do you see the clubs in -10 years time" - DC replied with something uninspiring like being able to afford their own match balls and kits or something equally lame, and LJ just smiled and said to be playing in Europe. So no he was not being 100% serious, just mischief aimed at DC and Rovers.
  22. If he truly can get 50+ million in funds, there surely are better prospects out there ?
  23. It's still hilarious as we said from day one that they had no money. Whilst we linked their worth and what they could realistically spend, the Rovers fans were getting more and more carried away - any of them could have looked the new owners up but instead just went full on bat shit crazy mode in their excitement. It was months before they started would even admit they were not as wealthy as they thought, then a year before realising we were right in the fact they had no money to spend on the club. As for banning City fans, they always have, that's why it's such a deluded echo chamber over there.
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