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  1. So even their forum rules are a dumb contradiction.
  2. How can the Bristol post not know how Easy jet works, you book early to get cheap tickets, the more tickets sold the higher the price of those remaining. They have nearly always operated this system.
  3. Wow @TETBURY MASSIVE calling our Police liason officer a Snake - I guess suggesting he thinks she's a liar -
  4. Hey don't mock his ear, half of it was bitten off by a shark. He was rescuing a disabled child who was thrown off a ferry by a city fan, the kid was so traumatised he even manage to sell the poor shell shocked kids family a Rovers season ticket. .
  5. But a seat is not always a chair. A chair (legs back and seat), a seat can just be a foldable piece of plastic (Ashton gate seating) a bench, a stool. The mem has chairs that are seats, we just have seats that are seats regardless of anyone is sat.
  6. Are they chairs or seats ? A chair is always a seat, but is a seat always a chair ?
  7. I like the fact someone asked for the thread to be locked because it was critical of Rovers. They really do like a debate few bubble don't they.
  8. Btw if Pack is capable of freekicks like that, why the hell has he been hiding..
  9. Birmingham probably had the better chances, if they could finish they would be ahead, 4 really good chances, the hardest one they scored. As for us, well it's not pretty, but so far we are at least getting chances which is a 100% improvement. Shame we still look so uncomfortable at the moment, Birmingham don't look a team near the bottom of the table.
  10. yep, when he was asked about the state of the pitch at Fleetwood and asked if it would influence the game he said "well it's the same for both teams" and it was not unusual as a lot of the pitches in league 2 were of a poor standard.
  11. Also DC forgetting what League he plays in when chatting about the state of pitches in "League 2"
  12. CEO is a position I would not let someone remain in if I knew they were going to a competitor especially during a important contractual/financial period that can impact your coming season.
  13. sadly they have been keeping their heads down so no comedy gold of late - don't worry though, like the shittiest Kim Kardashian story - they will be everywhere soon enough.
  14. because there will be clauses in the contract including wage increase, renumeration etc - so if you want you % increase each year, or a larger win bonus, position bonus for the next 2-3 years you sign the contract. You get offered extensions if your doing well, you get as much as you can whilst your stock is high. But in those contracts will be clauses on what happens if either party wishes to part ways, that is what the club will give the manager if they bin him, or compensation that your next club pay your current if they poach you.
  15. Kind of a nothing interview - kind of suggesting things were happening when there was nothing really. Still no stadium news, just somethings happening in the background (same as the last X years) Bought a training ground - um no you bought some fields and pitch, still no training ground being built there or plans. DC 5 year contract - again old news and meaningless, as the club can get rid of him whenever they want, or he can leave whenever he wants and both parties will get their 1 year compensation as per most of these types of contract. They might as well have announced they gave him a 100 year contract, would mean the same. Development team, same old bringing the squad numbers back up after shedding players over the years due to costs. Back room staff, same old, bringing them back up to normal numbers after shedding staff over the years due to costs. DC got the players he wanted. Hmmm I suspect he would have liked more / better but had to settle, or was what we saw really the pinnacle of his teams transfer policy/targets. just treading water, I imagine the Rovers fans will lap up the old rehashed news as "Amazeballs" but it's just nothing.
  16. remember that tfr fees are usually paid in instalments, when your losing money and struggling to cover everyday running costs due to no income streams the tfr money from Bodin etc probably gets eaten up in the day to day running of the club.
  17. He had a chance when his stock was high, but bottled it. I don't think he really has any ambition or believes he can make it, and hiding at Rovers suits him. He kisses the ass of the fans, fans love him for it - when things go wrong, shrugs shoulders and says well we have no money, crap pitch, poor training facilities what do you expect - when things go well he's a messiah because no money, crap pitch, poor training facilities. Hiding at Rovers is best for him and fans, they can both cry about how well they are doing in an unfair world.
  18. He was already guilty of taking the guys phone and running off with it down his trousers - it's possible a second thief went in and then stole the same persons watch, but occams razor. Definitely the kid. https://twitter.com/tomnichols20/status/956852013828108288
  19. Yeah even sadder he did't actual understand how the release clause became so widely known.
  20. Can't they just tap it, bottle it and user the profits to build a new £40 million stadium..
  21. Midfield were poor all over, yet we don't see Liam, Kent or Eliasson - or even Engvall for PAto bringing Reid into midfield. Those players not "trusted" yet ? Anyway, a point, hopefully we can start turning things around now, but really need to up our attacking threat.
  22. meh - we don't really have any plan here, it's all rather aimless.
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