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  1. If only someone had banged on about the merits of playing Nagy further forward because he has that in his game, if only
  2. Not often I come in this thread, but like Giggs needs to be suspended. Could even be sacked for bringing them in to disrepute. Honestly wasnt aware this was a new case and thought was an old one. Hope all involved get the support they need.
  3. Gmg was right to ask the questions. As a club we've long been too secretive and a manager who quite clearly loathes the press isnt a great help with things. NP hasnt yet earned the right here to anything yet, and this distance is not helping the matter. As others have stated what if he starts poorly. Not going to go well isn't it?
  4. on penalties after regulation time ended, so Italian possession counted for crap. 2 shots on goal and one all. Will take that. Kane had a shit game it happens. Your point is what there??
  5. Was going to say for all that possession they got 1 goal in 118 mins ish of play. I'd say not battered then and yip possession is a ludicrous rational in modern football. We've all seen teams win with hardly any. It's not how much you keep it, it's what is done with it that matters and England were quite happy to let Italy keep ball and shoot from distance..
  6. There's no nuance in that to be fair. 1. Is a matter of opinion and negates the opposition actually doing the same thing, so comes down to personal bias. 2. Penalties are effectively a game of chance, you can play percentages till the cows come home, but your banker can still miss. There's not much in the way of tactics there tbh. More likely that those who practice will score but so many variables that aside from educated guessing you cant and wont guarantee a win, its the whole point. 3. Personal opinion. Go out as plucky underdog, get hammered against someone vs actually winning, grinding works. The evidence is overwhelming that it does. Cant always have both and what we're currently doing actually is massively successful. So why change a successful formula, what we're doing is yielding relative and actual success for us, however that's not enough because they seem to hate the method and very little else??
  7. I'm still befuddled that people are actively calling for his head. It appears that literally nothing barring winning every tourney is sufficient. Mind boggles as to why we have that expectation when we've one win to our name, ever. Semi finals of each tournament automatically puts you as best in the world, finals as one of the best two and still that's not enough.. Madness
  8. Only here can perfectionism blind the massive progress we've made as a National team under Southgate. Two amazing performances and potentially on course to be our most successful manager of all time, but hey let's get rid, obviously... The mind boggles.
  9. Heck. The post mortem is a bit strong. Best we've ever done at the Euros, tight game versus Italy, where neither team looked like they were going to score loads. England were quite happy to sit back and et Italy come at us as up front they were rubbish and offered nowt Both teams strikers were shocking. Immobile and Kane were rubbish. And now the cries for 'better' start, despite this being 'the best' we've been consistently. So very odd. Im assuming it's because Southgate plays a non traditional english game, as there's no other reason for it, surely?
  10. Proud of the team and proud of those who got us that far. 5 penalties do not make a tournament, nor do they shape an entire nation. We absolutely did well and its been a heck of a ride
  11. With some of that, there's always players for where 'u whatever' is irrelevant though and if they're good enough they'll play. Sometimes I think we're, as a collective, to narrow about age, experience and development pathways. Based on either previous regimes or pathways etc. We now have a core squad with minutes and experience at this level and that can only be of benefit to us, whether they make it here or go on to play elsewhere as it shows that if players join us and show desire they will get their chances and not be stuck in development hell. For me, the last few years of this project has been magnificent to see come fruition.
  12. Pleased the young are staying to play. Mentioned that this should be the way for 75 zillion years, give or take, so glad it's continuing to happen, rather than loan city.
  13. Reminds me of the old Millen/Sextone, Cotrerill/everyone battles over finance and it is always not a shock when comments like this come out. Wouldn't be city manager without them tbh. NP has to hit the ground running, squad are good enough, he's brought in what he considers improvements and will have to put the run from his appointment to bed or he will be under pressure soon enough. Is one pre season enough? Who knows at this stage.
  14. Agostino or Wilkshire based on follow on success. Actually whilst with us. Star Power Andy Cole Joe Jordan Gerry Gow Paul Cheeseley David James Brian Tinnion Bob Taylor Massengo based on this coming season.
  15. I'd love for us to win it, fast balls over the top on the counter have left Italy reeling previously so.. . Neuter Insigne and there's not so much of a threat with the other guy out injured too. Absolutely going to enjoy the spectacle, whatever the result.
  16. not quite it has to be separated in to each individual component. So 25 quid is correct for membership and stating it was 27 would actually be misselling. The other fees have to be broken down as to what they are and what they are for, and listed separately. Gov document is here:- https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/payment-surcharges. Boring I know, but that's the way it has to be done.
  17. It's making an informed decision, laws changed a while back so you have to be aware of what you're being charged for.
  18. Love both kits, the home on is magnificent and the away suitably bright.
  19. Is this actual Champ Manager writ large.. Not often release and resign the same player within the same month or so.. Wonderously bizarre and then some..
  20. I'm loving Kalas in the Euros. He was at Chelsea previously for a reason. I'm so glad we still have him and is one of the very best CBs in Europe currently on a number of metrics iirc. We are blessed with lots of talent Hope we can hold on to him
  21. RIP. Sad loss. My thoughts go out to all those who knew him.
  22. Ps system works https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/cece-telfer-trans-runner-olympics-b1872703.html Buggers up arguing that it doesn't...
  23. Trans men dont exist in the terf pantheon. Basically and in short, they're either considered frustrated Lesbians, come under increased peer pressure to transition or traitors to womanhood so are expunged. As mentioned wayy back now and possibly in another thread, there's 48 trans players ish in Uk rugby, most of them are trans masc, the trans femme players now have to be shorter and weigh less that many existing cis players. No one's getting 'killed' I find it really odd that terfs want to reduce themselves to male dominated definitions and fears. It's truly odd. athe hyperbole surrounding things is a drive to completely erase trans people, period. establish women as hierarchically superior, you know, much like the very same thing that men, as in actual men are accused of doing. reminds me of the frost report class sketch. Irony isnt something terfs appear to get though.
  24. Morning Tony, hope you have had a good sleep and a refreshed and ready to go with Sunday vibes. I'd totally appreciate it if you didint try to antagonise, bait and otherwise deliberately misquote my posts. Antagonising and pestering a trans person in a thread about trans people continually is not the greatest look, especially when I've clearly explained the position and also mentioned previously what has been said. Please dont reply to me again. It'd be much appreciated. Thanks
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