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  1. Receives the ball so nicely on the half turn, means that he is instantly looking forward.
  2. Certainly has a certain Va Va Voom about it.
  3. eastonboy


    Exactly how I saw it, very conservative first half with his use of the ball, but actually, when he got his head up and looked forwards, did very well. As far as 18 year old debuts go, the lad can feel very pleased with himself tonight.
  4. He probably scored for Sunderland in the 6-1 home defeat in the League Cup.
  5. I think he looked like a goalie who hasn't played very much football in the past 12 months. Did 99% of what he did well and would be fine given a run of games.
  6. Coming from alan@gasminibushire.co.uk, that is some compliment. Note no GDPR has been breached in this post.
  7. I will take advice from someone who doesn't visit the transfer forum and attempt to derail topics by stating that he will wait until its announced on the os, thank you very much.
  8. No, it's not right, you dont have any friends
  9. So the rugby team have won 4 consecutive games at the start of the season? Is that not very similar to our start??
  10. Get out? You are obviously talking about the voices in your head telling you to put draino in the coca cola.
  11. You have missed Ashley Williams as a defensive out
  12. I thought that they were doing away with the redistribution of parachute payments and instead increasing(marginally) the solidarity payment, although a quick Google search doesn't throw up any results. Must have bloody dreamt it!!!
  13. He wouldn't be sacked for that, he would be given the freedom of the City of Cardiff
  14. Take a bow, that made me laugh
  15. Sport related trio, RUN Dmc.
  16. Someone should ring the RSPCA and told of obvious animal cruelty, forcing the dog to watch the gas.
  17. Friggin autocorrect thought spin, spelt correctly, should be sponsor!!!
  18. The reports at a local level can be picked up by the nationals, so I would say that a healthy club/paper relationship should be fairly important to the Bristol Sport PR spin machine.
  19. Shtanley and Petehinton need to get on the blower pdq!!
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