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  1. Peter Spiring was an odd one, sold to Liverpool for £60k and never seen again. Can remember him going in for a tackle with a defender and the ball burst. Can't remember him scoring many goals though.
  2. He will dazzle you with his teeth.
  3. Bishop Sutton, Keynsham Town, Mangotsfield manager, Graham Budgie Bird.. Don't give me bollocks like 'Play it down the Channel,' that's what boats sail on! 'What do you mean, Play it in the ####ing hole, you dig a ####ing hole with a spade!' and the classic playing away to Bideford, keep moving and on your toes or you'll end up with Seagull shit on your head. Good ol days!
  4. He left the pitch then came back on without the Ref's permission.
  5. He's been playing against blokes since he was 16.
  6. Well done louis, about time you were given a chance.
  7. Louis's old man played for City at Ashton Gate before Lou did!
  8. Movement off the ball, Strikers making diagonal runs, switching runs, creating space behind defenders. Wide players, first thought to attack full backs, get to goal line and cross to Strikers and Midfielders attacking the box. Midfielders not being afraid to make runs past the Strikers......
  9. Civil liberties! What about the Civil liberties of the seriously ill in hospital with Covid. Some people should be made to walk through a Covid ward, that may just open their eyes to see how this virus has affected not only the patient, but their family and friends too.
  10. It's almost like Nige is coaching Gregor as well as the Players!
  11. Looks like they're playing at Victory Park!
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