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  1. ******* hope not , he’ll probably put junior in charge
  2. Embarrassing, Holden is obviously out of his depth but these players need to **** off , no self respect or bottle in any of them.
  3. Big mates with Holden as well, thought he was terrible Saturday, as they all were, we need to show a bit of pride tonight.
  4. He was there 2 seasons and made 51 appearances, so not factual, I’d chill out a bit , it’s nearly waste a tenner day.
  5. Mr perfect, ffs grow up, you were wrong, no big deal.
  6. Made 51 appearances in 2 seasons hardly always injured
  7. Webster wasn’t always injured at Ipswich, have a look at his appearance stats, he had 1 bad injury, that kept him out for a while.
  8. Good on him, Gregor will get the silent treatment from the club now.
  9. Sadly we’ve missed the boat on that 1
  10. I’d have him here in a heartbeat
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