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  1. Live 25 miles from Bristol and get this every week when tgry I guess to listen to a match. You can talk to astronauts on the space station but cannot beam radio station 25 miles !!!!!!!!
  2. City playing all the football ...all over a poor Sheffield side 1-4 up ..good work.
  3. Having lost £93m over 3 seasons Reading are under EFL transfer embargo which means they can only sign Free agents or loans (half season) and pay no transfer or loan fees . How come they get Danny Drinkwater from Chelsea for a seasons loan !!!!!!! The guy is on the best part of £100k a week . Think Derby get away with murder - Reading really take the biscuit .
  4. Looks lie its only an audio pass which probably means its live on Radio Bristol
  5. At last a reply from Supporter Services - apparently an issue with Safari and an IOS upgrade..when so many tried repeatedly it crashed the system. ! But i also tried on Firefox without success .
  6. Anyone know if Robins TV will be streaming matches 21/22 season with many fans over a certain age and vulnerable not being able to attend AG.
  7. 3rd best player rated in the game today across both teams...and he gets verbals from our own supporters.Maybe he is too good for us, or NP will utilise his skills.
  8. Our ex players helped Posh gain Promotion with Sammie hitting 15 goals ..as part of the transfer deals with SS and Mo the promotion clause should net City c,£2-£250,000. Should either be transferred additional % on profit will also kick in. Every little helps ..
  9. Having our 2 tickets go up to £150 a match and no age concession we decided not to renew and suffer Robins TV with following at choice away matches..fed up with the “Corporatisation “ of the Landsdown Club .If they can fill the hospitality serving up such lacklustre entertainment then good luck ... For perspective been at AG every season for 55 years (over 30 years ST and hospitality) even the years we dropped 1 through 4 (80-83) may have been traumatic but at least we had heart, something sadly missing today apart from HNM who puts in 110%. End of an era .Will still cheer them on just not from AG.
  10. Oh yes...and what happens when the club need further finance as they will ? Up until now every year or so uncle Steve dips in and finds a few more £m ....fans will soon loose heart having to fund a bottomless pit.
  11. Time they moved Mc G on ,i really cannot understand how NP manages to keep his cool having to face such insipid questioning .The guy has poor interview skill.Obviously from the questions asked does limited research ,and is so repetitive in the line of questions .NP must be totally bored with the guy.Loved the response to COD operation,”just ask me the question “.........
  12. He was at Somerset CC before Surrey CC ...it was Colin Sextone his boss at AG who went to Glos CC
  13. A Spanish consortium have agreed a takeover of Derby - another means to avoid FFP? Wonder if they will try and buy the ground and training facilities or lease them from MM. Will be interesting if they go for the ground and the price they will have to pay after MM claims he paid £80m !!!!!!
  14. The first 10 years was upfront.The 5 years was a 5 year contract invoiced yearly - which finished this season (the club would not roll over the contract even though we could not attend) and then canned the 5 year deals. So having missed the last season of our deal, the price goes up 70% !!
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