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  1. Great watch. Much rather watch him than Andy “boring” Murray
  2. Absolutely pathetic. Hence Liams piss taking out of him being justified. Need a screen protector for that.
  3. Rumours that Tiger has turned down a billion dollars to join. Mickleson pretty much confirmed he’s pocketed 200 million dollars. It’s silly money. The interviews are cringeworthy. Sad that the likes of Westwood and Poulter will now more than likely never appear in another Ryder Cup as player or captain / vice captain.
  4. Best player to ever have picked up a cue.
  5. @Rossi the Robin You’ve got a lovely set of locks James!
  6. They were both true.
  7. Wilbs also needs some credit here. He stepped up to the plate when cotts need time away from the game and handled the situation and himself extremely well.
  8. Disappointing if true for two reasons - 1) I have massive respect for the men defending their country. 2) He doesn’t need to train, he could beat that bum AJ in his sleep .
  9. The “National Party” picked up a decent amount of votes. Anyone know of that candidate? KG Elliot
  10. Ok mate. I’m glad it’s true personally. Who would you like to play you if it goes on to become a Hollywood blockbuster?
  11. Fair enough I guess. Hope it’s a success.
  12. That’s a bit naughty. Dublins like that, they put the prices up at a certain time on a weekend.
  13. Has anyone in here not had a go on Natasha?
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