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  1. I’m told he himself last time…
  2. Thankyou for the responses. I’ll digest them and respond shortly.
  3. Which way do you wish to go? Via whiteladies? I don’t like the Albion I’d go Mall Cori Tap White Lion (Avon Gorge Hotel) Portculis wander down the hill. The Bear Mardyke Mrytle Tree Three Tuns
  4. I use it and find it superb. Pm me if you want more info. I pay £10 a month and can use it in two devices at the same time. I use a MXQ box hard wired in rather than a Firestick.
  5. As always, first class by the bloke. Would love to get them in a cup game this season.
  6. What a fantastic tribute
  7. Ona similar ilk to the beer / lager making thread. Has anyone ever got into homemade cider / scrump? Any advice greatly received. I assume timing wise it’s September to November time most people make it? Any advice on apples and yield? I’ll do some proper research but intrigued if others have had a go
  8. When did he say that? I’ve not seen that reported.
  9. 17 plus 2 (taking out the Covid questions) so 19 for me I think.
  10. I may have got this wrong with counting the Covid answers correctly
  11. Eubank Jr is a complete asshole
  12. I’d imagine the judges will have it 6-2 or 5-3 to Canelo.
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