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  1. I go up to london nightly and collect all the papers fron the print centres. believe it or not the sun and mirror are the biggest part of the load. (All newspaper sales are declining though.)
  2. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1600849/M5-traffic-lorry-fire-explosion-Weston-cider-Clevedon-Somerset
  3. Blooming heck, that Emmanuel Ilesanmi looks a beast. Imagine him and Semenyo up against defences, be like a skittle match !!
  4. Pay your bloody fiver then !
  5. Worked with a sag who did that a few yew years ago Ins. comp. refused to pay out 'cause he locked it and then torched it !!
  6. Come up from Torbay, get to Exeter and what do i get ? 3 bloody welsh stations before i get radio somerset.
  7. Who the hell is dripdale? Can't remember that player. :laugh:
  8. Big win today. I can feel it in my bones, can feel it in the air. Seems to be gasheads everywhere on my journey in this afternoon.
  9. http://stream.ripplestreams4u.online/
  10. I know it's a free watch, but blooming 'eck, expecting to see bennie hill being chased by a load of women in a minute !!
  11. Be sat in a bloody lorry in London watching on my phone, ready to deliver the newspapers printed about the game/result !
  12. Live in front of 80k. never gets old.
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