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  1. i didn't get where i am today by having a fit squad.
  2. That belter Charlie on the radio "the famous d.n.a. of the club"
  3. When R. Bristol ends i'm gonna watch a great series from n.b.c. season 1. episode 8.. It's called "Debris" !!
  4. C'mon ref... blow the bloody whistle, can't listen to radio bristol till the game ends,,( is it gonna be another "2 divorces. Thatcher years...Sob)
  5. Some LOCAL NEWS NOW: Th Bristol Rovers squad visited an orphanage in Fishponds yesterday. "It's heartbreaking ta see their little faces with no hope" said Britney, age 5.
  6. Been off work for the last 6 weeks and paying my £10. Thank god i'm back today and can only get radio reception for the 2nd half on the way up to london
  7. No, was just so pissed off with them sat, just hoping, praying they are up for it a bit more tonight
  8. After sat. said i had had enough and was not wasting another £10. A little thing has happened that might make me change my mind tonight...
  9. Had a heart attack last week and i'm f,.'@d if i'm going to chance bringing another one on, watching the bollocks being served up A.T.M. !!
  10. I listen to Ken Bruce then it's turned off... J. Whine.. and as for S. "*'.\/ Wright
  11. But, but, Holden said weds night "Our seasons on now"
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