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  1. Spot on! Lately the club communication seems so much more open & clear. Whereas previously we had to rely on Gregor to dig out info. Since Pearson’s arrival Gregor has struggled to adapt himself to the current managers style & is paying the price for asking stupid questions & not preparing properly. Pearson obviously had no time for unprepared journos filling column & air space for the sake of it.
  2. Why is Radio 1's Greg James co-commentating?
  3. O’Leary struggling, maybe the heat but the Pompey keeper seems far superiority.
  4. Gassan Ahadme - 20 yr old released by Norwich.
  5. Can’ they just call it Failand.
  6. Thanks Red Army - I assumed it was an evening game. As I’m stuck at home with the Rona that’s my afternoon sorted.
  7. Seems logical & not really much else we can do? What other options are there? Country is skint & the purse of free money will need to close soon.
  8. doesn't look any different too me
  9. Be great to see us line up 4:3:3 and control the midfield with more authority than we’ve seen for some time with City.
  10. Its open as usual now, nice & quiet with lots of helpful staff there. You can also walk in for a second jab next door if you haven't had it yet
  11. Despite the result it was fantastic to see an exciting era of English players maturing & coming through. Would have liked to see more of Foden & Grealish - but this is progress.
  12. I’d like to have seen us use our bench more as Italy did with good effect
  13. Italy definitely a better team, we’re my pick from the start - a solid unit & all their subs in every game enhanced the overall performance
  14. Southgate outclassed by Mancini. That’s how I saw it.
  15. Apparently each dog was selected to represent a different member of the squad. True fact.
  16. Scotland played their best game - England did not. What an anti-climax
  17. Scotland are here for the taking, this pedestrian stuff from England so far
  18. I don’t get the fascination of Rice as an international. Maybe I missed some stellar Prem performances but always seems like a media hyped player.
  19. That signing probably doesn’t leave mush room for Morrell.
  20. Shame he didn't carry on mining for diamonds
  21. Would add the designs are very good this time and can see the benefit of working with an experienced sports brand is coming though.
  22. Would have thought releasing junior sizes at same time would be a commercially astute decision. Happy to buy for the kids but would not be seen dead in any of it.
  23. You have to accept tractor boys are ready to clutch at any straws given how poor they have become in & off pitch. A shiny new CEO must sound like manna from heaven & they are not prepared to entertain anything uncomfortable truths that might disrupt the dream. However, it won’t be long before the only veneer they can’t see through will be Ashton’s new teeth. How they can conveniently ignore the responsibility of a CEO for the overall health of a club is hilarious.
  24. @Fordy62 Surely that’s gross misconduct or a weird initiation.
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