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  1. Without wishing to take topic off tangent, I worry about Williams coming back into the squad too soon. Such a long injury period and was so far off the pace when he came into team last season. Great lad & looked decent in pre-season but how do you integrate long term injury into the intensity of championship season to gain match fitness.
  2. Red Alert


    We’ll done Nahki - now let’s see more of this quality finishing.
  3. Weird isn’t it when you consider Chicago Bears seems totally acceptable having been in existence for years and won supoer bowl etc. That’s the thing with branding, most new brands or team names will seem odd until they begin to resonate & history beds them in. Harlequins, ridiculous name & makes them sound like a bunch of jokers but overtime it just an accepted identifier.
  4. Red Alert


    Or new player comes up from L1 playing well shields the ball & his captain/keeper needs to pick it up & keep hold of it. Was right in front of us in Lansdown. Atkinson had it covered & he’d expect his captain to take control. Bentley fumbled it. I like Bentley but he does sums up City on his day amazing but also equally frustrating.
  5. Definitely - by age 23 there such a high probability this kid will be an immense player.
  6. Well said! Forget about the past, can't see why anyone is giving the idiot airtime on here - we all know the damage blah blah blah. Future is looking promising & with more integrity.
  7. Maybe lets give them a chance first.
  8. Apparently Ashton still hasn't cleared out his desk
  9. Thought I wiped it first before posting. Just a bit of fun, sorry if it offended - thought you were up for the banter & your username was ironic.
  10. James played really well too, what we’ve missed in the centre, but this the Massengo appreciation thread Han was superb, great to watch and would like to see a full season of that and see him grow from there. Can’t believe Holden didn’t rate him. It’s quite possible Holdens lack of confidence rubbed off on our squad and we’re seeing it built back back up after a proper pre-season.
  11. Majority of those who enjoyed the game last night we’re probably at the gate. Whereas majority of those who thought we were poor probably watched on Sky. Not a dig at anyone but can imagine how it played out on screen would feel like here we go again & the relationship associated with watching is lose regularly on Sky/Robins tv In the stands you could sense the players were committed and there as was an energy about us.
  12. I used to think this but in reality SL chose to do it & for reasons only known to him. The uncomfortable reality is it wasn’t well invested, as here we are with an unbalanced squad at the start of a season despite what was our largest ever wage bill. The bitter irony is he made his fortune from a business that was driven by data & analysis - apply the same principles of potential performance identification for players as stocks managed by top level leadership and we’d be a self sustainable club by now.
  13. Red Alert


    I can strangely watch this for hours - probably down the training I’ve put in watching Robins TV for 18 months.
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    Was taking about the atmosphere. But yes, we weren’t exactly thrilling in most games during the period with no fans and better with us back for Blackpool & Swansea so far.
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    The layout of fans in the ground really doesn’t help. A big away following take the whole Atyeo end & bellow straight at the quieter sections of Lansdown, Dolman & then right across the pitch - while the city singing section are tucked away the other end where no one can hear them. Giving away fans the corner of Williams while the East End dominated them was how it should be. Whoever designed it has given away fans the advantage.
  16. Yeah! Surely he must get appraised for his performance & would like to be a fly on the wall of his appraisal after that. Felt like he got so much wrong all game.
  17. My lad couldn’t believe he was an academy player making only 2nd league start.
  18. Sorry mate you’re wrong, your house is probably just boring & you get should get off the sofa & get down the gate & get behind the team. Atmosphere & intensity was decent, we enjoyed it despite the result. So good to see us play as a much more combative team.
  19. Same - really disappointed with Semenyo, clearly not match ready.
  20. Can someone remind me how to put posters on ignore? I'm looking all over & can't see the option. Tried desktop & mobile with no joy
  21. Hey Ashton, regardless he's a good egg & we shared a wonderful season with him. I'm keen to listen to what any city fans & custodians have to say especially when they're helping with peoples awareness of Covid & the importance of vaccinations. He doesn't need to do it but he might help influence someone & prevent them from suffering what he has. Have you done anything positive today?
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